SISTER WIVES: Did Kody & Christine Do Enough During Truely Brown’s Sickness?

Truely Brown on Sister Wives
Did Christine and Kody pay close enough attention to their daughter’s illness? Or are they to be blamed for it getting to the point of acute kidney failure?

UPDATED:  New SISTER WIVES season begins Sunday, June 8!

SISTER WIVES revealed the state of three-year-old Truely Brown’s health last night, and fans were relieved to find out that young Truely was NOT the death in the family alluded to at the beginning of the season.

According to last night’s episode, Truely had acute kidney failure due to dehydration. The family had previously taken her to see a doctor, who had diagnosed her with the flu, so as far as the Browns were aware, the youngster was not her energetic self for just that reason:  She was getting over the flu. Therefore, it makes sense that the Browns would not immediately be running off to the doctor with their daughter again just because she was lethargic—aren’t we all when we are getting over the flu? So, it seems a bit harsh to slam the Browns for their daughter’s illness.

Really, it could happen to any parent—and, hopefully, we will all have the heart to see and understand that.

There have been a lot of truly venomous comments made about the Browns on the Internet over the years that they have been on the air. But, some of the things out there right now, blaming the Browns for their daughter’s kidney failure? Faulting Kody for taking a nap rather than running to the pediatrician’s office (not the hospital, the pediatrician’s office; he left for the hospital immediately when Christine was told it was that serious and texted the family)? Expecting that the Browns should have understood that their daughter was in the early stages of kidney failure when, apparently, a previous doctor’s examination did not reveal it?

It just seems a lot of guilt to lay on the Browns’—or any parent’s—shoulders.

There is little doubt that, as parents, both Christine and Kody are likely looking back with the clarity of hindsight saying, “Why didn’t I see that?” As human beings, we just tend to do that sort of self-blaming. But, you know, it just doesn’t seem likely that most parents would have done any differently than they did. Kids get sick. Most of the time, it doesn’t end in acute kidney failure. But, sometimes, the differences and degrees of the progression of illnesses are so subtle, it would be the exception, not the rule, for a parent to become convinced that a second trip to the doctor is immediately warranted.

As a television show, SISTER WIVES just gives us an overview of situations, and no doubt it has done so with the Truely Brown illness. Will she have long-term effects? We don’t know. But, harshly judging and condemning the Browns for their parenting skills over the situation as presented—it just doesn’t seem that the Browns did anything that most parents would not have done. They obviously love their children. And, as they indicated themselves, this situation has been something of a wake-up call, bringing them closer together and reminding them not to take each other for granted.

Sometimes we ALL need that.

It was great seeing little Truely playing once again; we send along our prayers that her health continues to flourish, and that the Brown family as a whole finds strength and grows together as a result of this difficult time.

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223 thoughts on “SISTER WIVES: Did Kody & Christine Do Enough During Truely Brown’s Sickness?

  1. I disagree with you. When a child has the flu, one of the most important things a parent can do is keep a watchful eye that she is eating and, especially, drinking enough. Getting fluids is paramount to a healthy recovery. Saying the Browns did enough is not the case. Christine was off filming a silly episode in San Francisco while her “baby” was sick. Then she comes home to a lethargic Truely. Who was in charge? Aspyn? Mykelti? Why should the teenage girls have that much responsibility? Truely’s father should have been watching her. If it were precious Solomon, Kody would have been on top of it, trust me. This child was neglected, it’s obvious.

    • I simply think that is way too harsh, especially to get from the small clip of time we see on the actual airing; really appreciate your point of view, however, Debbie B.

      • we only see a few minutes of what goes on in there lives they can not tell us everything and some kids are very good at hiding the fact they are not eating as much as we want and drinking with 4 kids of my own that have allergies and asthma and one kid that is a very picky eater i see how this could happen they are only human and they love there kids you can tell that and I do not believe
        that it would of been any different if it would of been a different kid!

    • I agree. Everyone knows that the flu most often kills the very young and the very old. It’s a very serious illness for young children and it is vital that they remain hydrated. But that usually requires nagging the child several times an hour to eat a popsicle or take some sips of water. And if you have 17 kids running around, you are not going to be able to do that. Before he sires any more children, Cody should heed the words of Dirty Harry in the movie “Magnum Force” — “A man’s got to know his limitations.”

      • Im sorry to disagree with you. I had 10 children and when my child/children were sick they had every ones attention especially mine!
        True there are people like yourself who would not be able to care for children properly no matter how many there are. But most large families work better, take better care of and love stronger than most!

      • Christine does not have that many children and Aspen and McKelty raised truly especially Aspen and Logan remember when the show first started it was Logan and Aspen getting kids up feeding breakfast getting ready for school Aspen took it the hardest. Christine is air headed pedialyte, popsicles anything she needs to watch

    • I agree Debbie. I’m not into slamming or bad mouthing anyone, but the biggest danger of the flu is dehydration and having so many kids you would think that would be knowledge they acquired. Most of the times children won’t eat with the flu, I know I don’t, but water, or a mixture of water and gateraid will help keep you hydrated. Hopefully this was a wake up call for everyone involved.

    • Sorry but I (respectfully) disagree with you. As a mother of 4, you tend to put your faith in trained professionals and in this case the child WAS taken to the doctor right away and he told her she “only had the flu”. The doctor didn’t give her any indication it was anything other than that and everyone knows that a child that age with the flu will tend to sleep alot and not be their usual energetic self, nor want to eat or drink. Christine became concerned when little Truely didn’t have a fever or seem to be bouncing back and took her BACK to the doctor when things just didn’t seem right…..

      • Tammy
        You are so right!!! They listened to their doctor. My oldest had roto virus and became dehydrated in a matter of 12 hours. I had taken him to the doctor earlier that day.

      • I disagree. I think they are all very important to Kody, Robin is just the newest so of course, it’s NEW. But I don’t think he loves any of his other wives LESS. I think it would have been the same with Soloman.

      • I agree….I think he treats his “real” wife bad…she is going thru a lot with her daughter and only child not beaning at home…Kody has other kids ..she does not….but he treats Robyn like a queen….feel sad for Mary…wish she would leave him…she needs a real man to hold her and be there all the time…not just a few days….ok I am done bitching lol

    • One thing they did that was wrong, was that she should’ve went to the ER not the doctor’s office. They wouldn’t be able to do anything at the doctor’s office anyway.

      • How do you know they couldnt do anything? Ialways take my son to his regular doctor first unless its true life or death as she knows him inside and out. No sense sitting in an ER full of germs for hours to find out you didn’t need to. Get the regular doctor to send you then you bypass all the crap. They did it right as the doctor had just seen her 5 days prior.

      • She did nothing wrong.If the doctors office was open then go there first.That’s the way I did it any my kids are fine.So everyone quit being so mean, she did fine.

    • Christine was in San Francisco before she got sick. Truely got sick the day before they came home from what was said on the show.

    • Agreed. She obviously wasn’t dehydrated at the first doctors appointment or in kidney failure at that point. If she looked as bad at first appt as at second she wouldn’t have been let go. Checking for dehydration at home is fairly simple and something I was always told to look for at home. Mom should have stayed home and cared for her child instead of relying on teens and an in and out hubby. He also should have gotten his butt out of bed and went to the doctor. He’s a parent for heavens sake. Man up!

      • My husband doesn’t go with me when I take my 4 year old in. When kids are sick they tend to want mom and to be honest a mother is going to get to the bottom of what’s going on as she is very protective of her kids. Sorry to the dads out yhere but its how it is in most cases 🙂 Kody did what I’d have my husband doing. I always call him afterward and give him the scoop. No sense in both of us going!

      • Wait- Parents aren’t allowed to sleep?

        Dang it! I’ve been totally screwing this one up. Here I thought that napping during the day when your kids are sick was an intelligent thing to do so you could be up and functional during the night when the fever its worst.

        Guess we’ll all just have to cut out sleep entirely. Once people become parents, they are really just cyborgs, anyway.

        • LOL–good one, Jen. I don’t fault Kody for taking a nap when he got home. Christine was at the pediatrician’s office (and, with an exception here and there, we KNOW that both parents do not typically go to the pediatrician’s office); he was waiting for the results. When he got them, he immediately went to the hospital. I simply do not see the problem with that.

    • I think you should bite you tongue, I worked in the hospital for more than ten years and each and EVERY child behaves differently when ill, to judge someone is wrong, and you shall be judged for your actions/words/thoughts.. If you do not like what they did, walk away and do not watch the show. I have seen far worse cases than this and it was to no fault of the family, it was just how the child responded to an illness, and died, even the ME said the parents would never had know and the multiple visits this child had to the ER and the Pediatrician, no one had see the child was so ill that he would die. So focus on your life and stop judging others.

      • I agree. Who are we to judge? We were not there, we’re not walking in their shoes. When I watched this I did not look at who to blame. I was praying that little Truly was going to be OK. I was relieved to see her home & playing again. You wouldn’t want to be judge so why is it ok to judge others?

      • It’s always easiest to cast judgment and blame on others. Let’s hope all of you who find it acceptable to badmouth truly caring people NEVER have to deal with a tragedy. You’d never be able to live with yourselves!

    • Maybe you should watch again! Kody was in charge! He had all 17 children while the ladies were away!! The children were NOT in charge! I don’t feel that They did anything wrong. They were told she had the flu. That can take WEEKS to get over! So they waited. After 5 days, and the new symptom they took her back to the Dr. I feel they did everything they could!

    • As a mom of 10,( 2 of which were tterminally ill with a rare gentic disease) when a doctor tells you your child will be ok, you tend to believe them. Doctors however can make a mistake. A child can also become dehydrated quickly, even with close parental watch!!!
      I took my daughter to the hospital with something the dr.s thought was felsh eating virus. Well the hospital over dosed her on antibotics amd shut her kidneys down!!! So even under hospitalized care things can happen!
      So lay off and give the Browns some support!!!

      • everyone keeps saying that the doctor didn’t say she was that sick, but I am CERTAIN that the Dr. told Christine to make sure she pushed fluids. The teenage girls did not know that they should be offering Truely fluids, and obviously Christine didn’t tell them. Popcicles, apple juice, water, gatorade, ANYTHING in liquid form. The reason her kidneys shut down was bc no one was pushing fluids on her. It’s pretty simple.

      • The Browns are good parents. Children get sick. No matter how good you watch them things happen. The child was taken for medical help. Kody lost a brother and his father this year. I agree with Deb lay off !!!!

