Terry Porter, PORTER RIDGE: Truly Odd but Absolutely Hilarious

Terry Porter and Porter Ridge Outlaws on Discovery Channel's PORTER RIDGE.
(L-R) Larry “Elvis” Dean Martin, Barry J. Moore, Danny Bob Saylor IV, Terry Porter and Jeff Watson decided to start their own MC, the Porter Ridge Outlaws, in last night’s episode.

When reality series PORTER RIDGE debuted on the Discovery Channel, it struck me as probably the most peculiar offering the network—maybe any network—had premiered to date. In fact, it still does. However, without fail, the show does what it is intended to do:  It is entertaining.

Every time Terry Porter appears on the screen, I find myself ready to laugh. And, within seconds, I AM laughing. Whether it is listening to him talk about how he cannot afford electricity and toilet paper in the junkyard’s bathroom (except, of course for the elusive “Number 3”), explaining his distinctive take on numbers, or if it is just hearing him ramble in what apparently is a language he developed for his personal use only, Terry Porter just makes me laugh hysterically. And, of course, that is the point of the show:  Entertainment.

There is a place for “serious” programming. There is a place for documentaries and biographies and all of those things and, I enjoy them immensely. In fact, I can sit and watch a great biography on most anyone, whether I’ve ever heard of them or not, and consider it time well-spent. And, okay, I’ll admit, Discovery Channel is probably not the place that one would automatically think of having a show like PORTER RIDGE—at least, it would not have been a few years ago. But, nowadays the channel seems to be striving to become the home of the outrageous reality show, and PORTER RIDGE certainly qualifies as that. So, it really should not come as a surprise, I guess, that PORTER RIDGE is now a part of its offerings.

Reality Show Snobbery

Some viewers complain that the participants of many reality shows are being taken advantage of, as if they do not have a choice as to whether or not to appear on the show, or that they are not being compensated for their time. But, you know, just because it may not be the path YOU would choose does not mean that a person who does is being “taken advantage of” in doing so. Perhaps the reason you think you wouldn’t choose to be on a reality show is because your life isn’t interesting enough to have the opportunity to make that choice. And, for some of the people doing reality shows nowadays, the chance to do the show may just be a Godsend—a financial boost or advertising windfall that they could not have hoped for in any other capacity. Who are we to make that call for them when such an opportunity comes their way?

So, really, for the reality-show snobs (you know who you are) just watch something else, stop painting reality casts as “victims,” and let the rest of us watch and enjoy the insanity while it lasts. And, I’ll guarantee:  There is plenty of insanity to be found on PORTER RIDGE.

Stay tuned.

Porter Ridge airs on Discovery Channel on Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c.

Read more about PORTER RIDGE on TVRuckus.

Image:  Discovery Channel

Video:  YouTube

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8 thoughts on “Terry Porter, PORTER RIDGE: Truly Odd but Absolutely Hilarious

  1. that video clip made me think of the guy on the old andy griffen show…he wore a round beanie type hat w/what looked like bottle caps glued to it?…anyway, you are right, he is hilarious:)

    • Goober? LOL–another one of my favorite shows, which I watch on TVLand every chance I get. Maybe that’s why I like PORTER RIDGE so much. But, everybody wore a shirt on that one … LOL

  2. It seems a lot of local folks don’t care for Porter Ridge. I’m a local and I love it. The show is always good for a laugh and it always meets the goal of being entertaining. I’d raise a ruckus with the Porter Ridge Outlaws anytime.

    • Well, you know, I guess I can see why some locals do not like it, if they take a lot of the negative comments made about the show to heart–some people have thicker skins than others–but I think it’s just a good, entertaining show, people just living their lives and making their way as best they can … nothing wrong w/ that, right?

  3. I must admit, I very much enjoy Porter Ridge, and find Terry to be a likable dude. He loves the fact that he’s the cheese, and really doesn’t care what we think. Some of the show seems a bit scripted, and not sure Kayla is the real deal or an actress – but she does add the ‘voice of reason’ Andy Taylor added to Mayberry’s clan. I hope the show makes it, as I do look forward to the weekly laughs the show provides.

  4. Went by there today to check out Country Auto and there it was in all it’s glory the car the signs. And even saw Jeff the Bear Man getting his mail. The show grows on you and is just as good as the other reality shows and is not far from where my father and sister live. In all I really like the show hope it makes it. So give it a watch Tuesday Nights!

  5. I’m just wondering seriously, not trying to be funny. Is something really wrong with him, like was he in a car wreck, I can’t find anything about it anywhere but everyone else in his family seems normal for him to be the way he is. Does he have a brain injury or is he just the way the show portrays him to be?

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