SISTER WIVES Fans Worried about Truely Brown: Is She Okay? Or Is She Sick?

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The Browns will be tested in the next episode with a severe illness–but many fans want to know how Truely is doing now.

UPDATED:  Last night, the extent of Truely Brown’s illness was revealed; TVRuckus has more!

In the most recent episode of SISTER WIVES, fans were horrified to be left hanging with the tease that Kody Brown’s youngest child with wife Christine—three-year-old daughter Truely—was seriously, perhaps fatally, ill. Now, many viewers are searching the Internet for clues of her health, realizing that the episode was taped many weeks before the actual airing on Sunday night, wondering if she could be extremely sick or worse.

TLC, as well as the Browns, are being careful not to give anything away via social media—after all, this is a TV show. But, for fans who are doing a bit of detective work on their own, Twitter may be a source of a clue or two about Truely’s well-being.

On the day the episode in question aired, Kody posted the following tweet on his official Twitter account:

“No crying today. So sorry, next week we will all make up for it. Truely gets deathly ill. #SisterWives”

He was referencing, of course, fans’ comments about all of the tears that typically flow on the episodes (most often these days, it seems, from Meri). And, frankly, although it doesn’t really give any info about his daughter, the tweet seems a bit too flippant for a comment by a dad whose daughter did not bounce back.

Additionally, Kody posted this tweet just yesterday, Tuesday, January 21:

“Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Also, much thanks to all of Truely’s well wishers. I am a blessed man.”

Again, no real information on his daughter, but just the vibe of it gives one the impression that she pulled through the crisis okay, or is at least on the road to recovery.

But, then again, is she?

Before the season began, TLC gave a tease about the upcoming episodes, regarding the state of the Brown family relationships overall. It included this line:

“A death in the family threatens to derail the giant commitment celebration, as the Brown’s try to pull it together for one of the most important days of their lives.”

So, the episode from Sunday reasonably gave anyone who remembered that insight chills when they saw just how stressed and serious the Browns were about young Truely.

But, again, not to be flippant whatsoever, it IS a TV show—and one would hope that the Browns would not consent to their daughter’s demise being used as fodder for ratings.

One never knows what a reality show tease might really bring, but more often than not, the outcome suggested has nothing to do with the actual final result. So, hopefully, that knowledge, along with the recent tweets by Kody, will put viewers’ minds at ease and lead to a positive reveal on Sunday’s all-new episode. In the meantime, we can all keep young Truely in our thoughts, hopes and prayers.

UPDATED:  TLC released a new SNEAK PEAK VIDEO to give fans a bit of an insight on Truely’s condition; see it on TVRuckus!

SISTER WIVES airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c. And, get a preview of episode, “Browns in Crisis,” which will reveal the state of Truely Brown’s health crisis, on TVRuckus.

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  1. One more thing……..Janelle’s mother is married to Kody’s father. Kody’s father passing away impacts more than just Kody and the wives because of that.

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