Drop Dead Diva Summer Finale: What’s Jane’s Future?

Who ya' got? Team Grayson or Team Owen?
Who ya’ got? Team Grayson or Team Owen?

Drop Dead Diva takes a breather after tonight’s summer season finale.  Do not fret because Lifetime resumes airing the exploits of Jane, Stacy, Owen, Grayson and Kim on October 6.

If you take a look at the video linked below, Jane and Stacy are back to being besties and attend a badhelorette party and get a clear view, so to speak, of the male dancers and their hardware.

Meanwhile, Jane believes she has received Owen’s final word on restoring their relationship. That answer was a resounding “no”. Stacy expects to use Owen as a sperm donor and somehow that’s all right with everyone. How does it strike you, because I don’t think I could be as calm about it all if I were Jane.

Kim is close to giving birth and still refusing to let Parker get anywhere near her or his baby that seems ready to drop any moment.

Grayson has decided to go all-in on his relationship with Nicole. Kim forced his hand, reminding him that a casual office affair was a no-no, but a committed dating relationship that is consensual would  come under the terms of the office’s sexual harassment policy,

How many times have we seen Grayson and Jane’s timing be off? Seems like 100, but we will be forced to go through yet another version of it.

Is Jane Bingham destined to languish in the ranks of the single ladies for much longer?

Lifetime resume showing new episodes of Drop Dead Diva on Sunday October 6.          Image credit: Lifetime/Drop Dead Diva

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Link to video sneak peak from tonight’s show:


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