Bridget Regan as Sasha on "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship’ Recap: In ‘Tempest’, Sasha Couldn’t Shoot Fletcher as Tom Chandler Watched

Anyone else get a little queasy watching those very strong scenes in last night’s episode of “The Last Ship”? In “Tempest”, the Nathan James tried to get past three Greek ships during a hellacious storm in the Mediterranean Sea. The waves were so high and the wind so fierce that the camera work helped make … Read more

Eric Dane as Tom Chandler/Hercules in season four of TNT's "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship’ Season 4: Are Hot Sex Scenes and Bare Knuckle Fights Over For Tom Chandler?

“The Last Ship” began season 4 with Tom Chandler and his children living in Greece, working alongside a family who owned a restaurant and fished for its daily catch. We were given an indication that a beautiful daughter of the business owner was in a romantic relationship with Chandler. The Red Rust plague that is … Read more

Eric Dane as Tom Chandler, out of uniform on season four of TNT's "The Last Ship"

‘The Last Ship” Season 4: Eric Dane’s Got a New Look, Show Has New Focus Outside U.S.

TNT dropped a season 4 trailer for “The Last Ship” and Eric Dane as Tom Chandler has a brand new look. The photo posted above says it all. No longer clean-shaven and buttoned up as a Commander in the United States Navy, Chandler’s trying to lay low. He and his family moved out of the … Read more