Cedar Cove: Home of the John Doe and Perfect Scones

Tom Stevens, left, plays Eric, son of Jack, played by Dylan Neal, right.
Tom Stevens, left, plays Eric, son of Jack, played by Dylan Neal, right.

Watching Cedar Cove on the Hallmark Channel this week, a question popped into my mind: I wonder if Cedar Cove is anywhere near Cabot Cove?

This is a great show, but, of course, it is a TV show, and no one watches television to see their own mundane lives on the screen. And, what makes Cedar Cove so intriguing is the people living seemingly mundane lives in a sleepy little town, but with spicy little hits of the unusual thrown into the mix, such as a wandering John Doe entering into their lives. John Does, in fact, may be the hallmark of Cedar Cove like random, frequent murder was the hallmark of Murder She Wrote and Cabot Cove (seriously, would you have felt safe living in that little town?). The show has barely taken off—well, I should say, has barely started; it seems to have taken off like a rocket!—and there have not only been two John Does, but even the town’s historic statue is a John Doe; no one knows who the statue represents! Last night’s John Doe turned out to be Howard, a man who just had a really bad night that ultimately ended with a fatal heart attack.

Sorry, Howard.

But, the good part of Howard’s story was the kindness he was shown by the local people. Even as a total stranger, he was picked up on the side of the road, where he sat stranded, and was taken to the nearest place he could get a room, the Thyme and Tide. And, although he had left his wallet in his rental car—that poor man’s day just went wrong every way he turned—he was given a room for the night based on nothing more than good will from Bob and Peggy (well, Peggy, at least).

It is nice to take an hour each week and visit a place like that, even if it is through our televisions.

Of course, Cedar Cove isn’t all sunshine and sugar plums. Eric, Jack’s son, is turning out to be as much of a self-centered weasel as he originally presented himself to be. And, the fact that both he AND Jack blame Jack for Eric’s current place in life is not helping anything, including the potential of Jack and Olivia’s budding relationship. But, let’s hope that somewhere in Jack’s mind he realizes that letting his son run all over him is not only not going to fix the past, but it could ruin his future, Eric’s future, and the future of his relationship with Olivia.

One thing: The actor who plays Eric, Tom Stevens, does a scarily great job! Watching him, looking at his face, his eyes, he actually reminds me of a few deadbeats I have known in my own life. Stevens is not listed as a member of the “official” cast, so his role may be short-lived or, at the least, sporadic. But, he is doing a fantastic job of bringing realism into this fantasy town known to fans as Cedar Cove.

Scones, anyone?

Stay tuned.

Cedar Cove airs on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday nights at 8/7c.

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Image:  Hallmark Channel

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