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‘Sister Wives’ Fallout: Has Meri Set the Entire Brown Family on a Long-Term Path of Pain?

The catfishing fallout continues tonight on TLC hit series “Sister Wives.” Will Kody Brown and his family be able to move beyond Meri’s indiscretions, or will these be wounds that will continue to follow them through the months and years ahead? There have been the obvious questions for Kody and Wife #1 Meri throughout all … Read more

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SISTER WIVES: No Express Lane for Browns Tonight at the Grocery Store! (Video Preview)

SISTER WIVES in Alaska? Well, seems like everybody in reality television makes it to the Land of the Midnight Sun sooner or later; why not the Browns? There are more firsts going on this week for the Browns, as well. For one thing, Kody and Robyn are set to reveal the sex of their new … Read more

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SISTER WIVES Video Preview: With Adoption of Robyn’s Kids Final the Browns Can Party Tonight!

Fans of the Kody Brown family on TLC hit series SISTER WIVES no doubt cheered with them last week when a judge finally granted the adoption they had been seeking. Typically, as the Browns stressed over and over, polygamist families do not win adoption cases. This time, however, they did. In this case, it was … Read more

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SISTER WIVES: Together Time or Pressure Valve for Each Family Team Tonight at Las Vegas Festival? (Video Preview)

Fans of SISTER WIVES have been following the new season closely, learning more about the life of the Browns, including the stresses that constantly plague the household. After all, Kody Brown, family patriarch and sole husband, currently supports four wives and 17–soon to be 18–children. Why wouldn’t the house be weighted under stress? When you … Read more

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SISTER WIVES: Special ‘Janelle’ Episode Follows Tonight’s Regular Show!

Fans of SISTER WIVES are glad to have America’s most famous polygamists back for an all-new season. But, never think things are going to go smoothly for the Brown family, even if circumstances appear to be cut and dried. The plan was to have Kody and Meri divorce, so that Kody could legally marry Robyn … Read more