    • Kody seems like an AMAZING DAD. I’m 55 and I wish he were MY FATHER! He seems to truly care about all his children. And the women, they are AWESOME! These kids are lucky to be in an environment where they are well loved and cared for . And what’s more, they KNOW THEY ARE LOVED!

      • Watch how often he’s holding or plays with Solomon, who’s just months older than Truely, versus how little he holds or plays with Truely. Did you watch this weekend’s show? Who’s he riding with on the horse in Wyoming? Why, none other than Solomon himself! He’s the little prince to Truely’s Cinderella–before the fairy godmother worked her magic.

        How can you call Kody and amazing dad? Even if he slept only six hours a night, he’d have only a hair over one hour to spend with each of his 17 kids each day. Add the four moms in and he’s down to about 48 minutes. He’s in over his head.

        p.s. Who got Kody to get off his back on the bed? Why, none other than his favorite wife, Robin, the one who produced the golden child.

    • That’s a little harsh you realy don’t what transpired due to editing-Any child can become sick to deathly sick and you wouldn’t know to it hit you in the face-give em a break thank God Truly is better.

    • YOU are wrong. She took her to the doctor, and he said the flu. She OBVIOUSLY was watching her pretty well, or she wouldn’t have caught that she crossed her eyes. AND she didn’t dismiss THAT as flu, with a baby she could have just been tired, after all, she had the FLU (as far as they knew). She was not neglected. If you watched the show, you would know that the children are the most important thing in the world to them ALL, and no one neglects them. NO ONE. They are loved and very well cared for. SO, have YOU never left your children and gone somewhere with friends or family, leaving your children with their FATHER and college age siblings??? Christine did nothing wrong going to San Francisco, and was right on it when she got back. Soloman is NO MORE precious to Kody than Truley! You are making up your own story for whatever crazy reason. Nothing you have stated is OBVIOUS. Geez, back off and be fair!

      • I am not blaming Christine at all. Read what I wrote again. I said she was in San Francisco filming a silly episode, which, if you don’t know how “reality” TV works, is something the production crew dreamt up, thinking it would be cute to see the four wives, who aren’t that close, go off on a trip together to the sophisticated big city, you know the one that’s just around the corner, at 500 miles away, to shop for dresses for the upcoming commitment ceremony, or whatever they’re calling it, which also sounds dreamt up for TV.

        I am saying that Kody doesn’t have the time to care for all those kids, so the girls have to do it. (And no, I have four kids and never left my husband in charge of them so I could go off on a trip with my friends.)

        p.s. The older girls are minors in high school, not college.

        • Maybe you should do a little more research Aspyn was born in March of 1995 making her just 2 months away from her 19 th birthday. Mariah 6 months from her 19th birthday. Madison 10 month from her 19 th birthday. Mykelti was born in 1996 5 months from her 18 th birthday. At what age are kids responsible enough to help with younger siblings. They didn’t go off with friend’s it was their sister wives. If the show is how they make their money then they will do what they need to to make sure it goes on for a long as it can.

    • Unless you have walked in their shoes you shouldn’t judge. Kidney failure can come on a person fast most people don’t know the are in kidney failure until it’s to late.I know we went through it and yes my father is well now,but the signs are NOT there….Who made you judge and jury, neglect thats a strong word lady. The judge we answer to is much higher than you or me or anyone else….Live and let live and if you have nothing nice to say don’t say nothing it’s really not your call…

    • i agree, that when you child is sick, drinking water or electrolight water is esseancial, any doctor will tell you that, Christene had said she has been like that for 5 days, 5 days is a long time not to be drinking or peeing enoght to notice that there is clearly something is wrong with your child. I am glad that Truly came out ok out of this horrible situation, but the parents are deffinatly responcible for her well beeing!!! I was in shock!

    • I agree totally! The whole time watching this episode I’m saying out loud “why isn’t this girl being taken to the ER”? Why was everything else so important. I feel the parents were neglectful.

    • How come no one noticed she was not going to the bathroom….that is my only question? =( Thank God she is ok! Christine is my favorite and I don’t know how she held together as good as she did through it all. Nap vs sick child…my husband and I both go with to the doctor if our child is that sick. If one forgets a question or something the doctor said the other remembers it….SO WE BOTH GO!

    • sadly I do not think that she was rejected, its the times when these viruses are getting so serious then they have ever been, to say that the child was neglected is just false, I see them as good parents and a family being a family, if you have ever been in a big family you would know that the older siblings do most of the baby sitting and such.

    • You need to rewatch the episode again. Everyone was safe and being looked after by their father. He noticed she wasn’t well and made sure to tell Christine. She was taken to the doctor and diagnosed. Its too bad this happened but with toddlers anything is possible. From all of the episodes I think its clear he doesn’t have favorites. They did what they were supposed to and it turned out as it should. If you are so negative of them stop watching the show! Life is too short to spend it on something you don’t agree with and will then get judgemental about.

    • I have to agree with Debbie B, my now 17yr old had the flu when she was just over 1yr and I can remember staying up all night spoon feeding her pedialyte w/ice in small amts so she wouldnt vomit it back up, so her little system would absorb the fluids. I can specifically remembering the Dr tell me by 6am if she still didnt have a wet diaper to take her to the hospital. But thank God, it worked and she didnt have to go. Sometimes I think there is just to many children and with Christine being gone Kody couldnt handle it. It wasnt the teenagers responsibility to keep an eye on her, it was her Mother’s, she should have been there!

    • Wow, I saw both the episodes and Truely didn’t become sick until the last day they were in San Francisco. In fact they called her and told her about it and she said she was wanting to get back to see her daughter, also Kody stated clearly that while she wasn’t acting her self and seemed ill she wasn’t running a fever and at the time she wasn’t lethargic that happened after Christine came home. they took her to the doctors as soon as Christine got back which was the very next day, so literally the day after she started to act unlike herself and sick. The doctor told them it was the flu. We don’t have any idea what Christine did or didn’t do as far as fluids and food, she did mention that Truely had started refusing both before her eyes went crossed but from how it looked she just wasn’t acting right, seemed ill as the doctor said it was the flu, that made sense for the symptoms that were being seen and as soon as something changed, the crossed, the being lethargic not getting better Christine took her right back to the doctor. I have a four year old and I don’t know that I would have known what to do or how soon I would have panicked or thought something is seriously wrong. We see what is put on the air which is not the entire view of their lives, nor is it enough to base whether how they responded was perfect or not. The point is that family, all of that family obviously loves that little girl and they did what they could to help her get better. Unless you have been in that exact situation (and I my parents and my family were in a similar situation of my sister becoming quite ill. It happened so fast and we responded as quickly as we could but could never have known that my sister had type 1 diabetes and at 7 she almost died. I mean that she was in ICU and the doctor told my parents that if they had brought her in even an hour or two later she might have slipped into a coma, that was the scariest thing I have ever been through. However we didn’t understand what was happening and it happened quickly. She had been sick for a few days like Truely had been then BAM she just seemed to get worse and next thing we knew was she was in ICU.) So again unless you have been in that exact situation and were actually at the Browns house as the events occurred you have no idea what was or wasn’t done in regards of care for Truely. Also I sincerely doubt that if the Peds doctor or the ER doctors felt in any way that neglect happened that they wouldn’t have called CPS because both sets of doctors are mandatory reporters, meaning if neglect or abuse is at all even considered they have to call and have CPS come interview the family. I don’t see obvious signs of neglect not when I see a mother who was home the next day from her trip and she came home and cared for her child.

    • i agree too….when kristine went to san francisco, truely wasnt sick….and yes, we push fluids on our kids when they are sick, but rarely do you get them to consume much..and who really knows how often they did try to get her to drink, they arent going to show that every time….

    • It only became a kidney issue because no adults in her life were making her drink anything!! She was dehydrated because no one could take the time to make sure she was drinking something!

    • As someone here stated, the doctor must have told them to push the fluids, which wasn’t happening, obviously. Also, we have this thing called the Internet today where information is a mouse click away. The Browns seem to have plenty of time to tweet; they also should have time to look up info on WebMD or the Mayo Clinic website.

      Just the few times the camera panned to that poor child, you could see she was waaaay off. She wasn’t lying down but hanging her head. She looked to be in pain but was too drained to cry out. That is not normal behavior even for a child with the flu.

      For people with all these kids, you’d think the Browns would know a thing or two about how a kid with the flu typically acts.

      Here’s something to think about that I found in a NY Times article: “Studies of autopsies have shown that doctors seriously misdiagnose fatal illnesses about 20 percent of the time.” If nothing else, do your homework and if it what a doctor tells you doesn’t sound right, get another opinion.

  2. I think this episode is a jarring reminder of how it is *impossible* for children to get the individual attention they need in a family that is this large. A three year old with the flu is nothing to sneeze at (pardon the pun). A child that age can become dehydrated very quickly. If she was not drinking, then she was not urinating, and a more vigilant parent would have noticed it. Once she went cross-eyed, I thought they were going to run to the ER. I’m not a doctor, but I know enough to know that cross eyes and extreme listlessness mean something neurological is happening. That doesn’t mean the Browns are neglectful or stupid. It means they are overwhelmed. I think that’s really why Robyn took her baby to San Francisco. She said it was because she’s still breastfeeding, but I think it’s because she didn’t trust the Brown teenagers and Cody with her son. And I don’t blame her one bit.
    What bothers me about shows like this and the Duggars show is that it glorifies these large families, but it glosses over the fact that these children are often neglected emotionally and physically, because it is physically impossible to adequately care for that many children. It will be interesting to see what kind of tell-all books these kids end up writing in the next 10-15 years.
    Cody should do everyone a favor and get a vasectomy.

    • LOL–okay, Allistair, could not help but laugh at that last line! You have a point that they are overwhelmed; Kody was definitely overwhelmed when the wives were all off in San Fran. They overwhelm me, and I’m just watching them on TV! But, still, I keep thinking: We only saw a small glimpse of the overall picture, and they had already taken her to the doctor previously, prior to the cross-eyed incident, and were told she was recovering from the flu. The Browns sought the opinion of a professional, and got it. When it became obvious there was more to it, they took her straight to her pediatrician, who sent them to the children’s ER; I just don’t see anything there that most parents would not have done, although you are right: If they were not overwhelmed with so many kids, so much going on, perhaps they would have noticed a little earlier.

