DROP DEAD DIVA: Stacy and Owen Over, Or Just Momentarily?

Fans of DROP DEAD DIVA may have experienced whiplash while watching last night’s show, “Guess Who’s Coming” as romantic partners switched and Jane’s past came back in a big way. Grayson and Nicole are history Instead of the romantic pictures in her head about what was going on between the two in Santa Barbara, Jane … Read more

Drop Dead Diva Summer Finale: What’s Jane’s Future?

Drop Dead Diva takes a breather after tonight’s summer season finale.  Do not fret because Lifetime resumes airing the exploits of Jane, Stacy, Owen, Grayson and Kim on October 6. If you take a look at the video linked below, Jane and Stacy are back to being besties and attend a badhelorette party and get … Read more

Owen’s sperm decision sinks Jane on ‘Drop Dead Diva’

Fans of Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime had to be shaking their heads during last night’s episode, “Missed Congeniality”. Will Stacy truly be carrying Owen French’s baby while living in the same apartment as his former fiancee’? Really?  Watch a clip of Brooke Elliott talk about this season’s plot points, posted below. Owen will become … Read more

Drop Dead Diva Preview: Stacy devastates Jane about Owen

Has Stacy gone crazy? Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime delves into waters that are dangerous for best friends Jane and Stacy. For fans, the shock will be a bit much. Not only did Stacy tell Jane that Owen French has been chosen as the perfect sperm donor for Stacy’s baby, but on tonight’s show, Stacy … Read more