Shaun O'Neale, reigning "MasterChef" appears on this season to challenge contestants

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 EXCLUSIVE: Current Champ Shaun O’Neale Returns, Can Cooks Keep Up? (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” Season 8 just got past a very divisive episode with the elimination of home cook Brien. Never boast about your ability, dissing your fellow cooks if you’ve never made a cannoli before. The pressure test for elimination was about baking the Italian dessert pastry. Brien singled out contestant Eboni who gave him a double … Read more

MASTERCHEF: Contestant Caitlin in the “Holy Cannoli” episode of MASTERCHEF

‘MasterChef’ Season 8: EXCLUSIVE: Big Team Challenge, Who Cracks This Time? (VIDEO)

We’ve seen contestants on “MasterChef” cook for all kinds of professionals. At this point in Season 8 it shouldn’t be surprising when a new kind of group marches in. Yet, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking when the cooks are tasked with prepping something for the group that supplies it for them. In “Holy Cannoli”, it’s … Read more

MASTERCHEF: Contestant Gabriel in the “Whole-y Cow!” episode of MASTERCHEF

‘MasterChef’ EXCLUSIVE: Think It’s Easy To Make a Great Steak Judged By Gordon Ramsay?

It’s Top 15 time on season eight of “MasterChef” and it’s been a rocky season thus far for most of the home cooks. When you use that term you might be excused if you think these men and women are amateurs. If amateur means not being paid to cook for a living, then it applies. … Read more

MASTERCHEF: Contestant Jeff and host / judge Gordon Ramsay in the “Breakfast, Lunch & Winner"” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, July 19

‘MasterChef’ Season 8: EXCLUSIVE Preview: Now THAT’s a Great Breakfast! (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” is all new Wednesday night on Fox, beginning at 8 et/pt and breakfast is being served! In “Breakfast, Lunch and Winner”, the chefs walk into hallowed ground, the kitchen of the posh Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. This is one of those challenges you have to survive to get to the top. If any … Read more

MASTERCHEF: Contestant Newton in the “Silenced By The Lambs” episode of MASTERCHEF airing Wednesday, July 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

‘MasterChef’ EXCLUSIVE: Preview ‘Silenced By the Lambs’, Episode as Ominous As It Sounds (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” season 8 episode 6 “Silenced By the Lambs” sounds like a challenge no one can win. That isn’t true, of course, since there is always a winner. Sometimes that person is crowned based on survival skills and others dropping by the wayside rather than pure culinary talent. It’s not for the weak of heart … Read more