Giuliana Rancic Cool With Seeking Advice About Motherhood

The Rancics at the 10TV Health & Fitness Expo in Ohio. A fan photo posted on the show's website
The Rancics at the 10TV Health & Fitness Expo in Ohio. A fan photo posted on the show’s website

On the latest  Giuliana & Bill on Style Network, we watched Giuliana struggle like most, if not all, new working mothers.

Even without watching her journey into motherhood, Giuliana Rancic is a celebrity that average folks relate to. She projects a normalcy that isn’t true of many.

Facing a dilemma, she took advice from her close circle and sought help from a life coach. There were two sessions that made it to air in “G-String Surprise”. It was all that was needed to set her on the right path.

The coach suggested that she journal each day’s activities to determine if baby Duke was being neglected for Giuliana’s duties at work.

The guilt was eating at G and like many new moms that work, no matter where Giuliana was she felt guilty about not being at the other location.  Hearing her phone buzz while with Duke got her crazy and schedule changes at work that kept her longer than expected set her off as you’d expect.  Watch video posted below of how G gets glammed up for Oscar duty.

It seems that doing “homework” as the coach called it, was enough to help G realize that Duke was not coming out on the short end of the activity scale. After speaking with the coach and her large circle of advisers and friends Giuliana decided that she needed to concentrate on the task at hand, whether it’s home or at the E! studio.

More than anything else, it makes Giuliana relatable.  We all seek advice and help from friends and associates and sometimes a professional. Nothing to be ashamed of or apologize for.

Hubby Bill Rancic says he pretty much knows what he needs to and the rest he’ll learn on the job as a new dad. In fact, Bill was dismissive of Giuliana’s coaching sessions, telling her that he himself was a life coach, wondering why she went outside for assistance.

He called her out about potentially becoming “…one of those California people”, whatever that means.

We’ve also seen Bill take a hard line against Duke seeing a medical professional who deals with things in a more natural way than typical Western medicine doctors. Read: What’s Bill’s problem with alternative medicine?

I called out Bill in my recap of last week’s Giuliana & Bill episode regarding his style of telling Giuliana she is wrong. It was pointed out to me that couples have their own views on how to parent, and while that is true, maybe it’s just Bill’s quick to dismiss way of speaking that is off putting.

In any event, we are certainly watching this celebrity couple find their comfort zones and Giuliana Rancic makes it easy to root for her.

Image: Giuliana & Bill website/care of fan at 10TV Health & Fitness Expo in Ohio.     Style Network airs new episodes of Giuliana & Bill Tuesday nights starting at 8:00 p.m. ET.

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