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‘Misfit Garage’: Can Fired Up Garage Really Get $125,000+ For ’55 Chevy Two-Door?

“Misfit Garage” presented “Air Picking We Shall Go”, and off Thomas and Tom went in a prop plane to scour the countryside for a ’55 Chevy two-door. The comic relief was provide by Tom, as always. The man is large, as we know and he admitted to being just why of 300 lbs when asked … Read more

Thomas Weeks on "Misfit Garage" Discovery Channel

‘Misfit Garage’ at Barrett-Jackson 2017: Did You Love or Hate Root Beer Color of That ’32 Ford?

“Misfit Garage” was a rollicking good time as the Fired Up Garage guys completed the ’32 Ford build and got it transported to Las Vegas for the 2017 Barrett-Jackson auction. But, you know Thomas is always looking to make a few bucks no matter how busy things are. He found and flipped a ’55 Chevy … Read more

Fired Up Garage guys Kevin, Tom and Thomas on Discovery's "Misfit Garage"

RECAP ‘Misfit Garage’ Season Premiere: Will Fired Up Guys Take ’32 Ford Build to Barrett Jackson?

“Misfit Garage” began the era of John Klump as partner, or as Thomas calls him, Grumpy Klumpy! The man was not very grumpy at all which stunned Thomas when he came back to the Fired Up Garage with the shell of a ’32 Ford he’d spent $15,000 to buy it. Thomas thought he found a … Read more


‘Misfit Garage’: Will Fans Keep Watching a Klump-Dominated Fired Up Next Season?

Update: Preview new season as John Klump era has begun.  Last night on Discovery Channel, the season closed down for mega-hit “Misfit Garage,” now apparently four-partners strong. Strong? It is hard to imagine how making John Klump a partner is going to make Fired Up Garage stronger. His temper and condescending attitude are pervasive; his … Read more

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‘Misfit Garage’ Season Finale: Will Cranky John Klump Make the Fired Up Trio a Foursome Tonight? (Video)

UPDATED: Will fans keep watching a Klump-dominated Fired Up next season? Read more here on TVRuckus and give us your thoughts! The Olympics are over and, after a dominating performance by the USA, the athletes will be coming home and TV can return to normal on a lot of channels. But, “Misfit Garage” on Discovery … Read more