      But, to your point on the large families: You’re right, true to reality TV form, they gloss over the bad stuff that doesn’t show well, which is why viewers must always remember: It’s not reality, it’s reality TV.

      Really appreciate your well-thought point-of-view, Allistair!

      • You folks forget that each mother has her own home and does not “gloss over” the care of their children. It isn’t like all the children live in one big house together. Pay attention, and, remember, the show is edited. We probably missed some of the attention regarding Truely’s sickness. Also, she got sick while the mothers were away. Christine did not leave her baby home knowing she was sick.

      • Whether a large family or a small family with both parents working and daycare and school this could happen in any family. There is a hard line to walk when u think ur kid is in need of just rest or an emergency room visit. As a parent I have walked that line and don’t think there is room for the word blame here

      • we saw in actually maybe 40 minutes of air time that was chosen for the public eye to scope of a 9 day hospitalization. What we saw was how a family has to keep going and survive when one member has a tradgedy. Looks like they have a pretty good disaster plan in place. I work in a hospital and in the scope of 12 hours almost dealt with similar outcomes when my 11 year old got sick with mono. kids get sick really fast and even the best eye can not see how severe at times.

      • I have never posted on here, but I do watch the show. I raised my three children and twelve day care children over a twenty year span. ANY time one of the children seemed “out of sorts”or If their appetite was off, out came the popsicles and Pedialye and left for the doc’s office. Truely is three years old! Where was her sippy cup? We live in a desert environment also and all of my kiddos had something to drink at all times. I love the show, but I really feel that someone dropped the ball with this situation.

      • But with all them kids would that be more eyes and ears. You acted Like Kody was left at home with 10 toddlers to take care of. Truely was almost 4. The next oldest was Breanna who was 8 the rest were older. The 3 oldest girls Aspyn, Mariah and Madison were 18 almost 19. Mykelti was 17 almost 18. Gwendolyn was 12 the other 10 were older. So their was 11 kids over the age of 12. In some states 12 years can stay by themselves or watch younger siblings

    • I agree they do not need anymore kids, Cody should man up and get himself a vasectomy……. I think Christine did what she should have done & while she was away Cody knew the baby wasn’t well he should have taken her to the doctor that was the very least he should have done. Instead he waited and Christine had to get her to the doctor when she got home & then to the hospital while Cody was taking a nap…. Come on Cody man up……

      • Kody had taken her to the doctor. The time Christine had taken her was the second time. Plus as a mom of a 4 year old I can tell you that I always go not my husband. Sorry to the dads out there but sick kids usually want mom. Also moms tend to know more about what to say to the doctors and such, at least that’s how it is in my house.

    • I agree with Allistair. The way I feel is there is not enough Kody to go around. Somebody is not going to get attention that they deserve from their Dad, there are just to many of them.
      I do love the sister wives, they seemed to be honest and opened and I like that. They seem to get along pretty well too, considering. but sometimes I think Kody is a whiner and I don’t see how they find that in the least bit attractive! If it works for them go on, but I would really worry about the future as these women get older. Time will tell , I guess. I wouldn’t mind being friends, coworkers or neighbors of these woman. I think they would be a hoot!!

    • This is so not the case they have their own children. They all of their own mom’s. It isn’t like there are 17 children with one set of parents.

      Meri only has one child
      Robyn only has 4 children and only 1 is Kody’s (so technically he only has 14 children not 17)
      Christine has 6 Children
      Jenelle has 6 Children

      Parents have way more than 6 children each and are capable of giving their children enough attention. These children get more attention with 5 parents than the avg. family.

    • Allistair
      I am a mother of 10 and I know each one of my children better than most parents with 2!!!! I am with my children more than most parents. 2 of my 10 were terminally ill. I was right there with them for any hospital stays with 9 other children at home with my husband, while my ex their (my two that were terminal)biofather came to see them 1 time for a two week hospital stay (oh and he only had 1 at home). I cant stand when people talk about large families. How many do you really know? ??? Maybe you should step down from your high horse and get to know some. My family and the other large families I know all work together, the children are well behaved, reapectful, loved, cherished.
      Dont speak about things you dont know!

      • Deb, I’ve been reading your responses and while I’m sure you love your children every bit as much as you say you do, it seems you are bitter against those who either disagree with the large family dynamic or maybe don’t have as many kids as you do. I’m sure you’ve been criticized a lot for your family size, but the ignorance and prejudice works both ways. There are parents with one or two kids who know their limits and do a phenomenal job. Not all small families are bad or dysfunctional ( I know you didn’t state that they were, I’m just sayin’). If you’re secure in your choice to birth 10 children, you don’t have to be so defensive when someone says something about large families that you don’t agree with.

    • Allistair, I agree. Cody acts like quite the stud. And all these women just blow my mind fawning over his attention. Especially, since the only one he truly “loves” is very apparently Robin. And I believe she knows she’s in the #1 spot. She seems to tread very lightly around Meri. Suck up, whatever you want to call it. I just don’t get it. Probably never will. I would/could never share my husband. It’s not natural. And for anyone to think these women aren’t jealous of each other, has obviously never watched. I can’t keep from it. It’s like watching a train wreck. Can not turn away. LOL

    • Very true .it is just plain worry to have all this wives and all those children .That’s why they don’t pay attention to the one’s that is sick .and for all you people praises Kody and all his wives read the ten commandments. And pray for forgive .I am not judge that is my opinion. I believe in Jesus Christ .he is the one that is going to judge.

      • If you are going to pull out the Ten Commandments at least get it right. God actually gave Moses 613 commandments. If you are Jewish you are expected to try to fulfill these. If you are not Jewish, you are expected to follow the Seven Nohadie Laws. None of these define marriage. If you study the Hebrew “Bible” you will find no definition of marriage. Without a definition look at the life of King David, how many wives and concubines did he have? Not to mention many other “Biblical” men. If you study history you will find many polygamous relationships. Monogamy may be a cultural norm in the US but it does not make it the only acceptable form of marriage. We Americans can be so pompous.

    • yes, but unlike the browns the dugger’s are always on top of any illiness that their children have.While I don’t think kody and christine are bad parents I do think that kody should have been watching her more closely especially since he was the adult in charge. I also think that robin is his favorite wife.I feel so sorry for meri while the others have more then one child meri only has the one and is left out of a lot of things the others do.I feel that meri is my favorite.

    • As the daughter of a father who was one of ten, I couldn’t disagree more. There are plenty of large families where the children count their siblings as the blessings they are.

      I am sorry if this sounds ride, but you really shouldn’t make comments like that unless you are from a large family yourself.

    • REALLY still breastfeeding a 27 month old. Yes Solomon was 2 years and 3 months old. Robyn didn’t trust Kody and the girls to take care of his son but she left her 3 other kids from another man with him while she was away. Makes no sense to me. How do you marry and then have kids with some one you don’t trust to take care of them. Do some research the 3 oldest girls Aspyn, Mariah and Madison were almost 19. Making Mykelti almost 18. Truely was 3 months from her 4 th birthday. The next youngest was Breanna who was 8. Their were 11 kids over the age of 12 in that house. Gwendlyn, Gabriel, Dayton, Garrison, Pardon, Hunter, Mykelti, Madison, Mariah, Aspyn and Logan. Gwendly was 12 the rest were older. In some states a 12 year old can stay home alone or can watch younger siblings. You act like he was home with about 10 toddlers by himself. At what age are children reasonable enough to help witj younger siblings. Children younger than 19 have had babies. I have 3 kids none of them acted the same when they were sick. We do as parents tend to put our faith in doctors

    • They were definitely neglectful, Baby Truly came close to death because of total neglect. When my kids were sick I never thought twice about taking them to the Dr two days in a row if I saw no improvement… I love this show but last nights episode showed me how to many children in one family is just plain stupid.. its really impossible to care for 17 kids. What about the little girl who cut her foot? She had no shoes on, who was watching her outside? I was terribly disappointed in the Browns in this episode.

      • Really your kids NEVER played out side barefooted….I can’y count how many times my 2 have kicked their shoes off while they were growing up and stubbed a toe…It is a part of growing up. You can not expect parents to keep their kids in bubbles…they are going to fall down, stubb toes, get bee stings..just as I did as a child…We cant prevent this.

      • When I was a kid we were barefoot all the time! The Browns are doing an amazing job as their kids are normal and doing what all kids do. Makes me wish I had a big family.

    • It could happen to anybody? Nope, I’m not buying it. It might happen to first-time parents or parents of a couple kids. But a father of a dozen and a half kids should have been more aware of the signs. Instead, he napped and waited until Christine got home from the trip to deal with that poor baby.

  3. Really? They took her to the Dr. The Dr said she was fine and just had the flu. I don’t know what your kids act like when they are sick, but mine is pretty lethargic. Truely is a tiny little thing. It wouldn’t take long at all for her to get dehydrated. She could have been drinking fine earlier and then stopped. We all know how kids are if we have them. My daughter was dehydrated during the summer and I was MAKING her drink before she went to karate. It was hot and she didn’t keep up. I had NO idea. I watched her drink, I handed her water in her bottle to take to karate. Those who are perfect, let them cast the first stone! Please! This family loves each other immensely. No one could have predicted this. It’s not bad parenting. It’s life.

    • They love each other immensely? Maybe you should read the book they wrote. Meri is a spiteful b**** who was outwardly mean to Janelle. Janelle and Christina took care of each other’s kids while Meri had little to do with them. Read their story. They’re more screwed up than you know. Also, Janelle and Christina were on welfare for many years. If Kody can’t afford to have all these wives and children, he shouldn’t have “married” them.

  4. I just want to say my oldest had the flu I took her to the Dr and they told me if she eats 1 popsicle a day she would not get dehydrated. Well 2 days later she was in the hospital with iv fluids. Every child is different. And as far as I go. Rest is number 1. Don’t bash the Browns. They did right and took her to the dr. S*** happens. Grow up. This could happen to your child and would you like people bashing your parenting skills because your perfect. No. So stop.

    • What is the name of the doctor that told you one Popsicle a day is enough for a child with a fever? That’s not even enough for a healthy child to take in in one day. Shame on him or her! He or she should be reprimanded. That’s borderline malpractice.

