Dan and Laura Dotson

STORAGE WARS Brawl: Dan and Laura’s Official Comment on Fight With Dave Hester

UPDATED: its 2017 and a new auctioneer took the Dotsons place. Who is she?     The Dotsons returned to new season STORAGE WARS returned with new episodes on A&E last night. In “Palm Springs Throwdown” it wasn’t just the 103 degree heat that had people in a lather. Bidding began on a unit with Rene, … Read more

STORAGE WARS: Jarrod and Brandi’s Store Closes, Laura Goofs

UPDATED: Season 10 premiere and startling news about more store closings.  Dan and Laura made first appearance of new season, Dave Hester displeased. It’s official, the Long Beach, CA location of Now And Then, the second-hand shop owned by Brandi and Jarrod closed its doors. Last night on STORAGE WARS, the episode “LBC CU LTR” … Read more

STORAGE WARS Season 5 Premiere: New Cast Meets Old Cast

STORAGE WARS is back for a new season and kicks off with two new episodes tonight on A&E, starting at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. It’s time to get back to the storage lockers of Southern California and reacquaint ourselves with Brandi, Jarrod, Darrell and son Brandon. Yes, Brandon is now a permanent accessory on Darrell’s arm. … Read more

AUCTION HUNTERS Sneak Peek: Allen & Ton Together Again, Rolling at Beverly Hills Country Club

Tonight on AUCTION HUNTERS, Allen and Ton are back again, and buying and selling their wares at … wait for it … the Beverly Hills Country Club. “I don’t know if I’m supposed to be in places like this, bro’,” Ton tells Allen as they make their way inside. Yes, such a sales venue does … Read more

Container Wars: Time Well-Flipped on truTV

Container Wars on truTV: Now, THIS is a fun show! To be honest, I was not sure what to expect the first time I watched Container Wars. There have been several shows out there following this general formula:  some type of storage bin—in this case abandoned containers at shipping port auctions—bid on by combative flippers. It’s … Read more