DUCK DYNASTY: Will Si’s Video Selfie Bring Viewers Back by the Millions?

Life of Si–do we REALLY want that in full video detail?

It was a great “welcome back” week for DUCK DYNASTY on A&E last week, and the Robertsons continue forward tonight with another all-new episode.

Some media outlets have reported a “sharp drop” in viewers that they are naturally attributing to the Phil Robertson controversy. However, a closer look doesn’t necessarily support this view. As so many shows do these days, DUCK DYNASTY has “A” and “B” seasons, typically with considerable time in between the two. While the opening episode in August 2013 drew about 12 million viewers, and the January 2014 “only” 8.5 million, a more fair comparison can be made to the number of viewers tuning in for the winter premiere in 2013, which drew 8.6 million viewers, The Inquisitr reported.

Additionally, if former viewers DID stay away from DUCK DYNASTY over the controversy, it is also likely that the “protest” was directed toward AETV, not the Robertsons, as many viewers made it clear that they were done with A&E, regardless of their ultimate decision on Phil Robertson’s comments.

Will the ratings increase this week? Fall again? Or, will they cruise right along the same pathway? No way to know in advance, but for those who plan to watch the show this week, according to A&E, in episode, “Life of Si”:

“After seeing footage Jep shot using a GoPro, Si decides he wants to use the camera to record a day in his life. But, when Si gets on the guys nerves while they’re hunting, they kick him and his GoPro out of the blind. Meanwhile, Willie gets lost while taking John Luke and Sadie to an LSU football game, but in an effort to save the day, Willie pulls over and they have their own private tailgate on the side of the road.”

Get ready for tonight’s episode by watching Si’s top three favorite moments on DUCK DYNASTY:


DUCK DYNASTY airs on A&E on Wednesday nights at 10/9c.

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Image:  A&E via Facebook

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