Storage Wars New York: Joe P Is A Man Among Boys

Joe P, The Legend with NY skyline in background.
Joe P, The Legend with NY skyline in background.

The new episodes of Storage Wars New York now airing on A&E point to only one thing. Joe P, the man called The Legend is a man among boys.

He suffered only a minor setback during the first of the back-to-back shows last night, entitled “Legends of the Fog”.  Joe P had to deal with the man known as Fog turning on him. Not only is he nasty as a competitor but he refuses to repay money loaned to him when he worked as part of Joe P’s team.

Fog made out nicely by outbidding Mike B, Chris and Tad, as well as Joe for the first locker of the night, but Joe lived to fight another day and made out like a king during the show entitled “As The World Bids”.

In Garden City on Long Island the bidders, including the lovely Courtney and Candy came loaded with cash and large trucks for a vault auction.  It was tailor made for Joe P, who has lots of money to spend and the knowledge base to identify profitable items.

“Five by eight crates, professionally packed by movers,” explained auctioneer John Luke.

The Big Kahuna of the day was the sale of 10, count ’em 10 crates as a package deal. It had Joe P’s name on it for sure.

“This is supposed to the biggest and baddest auction of the year,” opined Mike B. “My strategy is to hit it fast because the longer you wait at these auctions, the prices tend to go up a lot higher.”

Joe P was licking his chops and waiting for the others to spend their small piles of cash, with his eyes on the ten crate package.

“I heard today there’s a huge set of crates with some old photography gear in them. I came with a bucket of locks,” he said and boy did he need them.

As predicted, the others melted away with early buys, despite Mike B attempting to challenge Joe on the 10 crates. As a result of the non-competition, Joe paid a mere $2,500 for the treasures within.

He hauled the load to a facility he called his “secret warehouse” that could accommodate the massive amount of items.

As he predicted, the crates contained almost a full photography studio packed in boxes. There was an industrial press of some 150 year old vintage.  Beautiful wooden furniture and photography coffee table books he valued at $2,000, almost paid for his entire bid.

“You know what that is?”, asked Joe, “That’s money right here. How cool is that?” Boy was he right.

When all was said and done Joe P raked in a cool $13,350 of profit. He’s got the cash, the patience and the experience. A man among boys.

A&E airs new episodes of Storage Wars New York on Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET.  Image: A&E/Storage Wars New York website. will cover the new season, so check back for more.

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