Will New ‘Jungle Gold’ Partner Tip Scales in George, Scott’s Favor?

Scott Lomu, George Wright and David Thomas with gold bars.
Scott Lomu, George Wright and David Thomas with gold bars.

Discovery Channel’s daring duo George Wright and Scott Lomu are back, facing Ghana’s dank rainy season, dangerous armed militia, numerous road blocks and ever-deadly jungle in the hit series Jungle Gold. But, viewers will recall that their debts were mounting as the moments ticked; is there actually hope for their families’ futures in these unfamiliar jungle dig sites?

New Partner: Dave Thomas

Once high-rolling real estate dealers, George and Scott have lost it all, and took a chance on bringing their families back level with their trip to Ghana last season. However, these jungle rookies found the prospecting more difficult than they had believed it would be, and now Scott is returning to his father-in-law, Bud, begging him to again invest in their gold-mining efforts. Ghana IS Africa’s second-largest gold producing country, after all, but so far it has not been a winner for George and Scott. This season, with a new colleague, Dave Thomas, they hope to turn things around, reclaiming their mining equipment and prospecting 50 acres of gold rich land—and do it all in just seven days.

Not only will George and Scott be trying to set their family finances back on the right path this season, they will also be trying to do what is right by the widow and family of Wally Macias, their former mining partner who died before their Ghana dreams could be brought to fruition.

Fans will recall that George and Scott were on constant high alert last season, never knowing when they might be faced with a life-or-death situation. This season is no less stressful, as the two keep their passports close at hand day in and day out, fearing that one wrong move could send them fleeing out of the country, fearing for not only their lives, but their freedom, as well.

Jungle Gold premieres on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 11, at 10 p.m. ET.

Image:  Discovery Channel

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