The Busby quints, part of TLC's "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’ Preview: How Many Dentists Are Needed For Busby Quints First Visit? (VIDEO SNEAK PEEK)

In an already packed season of “Outdaughtered”, there are still a slew of “firsts”. Tonight in the episode titled “Multiple Births, Multiple Birthdays” there’s a big birthday party. That means there’s cake and sweets. Is there a dental checkup in the Busby quints future? You bet there is and in a sneak peek of the … Read more

Adam Busby with oldest daughter Blayke with the quints on "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’ Preview: Adam Busby Coping, Hazels Gets Glasses (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” is all new Tuesday August 1 on TLC. In “Extreme Quint Makeover” life continues for the Busby family, while Adam copes with his new normal. That would be dealing with depression and anxiety, while being husband, father to six girls and the breadwinner. Check out his recent visit to GMA! Nothing stops, since life … Read more

Adam Busby on TLC's Outdaughtered

Watch Adam and Danielle Busby on ‘GMA’: Reasons Men Don’t Talk About Post-Partum Depression (VIDEO)

“Outdaughtered” stars Adam and Danielle Busby were featured today on ABC’s “Good Morning America”. They have been in the news this week after Adam’s admission that he is experiencing anxiety and depression. He’s not been himself in a while, but in the latest episode of the TLC reality TV show, he came clean. He’s experiencing … Read more

Danielle Busby mom of the Busby quints part of TLC's "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’: Danielle Busby Promised Support For Adam, Struggling With Depression, Anxiety

Adam Busby couldn’t have been more honest with wife Danielle during the latest episode of “Outdaughtered”. He attempted to explain his feelings of unhappiness and ended by describing a chest cavity that felt a pounding, a pressure which left him joyless. It culminated in a scene at the conclusion of the most recent episode with … Read more

Adam Busby on TLC's Outdaughtered

Adam Busby Comes Clean About His Mental State In New ‘Outdaughtered’ (VIDEO)

UPDATED: Adam and Danielle on GMA story about male post-partum “Outdaughtered” returns tonight at 9 p.m. on TLC, and if you’ve watched the most recent episodes you know that living as a family of eight, five of whom are barely two years-old, has taken its toll on Adam and Danielle Busby. Tonight in “Good Quints … Read more