The Jacksons: Next Generation on Lifetime.

THE JACKSONS: Will Fans Be Interested in Watching the Family’s Next Generation Friday on Lifetime?

Everyone knows something about the legacy of the Jackson family in music. Specifically, most everyone on the planet is familiar to some extent with the late Michael Jackson, and many with the career of little sister, Janet. The Jackson 5 were no slouches in their heyday, either. But, how many of us know anything about … Read more

The Sisterhood

THE SISTERHOOD: Who Is Becoming a Nun, Who Is Finding a New Path After Season Finale?

THE SISTERHOOD: BECOMING NUNS aired its finale on Lifetime this week, and fans found out just who would be continuing on their journey to become a nun, and who would be leaving the world of the convent behind. The outcomes were pretty predictable, really. From the beginning, it was not hard to pick the ladies … Read more

The Sisterhood

THE SISTERHOOD: Who Chooses to Enter a Convent & Who Goes Home on Tonight’s Finale?

Fans of the Lifetime special series, THE SISTERHOOD: BECOMING NUNS, have watched as the doors opened to the inner-workings of the “discernment” period of becoming a nun, and what they have seen has not always been, well, nun-like. One should not be too hard on those ladies who have entered the convent for a discernment … Read more

Eseni Ellington. Photo by Scott Gries Copyright 2014

THE SISTERHOOD: Self-Promotion Real Motive Behind Eseni’s Time on BECOMING NUNS?

THE SISTERHOOD: BECOMING NUNS continued on Lifetime last night, and the young ladies found themselves discovering and uncovering things they probably never expected during their journey. Most seem perplexed and disappointed that the journey is difficult; the “calling” that got them there in the first place does not seem strong enough to keep them there—at … Read more

(L to R) Minnie Driver (“Leah”) and Rebecca Ferguson (“Dinah”) star in the all-new Lifetime miniseries, The Red Tent.

THE RED TENT: Can Viewers Trust Anita Diamant’s Tale to Follow the Biblical Account of Dinah?

THE RED TENT, an all-new Lifetime miniseries based on the best-selling novel by Anita Diamant, takes place during the Old Testament. The all-star cast includes Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy nominee Minnie Driver; Emmy Nominee Morena Baccarin; Golden Globe Nominee Rebecca Ferguson; Iain Glen; Will Tudor; and Academy Award, Golden Globe and Emmy Nominee … Read more