GOLD RUSH: Will Freddy Dodge & Big Red Save the Day for Team Parker?

Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel
Will replacing Little Blue with Big Red send Team Parker’s season into high gear?

Parker is trying once again to take his gold operation to another level this week on GOLD RUSH. With the help of Freddy Dodge, can he do it?

Parker Schnabel is in the Klondike, trying to learn about big-time gold mining from Tony Beets, but every way he turns, his lack of funds keeps holding him back—seems 100 ounces of gold doesn’t get you very far in the gold mine fields these days! And, somehow, he keeps following in the footsteps of Todd Hoffman—yikes—first working out a “deal” for an overpriced “Little Blue,” and now a plan to get Big Red on his (well, Tony’s) claim. Did he make a better deal this time around? According to Discovery Channel, on episode, “Hope Creek”:

“Dave returns to the Hoffman Crew and butts heads with Todd over their mining plan. The Dakota boys stake their future on a new cut and Parker gets a second chance at mining with one of the largest wash plants in the Klondike.”

So, Dave is returning—but he may not be too happy with what he finds. Dave is going back to Guyana to mine gold; will he get onboard with Todd’s plan to abandon gold for diamonds? (And, I just have to ask again:  Am I the only one who thinks the diamonds Todd has pulled from the claim so far look suspiciously cut and maybe even a bit polished for diamonds just coming out of the ground for the first time?)

It has been one thing after another with Little Blue. Remember these moments?

Will Big Red solve Team Parker’s problems tonight? And, will Freddy make Parker a better deal than Todd?

Stay tuned.

GOLD RUSH airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Discovery Channel

Video:  YouTube

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3 thoughts on “GOLD RUSH: Will Freddy Dodge & Big Red Save the Day for Team Parker?

  1. Parker made a smart move by hiring Freddy Dodge he knows Gold mining and the Yukon.
    As for some of the Washington Oregon brain trust the Huffman Fools and Gold. Parker should do a 1000 OZ of gold.

  2. Parker is essentially a joke. He keeps constantly wining about his ground, as if he should be mining 20 bucks or more of good ground, he was given land basically by tony as a trial basis, as land is nearby impossible to acquire which parker really doesn’t have the skill to acquire on his own. Parker claims he has 10 years mining are you KIDDING, at most he has 2-3 years he greener then Todd Hoffman to be honest, as he was just chasing his grandfather around as a kid, which he still is. I am surprised that Todd didn’t have anything to say about his wash plant being given to Parker.

    Makes me kind of sick watching Parker just slide on in there at the Klondike without really paying any dues for the fruits of his labor.

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