DANCE MOMS: Abby Lee’s Threats of Auditions Working Just Fine

Abby Lee Miller Dance Moms

Abby Lee Miller at casting calls for season four of Dance Moms

DANCE MOMS star Abby Lee Miller is at war with one of the moms on the Lifetime reality TV show—not within the confines of the show’s reality, but in “real” life.

There she stood on the snowy streets of New York on Tuesday, speaking with reporters, about her legal fight with Kelly, mom to Abby Lee Dance Company dancers Brooke and Paige.

Abby’s got a restraining order pending against Kelly, who according to court documents, physically assaulted Abby. Not only must Kelly stay away from Abby, she can’t even communicate via Twitter according to’s report.

Fans of DANCE MOMS and ABBY’S ULTIMATE DANCE COMPETITION are probably asking themselves why it took so long. Sounds horrible that it came to that, but is anyone surprised who has watched  seasons’ worth of Abby vs. The Moms?

On the show, Abby’s torturing the girls and their moms a bit more than usual. Last night’s episode titled “Chloe vs. Kendall: Round 2” showed why.

Despite great results at recent competitions including two successive first-place group dance trophies in the past couple of weeks, with one being against moral enemy Cathy of Candy Apple’s Dance Studio, Abby isn’t satisfied.

She booted Payton off the team early in last night’s show, accusing the girl of hurting her ankle because she was horsing around backstage prior to a performance.

She wants a team full of Maddies, who work hard, show up, follow instructions and have the right attitude.

As the moms whined about all their little precious girls’ psyches being damaged by having the threat of replacement hanging over them, Abby got what she wanted.

Success, first place trophies and a healthy competition between Kendall and Chloe for the #2 dancer spot at the ALDC.

Abby’s position on all this is that her threats seem to have worked so why she should she stop now?

She told Kendall after a second-place finish in the solo category, that while she did well she had to come in first. How that would work if she insists on Chloe taking first in the same competition is anyone’s guess.

But hey, this is Abby Lee Miller. She doesn’t have to make sense. She’s the boss.

The moms disagree and last night after the group placed first against mortal enemy Cathy, as did Chloe in her solo, even Holly got into the act.

“Abby, on the heels of all of this, the winning group, why would you want to audition when you have all of this?”

Abby’s response was clear and to the point.

“I’m having to put out too much effort to get these girls to want to win.”

Want to win, that is the key. Will the moms get it? I guess we know the answer to that, right?

Lifetime airs DANCE MOMS on Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET       Image: Lifetime

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