Sneak Peek: Penny’s Fight To Live On ‘My 600-lb Life’ (VIDEO)

My 600-lb. Life"
Penny, tonight’s patient on “My 600-lb. Life” on TLC

Tonight on TLC’s MY 600-LB LIFE, Penny, 46 explores the possibility of life-changing gastric bypass surgery. To do so she must leave her home by getting out of her bed, where she has spent the better part of four years.

Was Penny, the worst story of the season? Vote for Best-Worst

Married with a child, Penny is unable to function on her own and her body controls her decisions. She is turning to a physician to guide her through the process of growing smaller. In the photo above she is seen with Dr. Nowzaradan.

Penny is cared for by her husband and her son Liam only knows a mom who is bedridden.

Thanks to technology, she can participate in some fashion, in simple household activities like conversing over dinner. She remains in her bed and via Skype she can be present and speak to her family. If that sounds sad, you might have an inkling, just a small one, about why Penny has decided to take the plunge and try something new.

Make no mistake about it, however. Having the surgery in her present condition is dangerous. The recovery period can be rough and not just in a physical sense.

It will be a daunting task to rebuild a sense of self after being completely dependent on others, living each day as someone without much of an identity outside of a patient.  The toll it can take on personal relationships cannot be minimized.

While one would think it would be make everything better, it isn’t always the case.

TLC airs new episodes in MY 600-LB LIFE Tuesday nights starting at 9:oo p.m. ET/8 CT.    Image credit: Discovery/TLC

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27 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Penny’s Fight To Live On ‘My 600-lb Life’ (VIDEO)

  1. Penny’s fight to live? More like Penny’s willingness to die. How stupid can a person be? She is completely in denial and listening to her make a million excuses for her own laziness made me want to vomit.

    • I couldn’t believe her attitude. I can understand the eating disorder. I thought the doctor needed to SLAP her silly. Like wake up for Goodness sake….YOU ARE KILLING YOURSELF.

  2. penny needs mental therapy im sure that she doesn’t see that , this isn’t an insult she is being thrown a LIFE LINE and not taking it!! PLS GET HELP!

  3. It’s the doctor, scale, my fathers, foods fault. Yep penny you keep on going girl! Their is a double wide casket that is waiting for you. Honestly they should have not even aired her story. I hate her so much right now. Her husband needs to take her phone and leave her alone for a day i bet she would get up then. I can only imagine the pain she feels but she needs to walk at least a couple of feet a day. I wonder if her muscles are even working anymore or if they have atrophied .

    • I was in a wheelchair for 4 years. I was told that I would never walk again. But I did. Yes, it hurt. But sometime you just have to choose what is more important. And let’s face it, she didn’t even want to try to sit up. That’s not pain, that LAZINESS! You noticed when it was time to make a shopping list or eat she was sitting up like a shot. But whined and cried when the Dr. and Nurse asked her to. . Lots of 500lb+ people are still able to walk. We’ve even seen then doing it on different episodes of this show. So what was her problem?

    • I agree!
      I could not believe my eyes that she dares to blame every one else but does not listen to experts.
      Even her own dear husband that bends over backwards for her has not a say what so ever. Edgar should just leave her with some fruit, nuts, cut up veggies and water, grilled plain chicken and go out himself and enjoy his life a little. He suffers more then we think. I understand he loves her, but at what cause?
      Poor son as well.
      Does she not think of the life her family is giving up just for her?

  4. Maybe if see saw the show if her self ! I can’t believe how she acted blaming it on the scales that they were wrong to begin with she is either really stupid or just dosent care and her poor son to have a mother that dosent care enough about her self to really try. She talks like she’s smart but obviously she not . It frustrated me to watch her . Iam gonna pray for her and hope she see the lite before it’s to late ! My prayers r with them !

  5. this piece of blubber made me sick and angry, she wants to live on being disabled and get that check and sit and feed her fat face, then tries to act like she loves her son so much, right!!! that grocery list made me laugh, ” I can’t figure out why I can’t lose weight” what a joke. that poor kid has to be taken out of that home!!! when she’s in the hospital crying about giving it her all, when the dr. leaves she and
    Edgar joke about her wanting ice cream and off he went and got her some, what a idiot, then she has the nerve to say “the dr. never gave me a diet plan” how stupid are you? they did, but even if they didn’t figure it out fat ass. I hope she reads these and sees how stupid she looks, she can’t even lay on her fat side, why? and you’re so right, she was just to lazy to breath on her own, or maybe she thought she’d get more sympathy with it, when her sister said Liam would be walking along next to her casket, no way!!! there won’t be any room. I’m sorry if I sound cruel, but wake the hell up and give someone who is serious about this a chance, I wish the dr. would have just really laid into her on the show and embarrassed the hell out of her!!! what a piece of work, take a look in a mirror sometime and into your sons eyes and get real.

