‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Is it Time for Meri to Just Step Off & Let Everyone Heal in Their Own Time?

UPDATED: The Browns welcome a new baby sister; read more here on TVRuckus! Last night on TLC monster hit “Sister Wives,” Madison continued on her wedding planning, looking for a dress and getting a venue together. But, the bigger issue of the night, of course, was the ongoing saga that is Meri and her catfishing … Read more

Sister Wives, TLC. Meri Brown w/ husband, Kody.

‘Sister Wives’ Drama: Has Meri’s Dishonesty Destroyed Her Once-Close Bond with Only Daughter Mariah?

UPDATED: The Browns welcome a new baby sister; read more here on TVRuckus! Tonight on TLC hit series “Sister Wives,” the Browns continue to fight the good fight against the strife first wife Meri has brought into their already chaotic homes. Meri wants to put her mistakes behind her, but she is finding out that … Read more

Meri, Mariah Learn Life Lessons on ‘Sister Wives’

Mariah and her tantrums on TLCs Sister Wives are really annoying. But, her fit-pitching should not be surprising to anyone, given Meri’s own penchant for drama, and the way Mariah has acted in the past, for example, sulking and crying because she seems to think it is Meri’s duty to have a sibling for her. … Read more

Meri & Mariah: Not Glowing Examples of ‘Sister Wives’ Support System

Watching all–well, almost all–of TLCs Sister Wives getting their houses this week, one thing became clear:  Kody Brown probably needed plural wives to remain married after creating his eternal bond with Meri. Me, Me, Me–Oh, and Mariah Meri seems like a good woman at heart, but, man, the more you watch her, the more you see … Read more