Container Wars: Time Well-Flipped on truTV

There is no shortage of entertaining personalities on truTVs CONTAINER WARS!
There is no shortage of entertaining personalities on truTVs CONTAINER WARS!

Container Wars on truTV: Now, THIS is a fun show!

To be honest, I was not sure what to expect the first time I watched Container Wars. There have been several shows out there following this general formula:  some type of storage bin—in this case abandoned containers at shipping port auctions—bid on by combative flippers. It’s a good formula; it has worked before, after all. But, what was going to make THIS show different, to make it stand out from the pack?

To put it simply: the cast.

Getting to Know the Container Wars Cast

There are some real characters on Container Wars:

  • Shlomi, Eyal and Uzi are known simply as “the Israelis.”  These three affluent young entrepreneurs are not there to play; they are at the party to make money, looking primarily for high-end fashion containers to move in their wholesale clothing business and online retail store. Still, they will bid on anything that they can flip for a profit—money is money on the flip-side, after all.
  • Ty and Mo are best friends who have been scouring auctions since the 1990s. These former bouncers make a great team, and they often use their size to intimidate other bidders. No, they don’t hurt anyone, but things CAN get a little physical at times with some pushing and shoving, especially with the impatient Israelis.
  • Matthew Gaus is, well, a hot-head who likes to win. The Israelis, Ty, and Mo particularly enjoy getting one over on him, and will goad him into spending extra money whenever they can to clean him out for the day’s auction and get him out of the way. He’s well-educated—seven college degrees, in fact—and has been in the flipping business for 25 years, so he knows what he is doing. Matthew is not someone who will allow his competitors to take him lightly—unless it serves his plans.
  • Deana Molle’ is a California native and the daughter of an automotive industry giant, so she has the knowledge and the guts to get down in the mud with the boys if that is what it takes to win. She focuses her flipping on estate sales, auto auctions and, yes, container sales.
  • Jason Hughes had the good fortune to inherit a little money and catapult himself into the world of the flipper. He doesn’t have the experience of his competitors, but his friendly, Southern-boy charm is a disarming asset at auctions.
  • John Kunkle, well, somebody had to get the job of wrangling this eclectic bunch, and I guess auctioneer John Kunkle is it. He is a long-time auctioneer and a local celebrity, known as “Mr. Long Beach.” And, he joins in on the fun, too, mocking bidders at times in his auction chants and getting big laughs and even bigger bids.

Container Wars is a fun show, featuring everything from cars to flip-flops in those gigantic shipping containers. Sometimes competitors make big money; sometimes they lose their … well, you know. Overall, time well-flipped.

Stay tuned–and read more about the Container Wars cast online.

Container Wars airs on truTV on Sundays at 9:30 p.m.

Image: truTV

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