Hardcore Pawn: Les Chooses between Ashley & Seth

Les, Ashley & Seth celebrate 100 episodes of HARDCORE PAWN.
Les, Ashley & Seth celebrate 100 episodes of HARDCORE PAWN.

What is the future of American Jewelry and Loan on truTVs Hardcore Pawn? Les is concerned that his store does not have a future with his children in charge; he has reason to be concerned.

Previously, Les collapsed following yet another argument offspring Seth and Ashley pulled him into refereeing; thank goodness it was not a stroke or heart attack, as was no doubt feared by all, but the effects of a hernia. After having surgery, not surprisingly he needed some time away from the business—and his kids.

But, even after what could have been a disaster, Seth and Ashley could not control themselves and act like at least semi-adults. As they sat screaming at each other in their dad’s office, Les walked back into the store just as he last left: being pulled into the middle of a Seth-Ashley screamfest.

What is wrong with those two kids?

Maybe THAT is what is wrong: They are both still kids.

Or, maybe it’s that Les still SEES them as kids and does not demand that they act like adults.

Someone Must Be the Boss

Either way, it is obvious that they cannot work together, and that the only way Les can possibly be away from the store for any length of time is if he puts one of them in charge.

Who will it be?

Ashley is a daddy’s girl and a tattletale, but she knows her stuff; Seth, on the other hand, may know his stuff, but could the unforgettable betrayal of his trying to sell the Pontiac store out from under his dad still be looming in Les’s memory? What would he do if he were totally in charge and Les nowhere in sight?

During the day, while the typical craziness ensued throughout the store—what are some of these people on, one has to ask—Les appeared to be watching and evaluating his kids more closely than usual. Ashley, he observed, let her emotions get into a deal and she lost a could-have-been customer; Seth, on the other hand, demonstrated to Les that he can keep his cool when things get crazy.

Winner: Seth.

The Fun Begins

Of course, it goes without saying that Ashley was upset, but Les was clear on his choice:

I chose Seth because he’s got a level head. We’ve certainly had our run-ins in the past, but we’ve learned a lot since then. Seth does not do things the way I do, but, you know what? That’s not a bad thing. It’s opened my eyes to new possibilities.

Hang on tight.

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

Image: truTV

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4 thoughts on “Hardcore Pawn: Les Chooses between Ashley & Seth

  1. I’m addicted to this show like a lot of people. I guess the whole point of the show is to make people HATE those two kids! Ashley is like watching a Train Wreck! She’s a (insert what ever the worst word that comes to mind here!) Seth is not to far off…

  2. LOL–yeah, you know, I interviewed Ashley about a year or so ago. I got the impression that she and Seth LOVE each other a lot, but sometimes they just don’t LIKE each other very much! Like you said, the show is just addictive; the more everybody screams, the bigger my eyes get … LOL … Mechele

  3. I love the show i hardly miss a show or dont miss an episode Seth and Ashley do fight a lot but u can see they love each other.. Even though i like them both i wanted Ashley to be in charge. Seth will make a great boss but Ashley will make just as good of a boss

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