Jeremy Wade, on final season of "River Monsters" on Animal Planet

‘River Monsters’ EXCLUSIVE Preview of Volcanic Island Terror: Supersized (VIDEO)

“River Monsters” is all new Sunday night May 21 on Animal Planet. The series is winding up its final season, and TVRuckus has an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek of the next episode. Jeremy Wade is searching for a creature that has been leaving puncture wounds in people from a fishing village. Yes, puncture wounds. The setting is … Read more

Jeremy Wade in "River Monsters"

‘River Monsters’ Final Season: Jeremy Wade’s Quest For The One That Got Away! (VIDEO)

“River Monsters” began its last season on Animal Planet, giving Jeremy Wade one more bite at the apple. As the network announced, it’s a “…final chance to make his way to unexplored regions to pursue the last remaining cases in his file, to track down the few monster fish that have eluded him – and … Read more

Monster Week 2016. Jeremy Wade, "River Monsters."

‘Monster Week 2016’ Bringing Year 5 To Animal Planet Beginning May 26! (Video)

UPDATED: Counting down to “Monster Week”! “Monster Week” is on the horizon on Animal Planet, returning for a fifth year of shocking stories featuring dangerous reptiles, lions on the loose and bone-chilling 9-1-1 animal attack calls. This year, “Monster Week” will offer viewers 11 all-new specials, which will span the globe and feature some of … Read more

Monster Week on Animal Planet!

MONSTER WEEK Begins on Sunday with ‘Africa’s Deadliest’ River Monsters!

Animal Planet is giving viewers an official warning: MONSTER WEEK returns to Animal Planet on Sunday, and it will highlight some of the most terrifying beasts to ever have inhabited Earth. The sheer volume of creepy creatures is why this year’s MONSTER WEEK needs nine nights, investigating beasts whose teeth and claws strike fear into … Read more

Jeremy Wade w/ puffer fish in Cambodia.

RIVER MONSTERS Recap: Tiny Puffer Fish Flesh-Eating Terror of Cambodia’s Mekong River

Last night in Cambodia, Jeremy Wade began an investigation on Animal Planet’s RIVER MONSTERS for a fish that was attacking humans, slicing through their flesh easily and cleanly. One young man even had one of his testicles attacked, the wound “clean and surgical,” not ripped and torn. But, in the beginning of his search, Wade … Read more