Peter Weller as Dr. Paul Vellek on The Last Ship season four on TNT

‘The Last Ship’ Recap: In ‘Allegiance’ Chandler Faced Resentment In Return To Nathan James

“The Last Ship” set its course for the rest of season four in “Allegiance”. The real bad guys emerged, but as in previous seasons, “bad” might merely mean someone fighting for his or her own country’s survival over that of the United States. There’s an enemy on board the Nathan James, as well as out … Read more

Rhona Mitre as Dr. Rachel Scott on "The Last Ship"

THE LAST SHIP Season 2 Finale Recap: Assassination in St. Louis Resets The Story

How about that for a season finale? THE LAST SHIP aired “A More Perfect Union” and may have taken with it the heart and soul of the movement to find and distribute The Cure. The world shifted just a bit and the show found a way to reset for season three. There was a nation … Read more

Eric Dane

THE LAST SHIP ‘Cry Havoc’ Recap: Chandler Says ‘This Ends Today’ As Death Match Begins

In its penultimate episode of season 2, ” Cry Havoc” THE LAST SHIP presented a thrilling cat and mouse game with high stakes for all concerned. Lt. Granderson reported that civilians armed to the teeth and out for blood, thanks to the Ramseys had begun to surround the USS Nathan James. The submarine and the … Read more

Eric Dane and Christina Elmore in "The Last Ship"

THE LAST SHIP ‘Valkyrie’ Recap: Four Dead As Nathan James Faces Joe Six-Pack

It took guts for THE LAST SHIP writers to knock off a popular character with such promise, but in the “Valkyrie” episode four crew members of the USS Nathan James went down. The good news, among the bad was that there was a hint of a thaw in the cold war between Cmdr. Tom Chandler … Read more

Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott in "The Last Ship:

THE LAST SHIP ‘Friendly Fire’ Recap: Are You Team Dr. Scott or Team Capt. Chandler?

It’s never a good thing for the kids when mom and dad fight and in “Friendly Fire” THE LAST SHIP made us choose between Dr. Scott and Cmdr. Tom Chandler. Chandler who fights for truth, justice and the American way ordered Dr. Rachel Scott confined to her quarters except for performing her duties as the … Read more