  5. Holy some people… can be so judgemental these days!!! I definitely can’t believe it!! How where the Browns to know that Truly was that sick when the Dr didn’t know? Not only were the parents keeping an eye on her but the older siblings where as well! I think that if you are going to start judging parents maybe you should stop and take a look at your own family’s issues…Have you ever had a health scare? Have any of your family’s members have a health scare? Better yet have you ever been missed diagnosed? Moral of the story is there is no particular person at fault in this situation because of Truly’s situation…Have compassion for people, before you start judging them!!! And Christine, Cody, Robin, Mary, and Janelle, I’m glad that Truly is doing good with your family and I love watching you guys every week 🙂

  6. From what I understand Truley was not sick when the ladies went to San Fransisco so Christine did not leave her sick child to go out of town. Give them a break! As a mom, if my pediatrician told me my kid has the flu I would give it a few days before I ran to the ER as most mothers would. They did nothing wrong and I think it was a great reminder for all of us to try to keep our kids hydrated when they are sick. I think we are too quick to judge as we were not there and we do not know the whole story.

  7. I do think the show was edited to look like Truely recieved inadequate care. I even wonder if it was done on purpose to stir up controversy. One thing I’ve heard from several sources about Warren Jeffs sect of polygamy is that it is very hard for mothers to be allowed to seek medical attention for their kids. Kids get deathly ill before being taken in. There is also the issue of whether the kids even have medical coverage and whether that might make a parent less likely to seek prompt care. In this day and age, if the doctors had suspected medical neglect, there would have been a DCFS investigation and it would have been splattered all over the tabloids.

    • I didn’t get that all. I think they did a great job at showing what happens in a normal family as they’re normal! Please don’t bring up Warren Jeffs in this as they are nothing like him and his horrible rulings. This is an amazing family with a lot of love that wants acceptance. This should show how far removed they are from the stereotype that we all once saw. Kody took Truely to the doctor right away and the Christine did again so I’m sure that shows they use doctors. Also Mary and Robyn both stated that if the doctor sent her to the ER then it was serious as they trust him.


  9. kind of strange , none of the other kids got the “flu” from Truely? that in itself makes me wonder if it was the flu? maybe she just was dehydrated. its easy to get that way in Vegas. no one was watching her closely enough though, and I don’t think she was sick before her mom left for vacation in SF. I don’t really think you can blame anyone….its the Dr. who should have been more aware the first time she went. Thankfully, she is ok, and will remain so. The little ones should have all went with their moms.

  10. My Goodness, No judgement here….they are doing the best they can as any other parent should. No way you can even give an opinion on the small tid bits we see on television….god is good and his will will be done and Truely is on the mend. Amen.
    (I think they aired the episode as a reminder to parents to be watchful and educated on the possibilities…I know for myself I learned allot from that little bit of information.)

      • no, sorry you are wrong. She went and showered and was brushing her hair when she said they told her that her daughters eyes went crossed

    • Since she was going to the doctors office I’m sure she had to wait until her given appointment time. She did what anyone would do. I would have to and didn’t know until this episode that crossed eyes could mean anything bad. That can happen when kids get overly tired and sometimes they do it just because.

  11. We also need to remember what we see is only a small edited portion of the situation. We do not know what all Christine did to take care of Truely when cameras weren’t rolling. Also, the other girls are plenty old enough to take charge, and Christine was aware Truly was Ill, and at that time there was no reason to panic.
    All if us parents question ourselves constantly if we are doing the right thing.
    My youngest used to complain of a stomach ache quite often over the course if a year or so, but no fever or anything else going on. Usually by afternoon he would be better… I figured he was faking just to skip school. Till one night when he was 12, he had a raging fever and belly pain. We went to hospital, Acute appendicutis! Surgery right away. Doctor told me his appendix loaded with scar tissue. He had had attacks before. Made me feel like worse mother in the world. All those belly aches… were attacks..

  12. Wow. This could’ve happened to anyone, regardless of how many kids they have. My son had kidney issues, a five hour surgery to correct this and an infection after. I kept vigil over the child, did everything I was told to do. Still he developed the infection and ended up back in the hospital. I don’t believe it is for us to judge.

  13. I am so happy Truly is better.. I do believe if Christine new her child was going to be sick she would have not left to go to San Fransisco. Aspen is old enough to babysit and she had her father there with her. We only see 1 hour a week of their lives so really don’t know whats going on and we see what the producers want us to see. I really like the Browns and their lifestyle and I am not their Judge.. Rock on Brown Family and God bless ya

  14. One child or seventeen, all children react differently to illness. Truely appears as a quiet child and just maybe the Browns saw her reacting the way she normally does when she is ill. Christine did the right thing in taking her to the doctor and then on to the hospital. Christine did this with clear-headedness and the right thing for her child at the time. She did not overly alarmed the family before she knew what they were dealing with. Kody did exactly what he should have, he went immediately to hospital once he was apprised of the situation.
    Clear heads and composure was the best thing to be done for Truely. I love the Browns and how they are with their family. The teenagers are mature and have been taught how to be adults. Some could take lessons on how these children are raised.

    • I can’t even be very nice about this because my tolerance for ignorance is at an all time low. I am so tired of people that think they are better than others and never have a nice word to say. I think all these people need to take a page from the Brown Family Values, even when people give them grief for being polygamist they don’t speak poorly of those people.

      We don’t know the entire story about Truely. We know the 40 mins or so that they show us on TV. I have raised 4 children and can tell you by the time you get to baby 4 you have some experience with how your children behave when they are ill. I don’t run to the dr. every time my kid sneezes. So it is not unreasonable for Christine to think that Truely was suffering a minor illness. AND Christine DID take her daughter to the Dr. when she felt that her baby had enough time to recover and should be getting better. I can not say for sure because I am not Christine but I feel safe saying that I am pretty sure she wouldn’t intentionally allow her child to go 5 days before bringing her to see the Dr. if she felt she was that ill.

      AND …. my husband never goes with me to the Dr.’s office. Why should Kody? because they are on TV?

      I know that with the internet it gives people more access to voice opinions (and that’s fine) but this poor family is always being beat up verbally by haters. Why because they don’t fit into some neat little box of someone’s idea of a family?

      When did our society get so bad that we will bash a family that only want to live their lives, raise their children in loving homes and think it’s acceptable to glance over families that raise their kids without morals, rules, or respect for anyone because they fit into the typical American family box.

      Just because this family made the choice to go public and show that polygamists are not all like Warren Jeffs idea of the FLDS church, I think that they should be praised for their bravery to stand tall and say hey world look at us we are not abused and we are a normal family but with 4 moms.

      Let’s let the Brown’s live their lives and focus all this negativity on things that matter. Things that are truly important like kid’s shooting up their schools, or the huge meth problem going on in this country.

      • Speaking of ignorance, Darlene, everything isn’t as hunky-dory as you think–or what you’re shown on TV. There’s a lot of turmoil between the women. Read their book. The Browns’ (and the Jeffs’, for that matter) lifestyle is one that doesn’t work in today’s society. Maybe it did once upon a time in the sexist LDS/FLDS church, where the man ruled the roost and people owned huge plots of land so the more hands to toil the soil the better. But it’s passé in today’s suburban gender-equal America. Both Christine and Janelle, for instance, were on welfare for years because they couldn’t afford to raise their children, as Kody is not their legal husband. Legal or not, he couldn’t provide for them. And if he can’t provide for so many wives and so many children, why does he continue to bring in another wife (Robin) and spawn even more children (Truely, Solomon?), as well as take in Robin’s three kids?

        So, before you start painting a picture of daisies and ponies, let’s look at the facts. The Browns can barely afford the houses they’re in. And if the show folds, they will not be able to afford those homes. Plus, why does Meri, who no longer has even one kid at home, need a McMansion? Why couldn’t she and her favorite sister wife, the one she brought into the flock to give her an ally against Christine and Janelle, share a house? Meri’s a spoiled brat and she’s raised a spoiled brat who thinks she deserves to go to a school that costs $30,000 while her semi-brother, Janelle’s son, has to attend the local public school. If the Browns would just live their own lives without looking for a handout (public assistance) then fine. But none of these people has the brains or the determination to make it on their own without either public aid or pimping themselves and their kids out on a national TV show.

    • But don’t you think that a family with that many children would have known better? If you have had 14 kids to care for over the years (three are Robin’s from another marriage and therefore hadn’t been in the family when they were babies), don’t you think you would know what is the normal appearance for a kid with the flu? Or, the opposite of that, wouldn’t you know when something isn’t right? Like, maybe Savannah or Paedon or someone looked like that once and s/he was dehydrated? Truely wasn’t being forced to drink, which is obvious. If she refuses water or electrolytes, then get her to a doctor again or at least follow-up with the doctor, but don’t let it get to the point of needing to hospitalize the poor child. Kody waited for Christine to come home and deal with the situation. He should have taken action.

      • I believe they said Kody did take her to the doctor. So when Christina came home she took her again. A child that small can become dehydration in just a few hours. Doesn’t it seem odd that if Truely had the flu that no one else got it from her. Usually when someone gets sick it goes around. I have a 21 month old he got sick gave it to me I gave it to my husband then the baby got it again. I wonder if Truely wasn’t dehydration from the bening and it was misdiagnosed. As a mom of 3 my kids never acted the same when they were sick. So to think all these kids are the same is ridiculous. My oldest when from normal to a fever in a few minutes. You would think his fever would go up a little at a time. But no not him now the other 2 did. Kids that are sick do tend to want mommy. That was one thing they all had in common they all wanted mommy when they were sick. They also didn’t want to eat or drink. Just remember the last time you were sick you didn’t want to eat or drink you just wanted to be left alone. I know I did. Kids are the same way. But we have to remember because they are smaller they will get sicker faster. My 21 month old was sick a few months back. I took him to the ER they said it was an upper respiratory infection. She said he should be better In 3 or 4 days and to push fluids. In a matter of less than 12 hours he was dehydrated. We don’t know how much Truely was drinking or wetting the show didn’t say. We also have to remember it is edited. We did see what Christina was doing or not doing. I think this was done for rating.

  15. I agree that they did the right thing by taking truley to the drs when they noticed she was not feeling well. But I highly doubt the DR looked over kidney issues, she may not have been dehydrated at that time. It takes very little for a child that small to become dehydrated and very Ill. Personally I do not think people are educated enough on serious illnesses such as the flu and the harm it can do to a child. I honestly believe aspyn was a bit more concerned about truley then kody. He seemed to have shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Once she started acting “not normal” he should have known that she needed to see a dr ASAP. That’s just my personal opinion.

