Mary Padian

STORAGE WARS No. Hollywood Hustle: Hester vs. Rene Backfires For Dave

STORAGE WARS returned with new episodes in North Hollywood and Huntington Beach and there’s a little bit of something new along with the regulars. Who Was There? Dave Hester, Rene and Casey, Mary Padian, Ivy Calvin and assorted odd balls. Dan and Laura were in control of the auctions Who Was Missing? Darrell and Brandon, … Read more

STORAGE WARS: Jarrod and Brandi’s Store Closes, Laura Goofs

UPDATED: Season 10 premiere and startling news about more store closings.  Dan and Laura made first appearance of new season, Dave Hester displeased. It’s official, the Long Beach, CA location of Now And Then, the second-hand shop owned by Brandi and Jarrod closed its doors. Last night on STORAGE WARS, the episode “LBC CU LTR” … Read more