Contestant Adam with Chef Gordon Ramsay in "Shell-Shocked and Scrambled" episode of "MasterChef" season 8

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 Ep. 5 EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Ramsay Gushes Over Wriggling Shellfish (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” Season 8 seems to have cranked up the challenges because with only two cooks eliminated thus far, we’re already at the stage where perfectly cooking strange and wonderful food has become a necessity. There’s no pork chop or steak in the near future for the 18 home cooks left. Tonight onĀ “Shell Shocked and Scrambled” … Read more

Contestant Adam "MasterChef" Season 8 "Feeding the Lifeguards" episode .

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 Ep. 4 EXCLUSIVE: Feeding Lifeguards On Huntington Beach! (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” season 8 takes its first trip outside the studio kitchen with the 19 home cooks who got through their first challenges. In the episodeĀ “Feeding the Lifeguards”, Chef Gordon Ramsay, breaks them up into teams for an outdoor grill-fest. ATV’s usher in the judges including Gordon, pastry chef Christina Tosi and Chef Aaron Sanchez, but … Read more

Chef Gordon Ramsay and contestant Jeff on episode 3, "MasterChef" Season 8

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 Ep. 3: EXCLUSIVE Look Of Gordon Ramsay’s Mystery Box Delight (VIDEO)

Last week “MasterChef” filled its roster of 20 competitors for season 8 and in the next installment, they get down to business. What does that mean? For the cooks it’s about keeping their tempers, and blood pressure under control, but wowing the judges. In episode three, titled “America’s Grocery Bag” the time has come to … Read more

Master Chef on FOX begins its 8th season, Wednesday May 31, 2017

‘MasterChef’ Season 8 EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek: Aaron Sanchez Joins Chef Ramsay and Christina Tosi (VIDEO)

“MasterChef” season 8 arrives Wednesday night May 31 on FOX TV. For those of you who just finished watching the Junior Edition of “MasterChef”, get ready for a change of attitude on the part of Chef Gordon Ramsay. The young chefs are rarely chastised in a harsh manner. In each episode there were hugs all … Read more