  16. I am happy that Truly Brown is better..I do believe that Christine would have not left for San Fransisco if she new her daughter was going to get sick. This could have happen to anyone. I am no Judge or Jury, and do believe Christine is a good mother to her children. Her daughter Aspen seems like a very responcible daughter and older sibling. We only see their lives d1 hour of a week. I do support the Brown family.. Rock on Brown Family!! I do support your lifestyle who am I to judge. God bless ya

  17. I love this family I know how they feel some people can say that they waited to long but I’ve been there my son did the same thing and was in the hospital for 10 days I also went to his doctor they told me the same thing till he got so bad that I took him the the ER he would had his cup in his hand drinking some so I did not know some of u haven’t been there so you don’t know how it is I believe they did all the right things kids get sick when the doctor tells u one thing u believe him he is a doctor!!! There is all ways going to be people out there that has never been in there shoes but they all ways have something bad to say who cares what u think do you really believe they are reading your comments they don’t care they are good people and they will keep living the way they want to just like you are!!!

  18. I do not believe the Brown’s are to blame.. Truly was misdiagnosed at her Pediatrician.. That can and has happened to a lot of us parents. Having to take a second or even a third trip to the Doctor because my child is not getting any better. In this case, Christine jumped and took Truely as soon as she saw something odd. Something that should not be happening while recovering. Children take a while to recover. But I do agree that christine should’ve tried a bit harder to give Truely more liquids. Because as we all know, we need to rehydrate to recover quicker.

  19. I was a lil disappointed in the fact that the fist part of the show was about the recommitment ceremony – and not Truley. I have no doubt that they love their children and they are great parents and I love then it’s just a lil irritating some of the priorities –/// like can’t send Mari’s daughter to Westminster college because of costs – YET THE CAN SPEND ALL KINDS OF MONEY ON A RE COMMITMENT CEREMONY ?! College is far more important …. I’m not criticizing I’m just making my own observations . Because like I said I really do like them , I watch them every week.

  20. All I have to say to this…is my uncle had renal failure. BUT…before he was finally diagnosed with RF, he went to the Dr’s multiple times and was continuously told he had the flu! Prior to becoming sick, he was a very healthy individual, had 0% body fat…and was very active. He lost his battle in 2002, and will forever be missed. (due to heart complications, caused by the RF)
    So, with above said…maybe there was nothing that could have been done to change this, and I do not for one second believe the Brown family should be blamed, or treated as they are. You people should be ashamed of yourselves. They have a sick child…let’s focus on sending them positive, reassuring words that little Truely will have a full recovory!

  21. My 31 year old husband went into kidney failure from a stomach virus over a 6 hour period of time. He went to the hospital for stomach cramps and the hopes of some anti nausea meds. We had no clue anything was wrong with his kidneys until they ran routine bloodwork – even the Dr was shocked. Shame on anyone who judges these parents without having been there first hand.

  22. Good grief, these are lay people not health care professionals. The doctor told them it was the flu; since the doctor thought it was the flu why should they think otherwise? We had a two year old who had the “flu” and ended up in a coma within hours. He was dehydrated and his blood sugar crashed. I worked in health care and my husband was a medical student. It was actually a resident, not an attending physician, that figured it out. Quit blaming the parents!

  23. we have had the flu here many times and i have to make my kids drink even myself for the same reason, he did no harm and sh did go to the doctors but the doctors didn’t see it either, judge not! Were not to judge anyone anyways, if it got any worse he would of taken her asap back! I don’t blame him or any of them, he’s not the one caring for them 24/7 like the moms do. Or he would of done something faster but I say good job you did get her to the doctors like you should of and if the doctors didn’t see it how was he to see it?

  24. My great-aunt had 12 kids and often had her nieces and nephews that would have brought the level up to 20 kids at a time during summer. Not only did they all survive but they all talk about how wonderful their childhood was growing up with her. I believe that the Browns kids have more care than most children. Look at all the hands that are there to help in a time of crisis. I grew up with my parents, my sister who was twelve years older, and my granny. Living 1 block away: my Grandmother and aunt and across the street my other aunt and uncle. I was very, very cared for as were my cousins. The producers only show what will make the best ratings.

  25. Patty, I totally agree with you. Talk about a bunch of judgmental hypocrites. Truely’s illness wasn’t anybody’s fault. Children get sick and some dehydrate quicker than others. She’d been to the pediatrician’s. If the doctor didn’t pick up her kidney problem, how in the heck do you think a parent should have? As parents we trust our physician’s or we wouldn’t be taking our children to them to start with. I raised 3 children, two with asthma and allergy problems. My daughter had pneumonia 5 times before she was 18 months old. I suppose that was my fault??? No, it took that long to diagnose her asthma. The only symptom she ever had was a low grade fever and she seemed a little out of sorts. No cold, no coughing, no nothing. How was I supposed to know she had asthma when the doctor’s didn’t? It took that long to diagnose her. Anyway, in my humble opinion, as my grandmother used to say, if you don’t have anything kind to say, don’t say anything at all.

  26. I agree with you. They did everything a normal parent would do. 3 year olds are hard to judge and can go from one extreme to the other. They are a very loving family and instead of judging what you think they should’ve done instead be happy that Truely is home safe. We only see an hour a week that covered a 7-9 day span so one shouldn’t assume what they did or didn’t do. Its not a lifestyle I would select but I think they’re awesome. It makes me wish I wasn’t the jealous type as I’d love to have a sister-wife to back me up or lean on 🙂 Thanks for the article it was well done!

  27. I have a son who was 5 weeks old, I took to the ER twice one weekend only to be told he had a stomach virus and give him pediasure even though I told them he had projectile vomiting. Monday morning called the pediatrician first thing and low and behold he had pyloric stenosis and his kidneys were shutting down, he had to have emergency surgery to save his life. He crashed and they had to revive him in the elevator. Now don’t blame those parents. I know personally ER personnel and they can screw up and almost cost me my sons life. I knew something was seriously wrong and they would not listen.

  28. While I love this show and the Browns, I have to wonder if they really did everything they could. When my sons were truely’s age and were sick they were all over me, wanting to be held and comforted. I also knew how important it was to make sure they drank and counted wet diapers. I know they didn’t show any of this and the attitude that seemed to be displayed on the show was a little neglectful for some one so young. It also didn’t seem to be super intelligent to let your teenage daughter watch over her sick sister. Christine said that aspyn had seen truely’s eyes cross several times, would a teenager know that is dangerous?

  29. I think all the people who talk bad about the Brown’s for this incident have never dealt with something like this. My Cousin has “only” two children and her 3 year old had pneumonia last year just as bad as Truely had her kidney failure. It was the same thing. She got sick with a cold/flu and they went to the the doctor who told them it was okay and to watch and see, like they always do at that point. There is nothing you can do in that in between time but rest and drink. It got worse and at one night my cousins kid wheezed so bad that they went to the ER where they sent her to the Childrens hospital in an ambulance and she stayed in the ICU for 10 days. She came home fine and is great now. But it can happen very quickly and it is nobody’s fault.
    In the show we only see part and glimpses of their life and Truely only got sick when the women were away. She was not sick before they left. I dont think Christine should have rushed back from the trip just because one of her kids got a cold. They were only away a weekend, not a whole week! And we dont really know how she cared for her little girl when she was back. They are not going to show what happens 24/7. So to say it was their fault Truely got that sick is really rude and vicious!
    And it is not like with the Duggers where there is only one mom and one dad for all the kids. The Browns have 4 moms and only Christine and Janelle have 6 kids. I bet there are many other single moms out there in the USA who have several kids and do just fine without anybody’s support. But this Borwn family they have support in each other. Many of the teenagers are old enough to help with everything, like they do. Even Logan came home to help out. We have not seen him for a long time. Aspyn is doing an awesome job helping her mom. There are many teenagers in the USA who have to help and do it just as well as the Brown teenagers. They are not 13 or 16, they are going to college, they are old enough. And it is not like the rest of the “little” kids are really little anymore. Most of them dont need mommys attention the whole time anymore. They are fine. You people also need to look at what those kids learn in that family. They are responsible, helpful, independent children who are tolerant, care for each other and have manners. They learn to watch out for each other instead of ignoring each other.
    Give them a break, yes, they are not perfect, but then who is and how boring would that be!!! Its easy to sit in your living room and watch and judge…

  30. I agree with them I am a very good mother I would have kept them home too. My husband never goes to the er with me unless it’s a huge emergency.

    • Judy, you were not censored; your comment was left intact; we just removed your f-bomb. We appreciate everyone’s right to an opinion, but will not tolerate vulgar or abusive language. Period.

  31. I haven’t been able to watch for awhile because of no cable, but it seems after reading this article, they did everything they could by taking her to the pediatrician twice. I’d much rather take my child to her PCP then spend extra money (in some cases thousands of dollars) on an ER visit that may or may not be necessary. If she requires hospitalization, then the PCP will then refer the patient to the hospital. My daughter had a low grade fever for several days, I took her to the doctor’s office on the second day, and yet I was told she was fine and there was nothing wrong with her, despite her fever. She finally stopped running a fever a few days later, and was fine going back to school without medication of any kind. If a doctor says they have the flu, it can take two, sometimes three weeks to fully recover. They did their due diligence it seems. Lay off!

    On another note, tell the Brown family I’m sorry for the loss of Kody’s dad. I remember seeing something briefly about it, and wasn’t sure if this was the loss they were referring to.

  32. I myself as an adult had a sickness and did not know I was in renal failure. I knew it was getting to the point I needed to go to the hospital because it was 5 days I was sick. People are to quick to judge people before they know all the facts. The Browns love all their children and I am sure if they knew it was something serious they would have rushed her to the hospital immediately. The pediatrician should have caught that so it you want to blame anyone blame the Dr.

  33. We can all pass judgment; but none of us were there to really know the dynamics of what was happening or how fast it happened. As parents we all sometimes in hind sight look back and say “why didn’t I see that”.? “I should have known better”.

    As a parent; however if my daughter’s eyes were rolling back into her head or she was going cross eyed; I probably would have skipped the doctor and went straight to the ER because that is definitely a sign that something is wrong.