    • Obviously you are annoyed and frustrated by her behaviour, however, you don’t need to resort to personal insults and name calling to get that point across.

  6. she’s mentally damaged her line of thinking has been warped. She needs Mental Help first, treatment for depression. Weight loss is pure will power, and when you are depressed the wills not there.

  7. I think Penny not only has a eating disorder. It’s quite possible that she might have a drug problem too. Being that obese puts many in a lot of pain that could be reversed with weight loss. I think she is on pain killers. Someone who thinks that distorted should be put in intense psychiatric treatment… When she told the paramedic she believed she lost 340lbs when she couldn’t even stand she either was claiming achievements that were unreal for positive feed back or she is mentally ill. Bottom line she’s just another lazy selfish slob living off the government and she signed up for the show because she was bored. Her husband prolly deals with her to get a pay out when she dies unreal. What a sad sick way to live. If you could even call that a life more like a waste of everyone’s time.

  8. What I want to know is how all those suckers that donated their hard earned money to get this lazy attention junkie to Houston. Yep, she is totally loving all those EMTs having to break their backs to get her in the van. And she is loving playing the victim who is trying so hard….but on her own terms to loose weight. Then, she claims she knows more than Dr. N about what she needs to eat to loose weight. If that were true, why did she need the surgery? And the part that really got my goat the worst was when she claimed that she was a better mother than those who get up and go to work everyday to support their children…..and her and her husband and her child! I THINK penny is the BIGGEST POS I have ever seen and I am not talking about her weight either!

    • When the doctor stated that her oxygen level was higher than his, and he asked her why she needed oxygen, that should have given everyone a clue about the mental disposition of Penny.

    • I don’t know who you think knows who you are, but it sounds as if you also have a screw loose to pretend that anything anyone said on this page is pleasant. And how could it be when we have a cross between ‘Moining Mertle’ And Jabba the Hut” crying about how it’s not her fault while scamming all those people out of their money to go to get her fat arse fixed! Or to be more precise to draw in all that attention she craves. I think the next time her husband calls to have her moved somewhere, the medics should totally decline and tell her to get her lazy, worthless arse off the bed and walk to the car herself. Why should she be allowed to damage good hard working people with her blubber.

  9. In the beginning of the episode about year one of her bariatric surgery adventure, Penny says two key things. She says, “This is my life & I ‘m going to fight for it”.

    And she did – she fought to protect her bedbound, wonton snorking existence.

    She didn’t say she would fight for a better life than she was living pre-surgery. She said she would fight for “this” life (bedbound, snorking up fried foods, blaming others for flaws she wants her audience to believe they have, laughing at professionals who are willing to go to her to help). She sabotaged anything that might get her out of her command module of a bed.

    Penny also acted like she was completely bereft of energy when professionals asked her to walk or even sit up – but notice the vigorous rough housing with her child.

    Penny was impressed – to the point of tears – when Dr N promised to help her because like every part of life, it’s all about what you can do for Penny, while Penny does nothing.

  10. This lady was not ready. She was living in denial – she seemed to think that the doctor would perform magic and she would not have to make any effort, change her lifestyle, eat normally, follow medical directions, or inconvenience herself in any way. Yes she wants to live a normal life especially because of her son, but she doesn’t want it bad enough. Don’t talk the talk if you won’t walk the walk. Find anyone and everyone to blame except yourself. Dr. N is amazing but he’s not a magician.

  11. I wish the doctor had given someone else more willing to do what it takes to have the surgery and lose the weight. This woman is a sore excuse for a human being. She is denying her family a decent life. She is lazy and makes excuses so she doesn’t have to do anything she is told to do. Lazy, manipulative. All she does is have an excuse for everything and even lies. Her husband should move out and take his son with him. What kind of life do they have, waiting on her hand and foot while she continues to stuff her face, making excuses and being in total denial. There are so many others that need the surgery and are willing to do what is needed to lose the weight. The husband and child would be better off without her. What is she teaching them? I see soda, chips etc, in their temporary apartment which tells me that both the husband and child are not eating right. Her husband should give her an ultimatum to either step up to the plate and do what is expected of her without any excuses or be on her own.
    He should get only nutritious foods (no junk) regardless of what she wants. I certainly hope they aren’t receiving any money for doing the show because she will eat it all away.
    I’m so disgusted watching her and everyone is catering to her every whim. Take away her tv, conveniences, computer…make it boring and you will see her lazy old self start moving. Turn off the tears lady because none of us are falling for it. You need to GROW UP and be thankful for what you have. I’m so done with watching this person on the show. Until they move on to someone else I won’t be a viewer.

  12. How long has Penny been this size? I just started watching this show. WOW! Her son is only 5, was she this size when she got pregnant ( disturbing!) and if she’s so weak how the heck did she deliver him? Just wondering—-

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