Alan Beiler, Amish Mafia

AMISH MAFIA Finale Recap: Levi Has a Child, Alan Is in Charge & Mary Is Mrs. Merlin Miller!

AMISH MAFIA closed its viewfinder to the public last night, with the Series Finale episode, and then a FINAL final episode, a tell-all from cast members which did not really reveal that much more—but it did promote Levi’s new book quite a bit. Amish Confidential by “Lebanon” Levi Stoltzfus and Ellis Henican, described by Discovery … Read more

BREAKING AMISH: Does Cast Really Have Option to Go Home?

Well, it looks like it has been confirmed:  Betsy of TLCs BREAKING AMISH is a “real” witch! After consulting an expert, Betsy—who was adopted by an Amish family when she was a baby—found that she had not only Mexican blood in her family line, but that she came from a long line of apparently self-proclaimed—and … Read more

Breaking Amish: Pitfalls of Hiding a Pregnancy on National TV

Breaking Amish: LA really got going this week and one thing is for certain:  Samuel is creepy. It was bad enough last week when he was talking about how he and his (pregnant) sister are so close; this week, he went chasing after her in LA and, honestly, he just gives off a get-away-from-me vibe. … Read more