THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE: Life Off-the-Grid Tonight on NatGeo (VIDEO)

Legend of Mick Dodge
Mick staying fit, exercising by his campfire. Just because you live off the grid doesn’t mean you don’t need to work out, after all!

Deep in the Pacific Northwest Hoh Rainforest lives a man who left the modern world 25 years ago—and it shows. On THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE on National Geographic, meet the man only rarely seen by the outside world around him, a quirky character who lives off the grid, off the land, and with his own unique brand of Zen.

Tonight THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE airs two new episodes to kick off this unique series. Some of us dream of having an adventure; every day of Mick Dodge’s life is an adventure! Whether he is hanging in the trees, bedding down with elk, building a raft or getting a little exercise by running barefoot for miles, there is always something going on with Mick Dodge. And, his nights? Spent in tree stumps! Check out a clip from National Geographic:

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Pinecone on a stick? A toothbrush. Candy Cap mushroom? A water fountain. Fern leaves? Toilet paper! A long white beard drapes his face and tattoos of roots adorn his feet, marking the connection he feels to the path he walks. So says Mick:

“My family’s perfected the art of dodging civilizations for hundreds of years. And all I have to do is follow my feet.”

Tonight’s episodes of this all-new and unique National Geographic Channel series include the following:

The Legend of Mick Dodge: Meet the Legend

Premieres Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT

“After waking up in the stump of an old tree, Mick sojourns to a remote spot called the Highlands — a place that looks out over the entire valley and holds special significance to his family. The purpose of his journey: to fulfill his father’s dying wish by spreading his dad’s ashes over the land. But before Mick can carry his dad up to the mountains, he will first have to remember where he stashed him. He’ll cross dizzying mountain cliffs, encountering strange creatures and unique terrain en route. As he approaches the end of his quest, we learn the Dodge family secret that has allowed them to survive for generations in inhospitable conditions.”

The Legend of Mick Dodge: Trading Up

Premieres Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014, at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT

“In the Hoh Rainforest, Mick uses a prized bow and arrow gifted to him by his grandfather. But when he goes to retrieve it from a stash, it’s gone, stolen from its hiding spot. Mick makes a plan to replace the bow utilizing the age-old economy of bartering and trading. There’s only one man he knows who can craft him a new one: a legendary archer named Norm. To find the currency he needs for the trade, he’ll head to ‘The Boneyard,’ which is filled with remnants and scraps from previous logging.”

Stay tuned tonight for the premiere of THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE on the National Geographic Channel!


Image and Video:  National Geographic Channel

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4 thoughts on “THE LEGEND OF MICK DODGE: Life Off-the-Grid Tonight on NatGeo (VIDEO)

  1. well, it sounds like a good show:) however, I wonder…why come out and do a scripted show about how he lives? some of it sounds a little phoney. there are some excellent documentaries about people who have done similar to this(Alone in the Wilderness, Proenneke) for example. not a lot of mystery, flashy scenes, snappy dialogue, just wonderful tale of a life lived ”off the grid”. also a great documentary on pbs on the Appalachians, the settlement started and the years of progress or change, and lives of the people. maybe I am becoming a little cynical w/the reality shows? reality means one thing to me and obviously means something entirely diff. in television:) oh well, good entertainment:) better that a lot of the stuff on tv now, way better! so, I hope a lot of people watch it and learn something of the outdoors:) good article!!!

  2. I just LOVE “Alone in the Wilderness!” That is probably one of my all-time favorite documentaries; but, that is the difference: Documentary as opposed to “reality tv”. Nowadays, “reality” doesn’t mean much–but it can be entertaining! 😀

  3. The best comedy yet, keeps getting better all the time, Mick Dodge needs to meet Duck Dynasty, really
    Nat Geo, what a waste of resources.

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