4TH AND LOUD: Reality TV, Not Arena Football, Defines the L.A. KISS (Video)

4TH AND LOUD continues on AMC this week, and, no doubt, the L.A. KISS will continue to lose; if they actually win anything, it will be amazing—and how bad would the opposing team have to be? It’s not surprising; this was a reality TV show. Any questions about whether or not the L.A. KISS team … Read more

4th AND LOUD: Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley Deliver Lousy Football but Good Reality TV

Last night Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley continued their foray into arena football, doing it the “KISS” way, making it clear to anyone watching that, hey, football is not really at the top of this reality show duo’s concerns. It’s not that you don’t see any football at all when you watch this show—you do, … Read more

Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Team Up for Arena Football Reality with 4TH AND LOUD

4TH AND LOUD takes viewers behind-the-scenes of the LA KISS Arena Football team’s inaugural season with owners Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS fame, along with additional owners, long-time KISS manager, Doc McGhee, managing partner/owner, Brett Bouchy, and president/owner, Schuyler Hoversten, as they and the dedicated players and coaches work to give arena football … Read more

DROP DEAD DIVA: It’s Official, Jane and Stacy Split Over Owen

Stacy walked out with a small suitcase, closed the door and left Jane trembling during an explosive DROP DEAD DIVA. The Lifetime drama has presented situations in the past that brought about squabbles between the two best friends. Remember when Jane was reluctant to invest in The Pakery? This is gut level, emotional and potentially … Read more