Exclusive Interview: Sabina of ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE on TVRuckus

Kodiak, Alaska native, Sabina
Sabina, star of Alaskan Women Looking for Love on TLC

Sabina, 28 is a bright, fun-loving, single Alaskan woman who took part in TLC’s latest entry on the reality TV front, ALASKAN WOMEN LOOKING FOR LOVE. It premieres this Sunday October 6 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. In an exclusive interview with TVRuckus Sabina discussed her choice to participate and even hinted at finding love in the process.

The premise Alaskan Women Looking For Love  is simple. Six single, Alaskan natives (Sabina was born in Russia and came to Alaska with her family as a young girl) were ready to exchange their rugged boots and down coats in Alaska for high heels and colorful dresses in Miami, Florida Their goal: to meet men who don’t sport scruffy beards or live their lives hunting and fishing.

UPDATE: Sabina made a BIG decision during the show’s finale

TVRuckus: What was the biggest reason for dropping everything and taking part in Alaskan Women Looking for Love?

“I’m kind of a hopeful person. Here came an opportunity for something different, fun and potentially romantic.”

TVRuckus: You left your parents and a job in Alaska. Did you leave a boyfriend and were you prepared to stay in Florida if you found a love connection, so to speak?

“There was no boyfriend. I was prepared and I am prepared to stay.  I majored in Criminal Justice in college with a minor in Russian. After college I was doing some translating work and then fell into this legal assistant job that led to being a paralegal for about three years. Then I hit a wall. When I applied to be on the show, I was working as a server at Humpy’s Ale House.”

TVRuckus: You are prepared to stay? Does that mean you found love and if so can you give us the full scoop?

“Yes I found love, but you’ll have to watch the show to learn how it all turned out.”

TVRuckus: Besides how the men look what are the other differences between them and those back in Alaska?

“They have a feminine side that they are in touch with and they are very comfortable with it.  They seem to be very relaxed. You can’t really make fun of a man when he’s wearing a pink shirt down there because they feel like, ‘So what?’ In Alaska a man wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a pink shirt. They definitely seem to be more worldly, more open to different types of activities. With these kinds of guys I could say, ‘Hey let’s go look at some art, or go to the theater or travel the world and they’d say great!’ They seem to be more open to learning new things.”

TVRuckus: Did you girls go on a shopping spree to acquire the right wardrobe?

“They (the show’s producers) took us to a boutique and treated us well. There are a couple of dresses I got that are my favorites. I don’t even own anything super fancy or colorful. Most of my stuff is grey, black and blue. There are a couple of things that I got that are very bright, sexy and I love them. I honestly wish I could wear stuff like that in Alaska, but you can’t. I love it. Miami was super exciting. Just to know that I can shed all these layers, put on a sexy little dress and heels. I felt so happy and feminine.”

TVRuckus: There had to be something you didn’t like about living in Florida, right?”

“The only thing I struggled with at times was the heat. It’s so humid, I was constantly sweating. Probably not the best look to go on a date with.  Also, there are a lot of things that are very expensive. When you order a drink it costs twice as much as it costs in Alaska. Some of the prices were just outrageous.”

TVRuckus: What advice would you give to other women about taking the opportunity you did?

“I’d say to go for it. Why not? As long as you’re not hurting people in your life that you love, like if you have children or something. But, for the most part, if something isn’t working, or something’s not right, there’s no reason to keep beating a dead horse. Just move on, open your mind, embrace people and have a good sense of humor and adventure. Go play in the world, see what’s out there. Don’t give up. ”

Alaskan Women Looking For Love premieres this Sunday October 6.  Check out Sabina and her five other cast mates starting at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on TLC..

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