  34. I am the single mom to 4 kids and I know, without a doubt that DAILY, I’m watching what my kids are taking in and putting out, especially the youngest, who is 2. (the older ones I am making sure they’re frequenting the bathroom and make sure they’re not getting constipated but not actually looking AT their output, if that makes sense, since they’re older) I check the color of my youngest pee in her potty every time she goes and make sure it’s not too dark. I have no problem at all pestering her to eat jell-o, popscicles, drink water, juice or any other hydrating drink to make sure her pee is next to what is as clear as possible. Accidents can happen and people can overlook stuff like this, but hopefully going forward, they know what to look for and can do so with diligence so this does not occur ever again. The young ones (Truely’s age or thereabouts) cannot tell the parents when they’re having heart palpitations from the dehydration or that heaviness in their chest because they simply lack the communication abilities to do so. A parent’s job is to be the eyes and ears (and ultimately the spokesperson) for their babies. I am sure the Brown’s are beating themselves up enough about this situation. A lot of families are very lackadaisical about things, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it negligence. I am confident that this was enough of a scare for them to change things up a bit on how they work.

  35. I believe that it was just an unfortunate and very unusual side affect of the flu or virus with dehydration. When you have multiple children such as Christine does (6) you could easily miss the fact she had not been urinating especially if she is potty trained and goes on her own. Also as far as Kody when you have I dunno 14 or more kids you may not run each one to the ER when they act lethargic. The minute she, Christine, knew the toddler was listless she took her straight to the doctor. She did not realize the more serious issue of kidney failure as the pediatrician also did not until sent to the ER for further testing. I think they were appropriate. In a large family the family does not over react because they are very seasoned as parents. I think to be harsh to this family is mean and I have noticed that not just here but on many comments sections of stories people really like being cruel. Bless all those children as life is hard enough without people probing their parents all the time.

  36. My main issue was that they didn’t know going cross-eyed was a medical emergency. HELLO! That’s concerning to say the least. You don’t have to be a medical professional to know neurological changes like that are serious business.

    My brother woke up cross-eyed with blood coming from his ear one morning. Turns out he had a Chiari malformation–a condition where the skull crushes the brain. We never went to the doctor or hospital as kids, but my mom wasted no time in getting him there that day.

    Christine seemed very…ditzy…during the whole situation. The daughter who was like, “this seems more serious than they think” was absolutely right. I know we all handle crises differently but it just seemed weird. If you’re going to have 17 kids you need to know how to handle–or at least identify–a medical emergency.

  37. I think it’s it’s fantastic that so many perfect people now have a place to come and give their opinion. Don’t any of you have anything better to do than sit around in judgement of other people? The Brown’s are fantastic, and 1/2 of your lives couldn’t come close to what they’ve built for themselves. Seriously, go find something else to pass your time instead of sitting around all day, reading news and giving your judgemental, spiteful opinion…like maybe get up and look in the mirror and ask yourself how perfect a parent or human being you are.

    Have a nice night.

  38. God I would love to be as amazing as you parents on here that think you are Mary the mother of all Mothers I am a parent and as a parent I know there are no perfect parent and how people choose to parent is no one business and should not be up for judgement if you do not like them I got it do not watch it there might be an idea oh and by the way They do not have many kids What 4 or 5 alot of people have 4 or 5 and everyone has there 17 and 18 year olds babysit

  39. I am so relieved she’s ok! Loved the response of everyone involved. I think everyone reacted just as they should have. Christine got the support she needed at home and the hospital. I love this family and their ability to be so open and honest. God blessed them and I pray He will continue to do so!

  40. I always love seeing how many people are going to talk smack about others when they are not in their shoes. Dehydration may be the biggest issue with the flue but it is very easy for a child to become dehydrated and as a mother of a child with cancer I have seen this first hand even though I pushed the water. The thing that everyone needs to remember is we see clips mashed up into an hour once a week and a lot goes on in a twenty four hour period. There is always more than meets the eye so let’s pass judgement on a family who went through probably the scariest thing they will ever have to go through and pray that you never turn your back on your child and something happens. It is so easy to point the finger and say your doing it wrong but just remember there are three fingers pointing back at you so your not perfect but because they are reality stars we are going to judge. Kody and his family love their children All of their children they are well taken care of and that is obvious. Do the teens have to help of course but that’s how it is in any family was in mind and I was 1 of 3.I hope nobody has to feel the fear and pain they felt during that time as I have felt for the last seven years my child has been fighting cancer. I hope none of you have to feel the pain of losing a child that I have watched so many parents have to suffer. We wonder why the world is so messed up its because everyone is too busy judging and trying to fix everyone else when they should be fixing themselves!

  41. I do believe that if the was not a plural marriage family people would not be coming down on them with their nasty, hurtful opinions. That is what most people judge them by and they are just like any other family. They all have lives, they all get sick, and they all love each other. Quit judging and let them live their lives. I love watching the show every week. My heart was breaking for them. So glad that everything turned out well.

  42. thank you!! I agree. and Aspen and the other family members were all watching after each other. They knew Truly wasn’t feeling good so they kept an eye on her. if they weren’t paying attention then they wouldn’t have contacted Kristine telling her of her condition. and as 3 year olds go, when theyre at home playing with their siblings, one doesn’t have an eye on them constantly, so how would they have known if she was eating or drinking? like they said she was getting over the flu. and also when people are sick they don’t wanna do anything! they just saw a really lethargic girls nd did what any parent would do. took her to the doctor. at least when they took her there the doctor was smart enough to realize what condition could have been taking place and advise them keeping her there. er care right away was what happened and in the long run, truly saved truely’s life. and people have been bad mouthing this show and this family for years. of course they’re going ot see like 5 minutes of an episode, bash it and blame them for everything. have the browns watch YOUR life on tv and see if they don’t do the same thing to you with your mouth shut. I dare you! Till then, why not all you haters just watch your own children, your own family and watch over yourself before judging another family and their life.

      • Yes, but everyone is forgetting that even with the flu you MUST take in fluids. 3 days without and you are in big trouble. I can understand letting a virus run its course but not monitoring fluid intake is neglect. The fact that Christine went out flower & cake shopping is very upsetting. I realize she has a lot going, but the real deal is Christine, & Janelle are single parents with no help from Kody. I watched one of Kody’s boys walk right past him & Kody said hi and the kid kept walking with no reply. How sad for these kids. The only attention any kid gets from Kody is Solomon.

        These people are not Christians, they make a mockery of religion, and having a fortune teller at a party is more proof that these people are dark.

        • To the petson talking about Kody’s son walking by and not responding do you have junior high or high schoolers? Most do ignore their parents especially boys. My 10 year nephew is just like that so maybe think of that instead of making it to be Kody being a bad parent.

          • Yes, Nicole; “reasonable” and “sociable” aren’t often associated w/ teens/preteens and their relationship with their parents! If I remember correctly, I’m sure I had one or two of those “walk-by” moments w/ my mom growing up, no fault of her own … LOL

      • Dear Disgusted,

        As a mother, social worker, and someone with experience with kidney failure I can assure you that no one was neglectful here. From the evidence shown these people responded as a majority of parents would in a similar situation.

        1. The child had been taken to the Dr. and they were told it was the flu. And when people get the flu they are not quite themselves and tend to be lethargic. now, if you can not wake the person then it is time to visit the ER, this did not occur.

        2. Christine went shopping and left her child with the father and a group of almost adult children to help. This is hardly neglect. Are fathers somehow less capable or competent as a whole to care for sick children? I would hope that my husband could care for a child with the flu.

        3. When the child’s symptoms appeared to worsen then the mother immediately rushed to the pediatricians office The father upon learning that the child was being sent to the Er immediately followed. it would not have mattered had he not, the child was being cared for regardless of any moral implication for him to attend or not.

        4. Acute kidney failure is fast and furious and often the result of another illness. While caring for my mother through her chemotherapy she came out to the family room one day simply acting odd. Did not know if it was the chemo or the radiation but my husband and I put her in the car and drove 3 hours to her cancer treatment center. now that 3 hour drive we found out, could have cost her life. We were shocked to find out that she was in kidney failure from dehydration. And I am a social worker! Luckily the center was attached to the University of Iowa Hospital and she was fine and is doing well now.

        The point is these tragic things happen to the best of us and everyone else in between.I sense that you may be more disgusted by what you feel are the families moral indignities than anything else. From what I see this family has more love for one another than most, at least those I encounter. The children are well provided for and considered in all that they do. While Kody may be spread thin among his children he is not an absent parent. There are plenty of Doctors and businessmen out there that see their children far less and no one would complain about the strangers they have become to their families, except those families of course.

        Often in our society material goods come with the price of one or both parents being away a great deal of the time. Perhaps as a christian you could do some advocating or volunteer work towards goals that would lead to more income equality and a strengthening of the family unit. Through programs such as mandatory preschool, shared work days for mothers and fathers and on site daycare we can help to build a workforce that honors the family unit. Advocating for a living wage would also help to improve the quality of life for a majority of families in this country, especially those working multiple part time jobs often upwards of 6070 hours a week at minimum wage to still collect government aid. Don’t you think these mothers and fathers and their children deserve more time together? Come on Disgusted, join me in my cause, lets make this world a better place.i

        I thought not, and the reason is this. I sense that your disgust lies more in the lifestyle choice of the Browns than it does in any actual treatment of those involved. You are making value judgments based on your belief system.The country was supposed to have a separation of church and state. And so long as their practice of their belief system does not abuse others then this family should have the right to live howsoever they choose. The only reason that their way of life is a problem for the children is because other people with closed minds and a singular vision of the definition of family and morality cause them distress. if we all worked to improve the things that matter in our society while embracing those who are different from ourselves and truly loved one another as I believe that Jesus taught us to do what a wonderful world we would be. perhaps some humility is in order for all of us, what would Jesus do? I can see him washing the feet of every one of the Browns and blessing them. So again, join me in my cause, lets make this world a better place.

        • Alicia you shine with the light of Christ, you truly are a beautiful soul, I can tell by your comment that you bless those life’s that come in contact with you. May God bless you.

    • I think it is ridiculous that you would let your child stay around the house lethargic for 5 days. All websites, doctors etc all say if there is lethargy or change in behavior this is an immediate issue that needs to be handled ASAP. I was shocked at their very relaxed behavior around a sick child. I was very bothered by their lack of reaction.

      • And I think it is ridiculous for people to expect Doctors, Nurses, and Parents to have some sort of diagnostic radar built into their brain. They say Parents have a sixth sense, a gut feeling they should follow, but it is not fool proof and most often easily explained away.

