Heimo Korth on Season 3 "The Last Alaskans"

‘The Last Alaskans’ Recap: Bob Harte Nails Cabin Door Shut As He Leaves Refuge

“The Last Alaskans” continued its season three on Discovery Channel with beautiful family bonding moments and a scene that ended an era. In the episode titled “Legacy in Danger”, one person nailed his door shut then got on a plane to leave the refuge. Bob Harte spoke eloquently about his decision, carrying traps that he … Read more

Bob Harte in his cabin on "The Last Alaskans"

‘The Last Alaskans’: Healthier Bob Harte Returns, Finds Evidence of Cabin Intruder

“The Last Alaskans” provided what fans have waited for during the episode, “A Taste of Freedom” . Bob Harte returned to the refuge after thinking he might never see his cabin again. We got some scenes from last season when he made the decision, and you could see how much better he looks. In addition … Read more

The Last Alaskans, Discovery Channel. Ashley Selden.

‘The Last Alaskans’ End Season on a Reflective Note; Will They Be Returning to Discovery Channel?

Updated with season 3 premiere RECAP: caribou tongue for dinner! Last night, fans said goodbye to “The Last Alaskans,” at least for the current season. It was a good night, and the contrasts between the different generations of those living in the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was clear–and somewhat profound. Bob Harte left the refuge … Read more

The Last Alaskans, Discovery Channel

‘The Last Alaskans’ Season Finale Tonight: Charlie Builds His First Cabin While the Korths Say Goodbye to Theirs; Video Preview!

UPDATED: Read about the very reflective Season Finale of “The Last Alaskans” here on TVRuckus! Tonight is the Season Finale of “The Last Alaskans” on Discovery Channel. It is hard to imagine what could happen on the Season Finale–just having Bob Harte leave the refuge was enough of a highlight to be the finale, that … Read more

The Last Alaskans, Discovery Channel

‘The Last Alaskans’: 20-Year-Old Charlie Jagow Begins Making His Own Way in the Refuge!

UPDATED: Season 3, Bob Harte nails cabin door shut on way out The last few weeks, fans have been sending their prayers and well-wishes to Bob Harte from Discovery Channel’s “The Last Alaskans.” Last night, they met 20-year-old Charlie Jagow, another resident of the Alaska Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Charlie was apparently born in the … Read more