"DCC Making the Team" on CMT. Season 11.

‘DCC: Making the Team’ & Judge Neal McCoy: Reality TV Honesty at Its Brutal Best on CMT! (Video)

Watching last night’s Season Premiere of CMT fan-favorite series, “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team,” viewers saw some dreams begin, others end in a wave of tears. But, one thing is for sure: This is not the show for you if you are offended by brutal honesty. And, the most honest of them all, most … Read more

Kelli Finglass, Director of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Season 10: Week 7 Was A Bloodbath at Valley Ranch

Week seven at training camp lived up to the title of this episode of DCC: MAKING THE TEAM. In “The Cutting Board”, Kelli Finglass was still cutting girls from the squad past midnight, after an evening when she and Judy Trammell finally gave up on candidates that were on the proverbial bubble. Five, count ’em, … Read more

Kelli Finglass, Director DCC

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM 2015: ‘Obnoxious’ Megan B Leads Parade On Cut Night

Kelli Finglass and Judy Trammell aren’t easily shocked, but during the latest episode of DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM they were left like jilted girlfriends, wondering what hit them. In “Having a Bad Day”, the choreographer and director of DCC were rejected before they could cut Megan B. Judy was left with her mouth … Read more

Taylor on DCC Making the Team

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Recap: Two More Cuts As Kitty Spots ‘Fang Face’ Smiles

And now there are 42, after two more cheerleader candidates were cut during season 10 of DCC: MAKING THE TEAM. The episode “Becoming World Class” continued the tradition of cosmetic makeovers and having the girls strut on a fashion runway. DCC alums participated in the fashion show, with at least one woman who made the team … Read more

Kelli Finglass with team stylist checking out hair colors

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Preview: Season 10 Makeover Night, E. Texas Blondes Beware

It is the season 10 makeover night on DCC: MAKING THE TEAM and you know what that means. If you don’t, then you’re not a fan of the show. Kelli Finglass and stylists stand next to and behind all Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader candidates to pick apart their hair color and style. But there’s also a … Read more