        Secondly, have you ever had the flu? All you want to do is lay around the house. It is natural to be lethargic when you have the flu.

        I commend Christine and the other Browns for listening to their gut and going back to doctor! Something terrible could have happened to that sweet little girl, and they prevented it by being cautious.

      • You also have to take into consideration they have what is it 19 children im sure there isn’t a sickness they haven’t seen and im sure they didn’t realize how bad it was once my children are over 6 months old I don’t run them for common things to the hospital I let them get thru it on their own and one thing you have to understand about kidneys is there is no BIG signs other then back pain and when you have the flu your whole body hurts and within her being potty trained they wouldn’t see the color or if it had a smell or how often she’s going because if your sick you sleep a lot and you don’t go to the potty as much as normal one mistake they did make was not keeping her hydrated but it is a common mistake even for my self I don’t drink fluids like I should when im they have all those kids not one is dead they’re doing fine and also it’s a TV show think of all the editing there is you should never judge another parent

      • With my first child, I was at the doctor’s office every third day if my child wasn’t better, but with my fourth child, I realize, kids will get better. It’s rare that they don’t–even when it’s not as quick as I’d like. Doctors make parents really be careful to not “over-react”. I always play it on the safe side and I’m overly careful, but I admit, I would have very likely made the same error the Browns did. Some sicknesses DO take quite a while to bounce back from–that is actually not unusual. There other indicators (like is she drinking enough, going to the bathroom) were probably overlooked. I think we too quickly listen to doctors–chalk it up to the flu–and wait for them to come around. Truely’s is an extreme case and they will be more careful in the future…but isn’t hind-site 20/20?

    • Doctors are training parents not to run to them every time we think our kids are sick. My son was sick for weeks, seriously high fevers, vomiting, etc, and both his Dr. AND the ER turned us away THREE times! I was told “Do I have to give you my speech on fevers” by the ER Dr. So as a mom, I second guessed my gut longer than I should have because the “people who know better” reassured me he just had a virus. As it turns out he had Lyme disease. Cut these parents some slack.

    • I wish they would just leave the Brown’s alone…As a parent, I didn’t run to the doctors everytime one of my kids were sick..I knew when to take them, just like they did…I really like this family..they show love for each other, more than other families I know…thank you

    • The brown family did exactly what any other parents would have done… If those out there are judging their actions just remember that it is not for you judge because it could happen to any of is… Because she is a young child it is extremely easy to dehydrate . They are living their lives for is to view. Back off people and examine your own lives

    • I dont want to blame the parents…we all make mistakes. but if you have that many kids you may know that when they are sick or have the flu YOU MUST MAKE THEM DRINK…OTHER WISE THEY GET DEHYDRATED. The younger the more its important. Cody could not mentally take care of that many kids and one sick one. I have learned with the flu and illness AND young children they need to be sipping liquides every 30 min….or every 15 min..even just a sip will keep there organs going….I think the problem is nobody was really watching her or making her drink at least noton camera (however she was dehydrated she got that way but not dinking!)….its just a bit of surprise that with that many kids they didnt know how fast things can happen with a 3 yr old. And most of us parent with more then one child knows that being “lathargic” for that long is a very red flag for a 3 yr. old. crossing eyes, go to ER. period. I think its just a lesson for all parents and clearly they did not do “everything they could do”, lets be honest about that.
      Again when you have 17 kids you would think they would no what to do…perhaps the show is a distraction from basic instincts.

      • Does any parent do “everything they could do” in any situation? Of course not. I feel that, knowing what we think we may know, which actually is not very much, what they did was reasonable and understandable.

      • okay, my point is the rest of us can learn, only if we can be honest about what happend or what we can guess happend….I’m not about blaming the parents but it is shocking with that many kids this happend, i learned this from a friend who did the same thing, it didnt get that bad becasue she took the child to ER after 3 days. Just saying its pretty basic parenting if you have more then one….dehydration is a killer and it would be nice to see it played out as a lesson for them and the rest of us….

        • Well, Michelle, your point is well-taken, I agree, and much-appreciated: Dehydration is not something to play around with; it can be deadly. And, I agree: That is a valuable lesson to be learned, and something of great importance to be taken away from this entire conversation–which, btw, I applaud everyone on here for adding to in such thought-provoking ways! Thank you!

    • I think Christine do enough for the baby Truely, but Kody don’t. I never saw Kody stay in the hospital and any of the sister wives during Truely sickness. God bless this pretty girl.

    • to many kids dad is running around like a fool how much time do he spend with each child .its looks like he only see them in groups and this is supposed to be good when a small child is sick and the whole family did not see it…..ever hear about the baby starve story nothing left by time baby got notice .everybody was dancing around the older kids while the little ones get left out forgot ..i amm from a big family and sometimes u don,t get any one on one with dad .

  43. I believe that no matter your family situation. A child is child. You have many parents who in your household to love your child. Your lives have to be twice as busy as any of ours who may sit back and judge. But, know one should ever judge how you care for a sick child. God forbid it was one of us in your shoes.
    I’ve only caught the show a few times. What I learned in those few moments
    Is that your all good moms and you love your kids just as much as I love mine. It may not be the situation I’d like to be in but, it works for you. Good luck with your family and god bless to your daughter.

  44. If anything the episode has taught me to be more aware and Christine acted appropriately. No one ever expects things to escalate that quickly.

  45. I thought they were pretty responsive! No parent is perfect and I think we get a little more relaxed the more kids we have. It’s unfortunate that Truley had such a serious illness. I have a kidney disorder that causes kidney stones to block my kidney function….you would think that I would know sooner with each occurrance, but that isn’t so. Kidney symptoms can be silent and are often mistaken for something else (a virus or flu).

    Very happy she is better and Christine and Kody were great!

    • i have kidney cancer, was treated by one dr. for muscle spasms for a year. then changed dr. and he ordered a cat scan. found the tumor, kidney and turmor removed. then was seen by a cancer dr. he gave me 5 months to live. got a second opinion, treatment and here i am 6 years later. so the browns did what most normal people do. they listened to their dr. i love the brown family and i think they did all they could. the episode gave one important message, when your child goes cross eyed then things aren’t good. i am sure alot of young parents will remember this fact and it will give them some knowledge that they never knew. bless the brown’s and all they teach about love and family.

  46. Christine and Kody did what every parent would do….they were great!

    We all are more relaxed after our first child and don’t panic….unfortunatley in this case Truley was very ill. I have a kidney disorder and often find myself very ill before I realize it. Kidney disorder symptoms can be silent.

    Let’s just all be happy that she’s doing well and the family can move forward.

  47. My friend felt there was something wrong w/ her 3 yr old , & she carried him on her back , more than a mile to the hosp… she knew he did not feel good , but she never had medical training , they tried to get her for child abuse because he had diabetes… it was awful , she took him in as soon as she realized ….very hard on her …

  48. Prayers of healing for Truely Brown! Kody& Christine & all of the Brown family y’all are all doing a great job! Keep supporting each other & praying for each other! Looking forward to future episodes of the show!

  49. They did everything they could or knew. They took her to the pediatricians twice because they knew something just wasn’t right. They do a lot more for their kids then most other parents.

  50. I think since the Browns put there life on tv that they should know there are people that have opions and they don’t care what they say or who they hurt. Let it go in one ear and out the other. I personally go along with what you think is right. Hope you all have long prospuris lives. And I hope Truly is better soon.

  51. I watch Sister Wives but somehow I was unaware that negative comments were being made regarding Kody and Christine’s handling of Truely’s illness.
    I’m older and my kids are grown men now but I have a LOT of exposure to ‘younger’ parents today. We ‘older’ parents did our best and screwed up many times, missed things many times, but did our best and are human enough to be able to admit it.
    So many younger parents these days choose to be friends rather than parents to their children and tend to be very critical of anyone outside their family unit.
    As a family unit, different as it may be, I don’t see the Brown’s coddling, spoiling, and using the now acceptable namby-pamby parenting skills with their children.
    Anyone could ‘miss’ what was happening. There are no perfect parents. You learn something new everyday and you use that knowledge, just as the Brown’s will use this experience as a guide.
    The Brown’s are trying to raise their kids with a sense of respect for others, manners, and still be kids.
    Man, that’s a dying tradition.
    They have my pat on the back for caring about the adults their kids will grow up to be.
    As far as Truely’s health issue – the complaining parents can’t say that something never snuck up on them and they were on top of everything and … perfect.

  52. I felt so bad for the Brown family and heartbroken watching little Truely gravely ill….and her older sister breaking down…it was heartbreaking and i am so thankful and happy for everyone in the family that she rebounded…love this little girl.

  53. Being a parent is sometimes hard. We take our children to doctors when needed and have faith our doctor is right. But they also make mistakes. I am happy that Truely is getting better and we saw all the support . from the family come together. After all everyone wait and see if you ever have a problem like this and judge yourself then. May God watch over the Brown family and keep Truely on the road to being healthy.

  54. I don’t think they did anything wrong, nor different, than any other parent! They went by what the doctors said … we all depend on what the doctors say when it comes to our health. Anyone who says anything bad is probably someone who just has an issue with their lifestyle.

  55. Sending prayers for the whole family, I know it has been awhile since Truely got sick, since they film way in advance, but we all need prayers always. I have watched every show since it started and I love this family. I wish the shows were longer and we got to see more of the families. Lots of love there!!

  56. my thoughts and prayers are with the whole family .Don’t blame yourself.God bless you.Thank you for teaching me about your faith.I enjoy watching Thank you

  57. My sister went through this once with my niece. Unfortunately, they didn’t realize the problem right off. She was told it was the flu, then a bladder infection, and finally discipline problems. After numerous trips to the doctor and several to the ER, someone finally caught the problem when she reached acute renal failure (not sure if that is the exact term or not) basically her kidneys shut down and she nearly died. Today she still has problems and one of her kidneys is severely damaged.

  58. I think a lot of people are being so harsh because of the way the family lives. They want there way of life and there religion on trial not there parenting skills. Children are strong there bodies bounce back quickly. But they also get sick quickly. You can’t see internally. How would they know? They wouldn’t. Its only a big deal because they are different and on TV.

  59. I agree that the Browns shouldn’t be persecuted over their daughters serious illness however having said that… Dehydration in children is quite obviously a very serious condition & it should always be of major concern to any parent. My Pediatrician always drove the dehydration signs & symptoms into my head as well as how fast it could happen so I knew drinking liquids even if by the teaspoonful was THE MOST important thing I could do for my children when they were sick was to push the fluids even if they had to be given by the teaspoonful.

