DCC: MAKING THE TEAM Season 9, Kelli Pulls Uniform From a Veteran

Training camp began last night on DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM and four cheerleader hopefuls were called to the principal’s office after a week of practice. Two veterans were among those facing DCC Director Kelli Finglass. The issues had to be familiar to fans of DCC: MAKING THE TEAM because Finglass and the group’s choreographer … Read more

DCC: MAKING THE TEAM, Kelli and Judy tougher than Trump

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team reached the point in training camp that Director Kelli Finglass and Choreographer Judy Trammell were comfortable saying goodbye to one of their candidates. Last night’s episode of DCC: Making the Team was appropriately titled, “Harsh Reality”.  “I need to see progress. They need to be good now,” Kelli said. … Read more