Danielle Busby mom to quints and daughter Blayke, on TLC's "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’ Preview : Quints Meet Ocean, Who Blinks on Busby Mother’s Day Trip?

We get to celebrate Mother’s Day 2017 on tonight’s episode of “Outdaughtered”. The fun begins on TLC at 9 p.m. ET/PT in the episode “Mother’s Day Getaway”. The photo above of Danielle Busby should have a crown, because the young woman is queen of the household. Only a couple of weeks ago we watched Danielle … Read more

The Busby quints, part of TLC's "Outdaughtered"

‘Outdaughtered’ Preview: How Many Dentists Are Needed For Busby Quints First Visit? (VIDEO SNEAK PEEK)

In an already packed season of “Outdaughtered”, there are still a slew of “firsts”. Tonight in the episode titled “Multiple Births, Multiple Birthdays” there’s a big birthday party. That means there’s cake and sweets. Is there a dental checkup in the Busby quints future? You bet there is and in a sneak peek of the … Read more

Danielle Busby with the quints on the stairs of her home, in "Outdaughtered" on TLC

‘Outdaughtered’ Recap: Adam and Danielle Marital Strain, Bad Valentine’s Day

Preview: next episode it’s all poop all the time!  “Outdaughtered” returned with new episodes on TLC on Tuesday July 11. In the premiere titled, “Dawn of the Terrible Twos”, Adam and Danielle put the “reality” in their reality TV show. They have six kids, no professional help and nerves that are fraying. There’s a hard … Read more