Alan Beiler, Amish Mafia

AMISH MAFIA Finale Recap: Levi Has a Child, Alan Is in Charge & Mary Is Mrs. Merlin Miller!

AMISH MAFIA closed its viewfinder to the public last night, with the Series Finale episode, and then a FINAL final episode, a tell-all from cast members which did not really reveal that much more—but it did promote Levi’s new book quite a bit. Amish Confidential by “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus and Ellis Henican, described by Discovery … Read more

Amish Mafia, The Final Season

AMISH MAFIA: Will Levi Go Down When a Secret Is Exposed on Tonight’s Series Finale?

UPDATED: Recap the Series Finale! Fans of AMISH MAFIA will be tuning in to Discovery Channel tonight to watch the show conclude with the Series Finale. Hopefully, all of the ongoing storylines and questions will be wrapped up—but will they be? This season, a new fight was introduced to the fray that is AMISH MAFIA:  … Read more

Lebanon Levi, AMISH MAFIA

AMISH MAFIA: What Is Going to Happen on the Series Finale?

Fans are all well-aware that this is being touted as the final season of AMISH MAFIA. From governor objections to anti-show rallies, there have been many voices calling to end the program. But, Lebanon Levi has been vocal in stating that the show will go on as long as HE (and, one would assume, Discovery … Read more

Merlin in fire ceremony on Amish Mafia.

AMISH MAFIA: Can Devil Doug Trust His Team of Traitors to Have His Back?

AMISH MAFIA is on its farewell tour for Discovery Channel this season, and the drama continues to mount and unfold in Lancaster County. And, some new pairings could create some really strong alliances–or, perhaps, lead to complete disaster. The Amish elders have brought Levi and Merlin together in a “fire” ceremony, bonding them together, if … Read more

Mary, Amish Mafia

AMISH MAFIA Recap: Mary Joins Fight Against Devil Doug; Did Traitor Caleb Choose Wrong Boss?

Strife and mayhem are running rampant on Discovery Channel hit AMISH MAFIA, to the point that the Amish are organizing to vote—something the Amish community traditionally does not do. Why? Governor Tom Corbett is depicted as anti-AMISH MAFIA, and is campaigning to shut down the series in its tracks. Merlin and Levi, now working together, … Read more