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WILD WEST ALASKA: Season Finale Stirs Up Jealousy for Phred When Jim Hires New Saleswoman!

The ol’ green-eyed monster invaded Wild West Guns last night when Jim decided to hire a new employee–and Phred had her feathers a bit ruffled on fan-favorite Animal Planet series WILD WEST ALASKA. Jim met a young lady at a gun show, and found her charming and knowledgeable–what better qualities for a gun salesman, right? … Read more

Wild West Alaska, Rafting Gone Bad, Regina & Phred

WILD WEST ALASKA Recap: Phred Leaves Hans in Charge but Karma Bites Her in the Raft!

Last night on Animal Planet, fans started off the fun with the fan-favorite team at Wild West Guns on WILD WEST ALASKA, and continued the evening with the newest Animal Planet series, ALASKA PROOF. It is amazing that Wild West Guns makes any sales; no one ever wants to work! They all complain that Ken, … Read more

Wild West Alaska, Animal Planet. Phred & Regina.

WILD WEST ALASKA Returns to Animal Planet with New Episodes; Anyone Want a Glushie?

They’re back! Last night, the new season of WILD WEST ALASKA began, and once again, Phred’s opening words rang true: “The odds are good, but the goods are odd.” That’s definitely a great way to describe this Animal Planet fan favorite! Jim, Ken, Phred, Bryan, Niels, Mitch and Hans are all back for more this … Read more

Wild West Alaska, Danny, Phred & Corey Cogdell

WILD WEST ALASKA Welcomes Olympian Corey Cogdell!

This week, WILD WEST ALASKA got back to a little more, well, Alaska-centered storylines, as Hans and Ken went hunting for the Northern Lights, and Phred took off on a moose hunt with the new guy, Danny. Also along on the hunt was Phred’s friend, and Olympic bronze medalist, Corey Cogdell. Maybe the funniest part … Read more

Wild West Alaska

WILD WEST ALASKA: Camo Mark Is Gone, Can We Get Back to Gun Action Again?

Fans of WILD WEST ALASKA on Animal Planet should be happy this morning, following the return of Hans and Ken to Wild West Guns, and the exit of Camo Mark. Well, kinda happy, anyway; it was a start. There was a time when the focus of WILD WEST ALASKA was on the actual workings of … Read more