Drop Dead Diva: Who’s Tired of Jane-Grayson Fantasy?

Grayson, from Drop Dead Diva
Grayson, from Drop Dead Diva

The Drop Dead Diva summer season finale, “50 Shades of  Grayson” ended in a way that the Lifetime drama’s fans know very well:

“I love Grayson, I never stopped loving Grayson, Grayson is the one for me.” or at least something like that.

There had to be shock among viewers, at least a little. Here’s why.

Was it not just one episode ago, only one measly episode ago that Jane was crushed when her final plea to Owen got knocked down in a big way? Read: “Owen’s Sperm Decision Sinks Jane’s Hopes”

That look in her eyes when Owen took Jane’s demand seriously and admitted he saw no future with her, giving him the opportunity to make Stacy’s dream come true. Anyone who’s had a broken heart knows that look. It’s the crushing of a dream.

So when Jane did her about-face, where was Grayson? Smooching new squeeze Nicole and to add insult to injury it was in the hospital in front of the newborn infants, one of which was partner Kim’s new son.

Jane/Deb has lost Grayson more times than one can count. In the first couple of seasons Jane would periodically realize she couldn’t live with the rule that as the “new Jane” she couldn’t reveal her true identity to Grayson or risk being sent back to heaven by Angel Fred.

Speaking of Fred and angels, do you notice that the latest guardian angel has taken a powder in the last couple of episodes? Raise your hands if you care. Yeah, I thought so.

Best Scene of the Night: When Kim was continuing her legal arguments from her hospital bed as she experienced contractions, ready to give birth. She’s never been funnier.

Most Ridiculous Storyline of the Night: The ability of any lawyer, no matter how good, to get a client out of a jail in Mexico in less than 48 hours on multiple charges is beyond fantasy. The most interesting part of the fantasy however, was the lawyer from Long Beach going in for the smooch then stabbing Jane in the back.

Will the Jane-Grayson-Owen triangle ever resolve itself and who do you think it should be that wins our girl’s heart.

Lifetime resumes airing Drop Dead Diva episodes on October 6. Image credit: Lifetime/Drop Dead Diva

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