Breaking Amish: Betsy’s Demons Joining Her in L.A.?

Apparently, the Amish can really get it on on the volleyball court!
Apparently, the Amish can really get it on on the volleyball court!

Just another week of fun on TLCs Breaking Amish: L.A.

Matthew the Mennonite

So, Matthew:  He is really making himself stand out. Every time he gets the opportunity, he points out what the others should not be doing.

He started with the “10 CoMattments” and went from there. He refused to have a shot with the group to welcome Sam, because it was a weekday, instead having a “shot” of water; he is quick to pronounce things “sinful” anytime the others start to have a little fun; and he looked down his nose at the girls for using the Zoltar machine because it is a form of witchcraft, according to Matthew.

“Personally, I’m against the witchcraft and fortunetelling. … I personally will not watch Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, movies like that, because that is wrong,” he told the camera. To the girls he said, “This is witchcraft and this is WRONG.”

They rebelled, of course.

And, after that little incident, Betsy made a comment to the camera that she seemed to be pointing at Matthew:  “I know a lot of people try to pretend they’re all good, then once you get to know them, on the inside it’s just black.”

Hey, Betsy said it, not me.

Sam Finally Figured It Out

Sam seems to be fitting in just fine with the group; he and Devon are particularly good friends. They are making that “Amish male connection” that they both seem to need, so that is a good thing—they even went to a strip club and checked out the ladies together (not, of course, that that is a particularly productive way to spend one’s free time). Maybe Sam isn’t as weird as he first appeared after all—at least he’s not sitting around in his red undies any longer. But, when he found out his sister Lizzie was pregnant….

Oh, boy.

Well, it doesn’t look like his plan to take her back home is going to work. But, maybe it will make him think twice about Devon’s pushing him to randomly have sex just to lose his own virginity; it is a situation than can happen to anyone, after all.

The Demons Within

Betsy is proving to be—shall we say, odd? After telling the other girls she is “controlled by demons,” well, their friendships went a bit south. The general consensus of the house seems to be that she is “creepy,” and everyone but Mennonite Matthew appears to have shunned her.

“Just because you are Amish does not mean you don’t have demons in you,” Betsy explained.


Just not sure where ol’ Betsy is coming from.

And, then Andrew showed up.

A Man without a Land

Andrew, of course, is Abe’s brother, from last season’s cast. Left with basically no options—everyone seems to hate him these days—he took off to L.A. Fans do not seem any more excited about Andrew’s joining the cast than the cast themselves. Can’t blame them; he was a complete jerk from the beginning.

“This is my room now,” he announced to Devon.


Well, Devon seemed to have a bit of something to say about that, so we’ll see just how far his tough-man act gets him.

Next week it could be really harsh for Andrew—and Betsy, who appears to be letting her association with demons not just out of the bag, but throwing the bag away altogether; maybe burning it instead.

Should be interesting, at the very least.

Stay tuned.

Breaking Amish airs on TLC on Sunday night at 10 p.m. E/P.

Images:  TLC

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