    So, having said all of that I do think that they could have more diligently monitored her fluid intake and watched her a lot closer especially since she was only 3 years old. It’s obvious that they love their daughter very much & I highly doubt that they will ever allow any of their children to become so severely hydrated.

    Thank God that He had Truely firmly in His Mighty Hand & restored her health!! Praise God for His unending Love and Mercy.

  60. Always too many haters and bashers on everything. Thank God little Truely is better and that the entire Brown family held strong, rallied round each other, supported each other, prayed together, and put their faith and trust in the Lord to see them through such a scary time. A little more kindness, love, and empathy from every person would be so wonderful. If you’ve not while watching the show gained insight, felt and seen the love all the Moms and Kody have for their children that’s sad, because it’s so clearly evident. As a Mother and grandmother myself, I can honestly say that these children, all of them, have been blessed with very devoted, loving, nurturing parents. ((hugs)) for little Truely ♥

  61. After reading all these replies last night and thinking on it. I wonder if all these mothers that are judging are PERFECT. Have you ever done nothing wrong as a mother. I know I have. If you dont like what you are watching you have the free will to turn the channel and do not watch again. We only get a small clip of a hr into their lives. Maybe turn around and look in the mirror and look at your own lives and start judging there before you start judging someone else’s. Someday you will be judge if you havent already by someone and I am sure you will not like it either. Think before you right. I was always told if you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all…….

  62. I wouldn’t have waited either for my husband to get home…I don’t needed him to hold my hand when I take my girls to the doctors office… Kristine is a strong woman and can handle it. When it turned out to be more serious he went. So those faulting Kody for not going to the doctors office your husbands must drop everything to go.. What good would he have been if he had gotten sick to then he could even have gone up to the floor.
    Thise that have negative crap to say either don’t have kids or are the worlds
    Perfect parents

  63. I am sure a lot of our kids have had the flu, A parent knows you always keep a child hydrated when they are sick and after.
    If your child is acting different you go to the doctor no questions asked.

  64. Very glad that she is okay. Many prayers for a speedy recovery. I think the family acted like any other typical family in treating her. They are all awesome parents.

  65. My daughter has end stage renal failure and we had no idea until she was going for surgery and her blood levels came back and her numbers where so bad,she was put on dialysis right away,so yes it is possible not to know as there is no real sighs ,yes they are more tired and not eating as well but what young child does not go through that.i so understand the browns on this one,she is really lucky they started to work on their own as it could of been a whole different ending for them.kidney failure is daughter has been on dialysis for 10yrs,she has had 2 failed kidney transplant and not a chance for another one.

  66. I’m just glad Christine decided to take her when she went cross eyed. Some parents probably would have just waited and seen what the doctor thought that was at the upcoming appointment. If anything I think Christine has moments were she can tend to be a bit of an overprotective worrying mother. (Which is not an insult, I’m the same way. LOVE CHRISTINE!) As far as Kody not going to the pediatrician that is a ridiculous thing to criticize him for. He has older children and many children and so he has to prioritize. And that is not just a factor of polygamy, my parents have been monogamously married for over 30 years and I have a brother 10 years younger than me. When I was in high school my father often was involved in events while my mother took care of things for my brother. People just want to find a reason to hate on this family. It’s sad.

  67. I just think they waited too long. The whole time she had the flu she was not drinking any fluids which is BIG FLAG that the child needs to go to a hospital. The first thing you are told is to pound fluids when you have a cold or the flu. She was not taking in anything. So to wait 5 days before seeing a doctor and then an additional 5 days before seriously noticing that poor Truely was not improving, could have cost that baby her life. Hopefully this was a lesson learned. I was just shocked they waited sooooooo very long. I think of the baby suffering for 10 days…10 days. I have grandkids and I would have bypassed the pediatrician and gone straigt to the ER.

  68. With the number of people in this family, I can’t see where there wouldn’t be someone among them at any given time that isn’t feeling well. It would be easy to become complacent.A bigger issue could also be the parent that is running off to the doctor every time a child spikes a fever and subsequently is given an antibiotic before allowing the person’s natural immune system to handle the crisis. You are doing them no favors by doing this.

  69. With my first child, I was at the doctor’s office every third day if my child wasn’t better, but with my fourth child, I realize, kids will get better. It’s rare that they don’t–even when it’s not as quick as I’d like. Doctors make parents really be careful to not “over-react”. I always play it on the safe side and I’m overly careful, but I admit, I would have very likely made the same error the Browns did. Some sicknesses DO take quite a while to bounce back from–that is actually not unusual. There other indicators (like is she drinking enough, going to the bathroom) were probably overlooked–which can happen if you aren’t looking for these things specifically. Truely’s is an extreme case and they will be more careful in the future…but isn’t hind-site 20/20? I don’t see that the Browns were negligent in any way–clearly, they are concerned and loving parents that are just doing their best–and any parent can admit, that we aren’t perfect and don’t know everything! We are just doing out best.

  70. The Browns did the right thing! Kids get sick, even die!! They had Truly to the Dr. And it was said she had the flu! What else is there to do they have other kids to take care of. I love the Browns! They love each other and their kids. Only advise would be is when sick really push the fluids! Glad Truly is doing well!

  71. I can’t believe the this article! I felt as though Mechele R Dillard was trying to get me to drink her “this is how normal parents respond to a sick child” kool aid with each repetitive paragraph I read. Why bother to ask a question in the headline? Why not just state “Kody and Christine are not at fault for missing the signs of their child’s grave illness”… period, end of story. By the way… EVERY decent parent knows that dehydration is a killer….those parents work to hydrate children when they are ill, as well as monitor urinary output.. All the Brown adults missed some very clear warning signs; educate your readers to that, and you make an impact. Blather on about how no one can be blamed.and you may as well apply to be the next Brown sister wife. Your bias is showing Ms. Dillard.

  72. I’d have to say for those who are bad mouthing their parenting, until you have been in their shoes stop judging! It took us over a year of my daughter being sick before we finally figured out was wrong and there were weeks that all she did was go to school then sleep, so I get it when your told something and you try to follow through and be patient with what diagnosis you get.

  73. Thank god Truely is alive and well. I hope that she stays better and does not have any future issues because of this scare or any other medical scares.

  74. I like these people they seem like good people but really who doesn’t keep a sick child in bed and take their temp give them tylenol and make sure they drink lots of juice and water. That is child care 101. In such a large busy family it’s had to keep your eye on every kid every moment but when one so small is sick someone should be in charge of caring for them not just staying in the house with them like the older girls did but I mean really staying buy them and knowing what to do to care for sick child. I think this all added to her getting so sick . They’re not bad parents but in this case they didn’t go their job well.

  75. Negligence is a big word to use, specifically with something as delicate as illness, but that aside, I don’t understand how one fails to recognize dehydration, at the very least. In a family that is made up of 5 parents, no less! You would think that one of them would have realized the importance of pedailyte. That is why it’s disturbing. It wasn’t that one tired mother with a gaggle of children failed to realize that something was off, it’s that 5 parents overlooked something that was critical and could have ended morbidly. Not only that, whoever said that Truley’s situation is difficult to recognize is off base. It appears that despite being 3 years old, Truley is still in diapers. Color and odor of urine is a good indication of hydration status/ kidney function. They had to have been aware that she was not needing to be changed as frequently as typical.If they were trying to make her drink and she was refusing, they should have taken her to the ER after the first 24 hours for a saline bolus.

  76. Do I think they did enough? hardly !! With all these kids they have, I can’t believe that someone in that “family” wasn’t paying attention to the fact that this child was still sick after several days, and wasn’t using the rest room. It’s common sense not rocket science that everyone including Adults and even animals need liquids to keep from getting dehydrated. And someone please tell me why a 3 year old is still in diapers? For Gods sake people they could have lost her. Very poor parenting skills.

    • The hospital would have put her in diapers so they could weigh it. They needed to know how much and when she peed. I don’t think she is still in diapers at home.

  77. Obviously the camera crew thought something was off..they kept showing shots of the little girl lookinglike she was on the verge of death. Why didnt they at least stop filming and say “hey, I don’t know if you are blind or just ignorant, but your baby girl is slumped over there in the corner, maybe you should check her out”

    • When they film these shows, they can have hundreds of hours of film to choose from to put together a less-than-hour show, so they can pretty much focus wherever they want in editing; doesn’t necessarily mean it was that focused on any particular person when being filmed, just means that’s how production chose to present the story to viewers.

      • I realize that. But really, all it took was one viewing of her slumped over on the floor for me to realize she was seriously ill. Why would it take hundreds of hours of filming and 10 total days of illness for someone in that household to see it. No, I don’t feel they are neglectful people, I just think they didnt pay close enough attention. They were lucky.

  78. My concern was sparked when Christine said that one of her older daughters said the child’s eyes had been crossing on and off all morning. I wondered why they didn’t take her to get medical attention immediately. The show (editing maybe?) made it seem like they waited a while before they decided to seek help.

    • The way I understood what she was saying was that when she saw Truely’s eyes cross, one of her daughters then offered the fact that it had been happening all morning–not that Christine knew it had been happening all morning and just decided later to get her checked out. Like you said, Shelly, it’s hard to follow w/ editing sometimes, but that’s the way that I took it.

  79. Like Luvanrs, I wonder about the filming crew. Did they film Truely (because she was so lethargic) and not tell anyone to take her to the doctor because her illness made good television?

  80. Dear Christine,

    I have watched the episode of truly and I cried and worried along. Children are so helpless and the worse moments for parents are those moments in which you can’t help them and are helpless yourself. I cried, I saw your dispair and that of Kody. You are loving parents and I loved how Kody carried his baby out of the hospital. And I loves how Kody held Christine when they arrived home. Lov u.

  81. I watch the show almost every week. I can’t say that it was a clear cut neglect. We have to remember that this show is edited and you see what they want you to see. We don’t know how Christina took care of Truely when she got home. But it was said she took her to the doctor. As a parent of 3 none of my kids acts the same when they are sick. I read some one say he has 17 kids but the thing is they don’t act the same when they are sick. I have always taken my kids to their regular doctor unless he shouldn’t see them or after hours. But dehydration can happens in just a few hours. A child that is under weight will get sicker that a child that is
    normal or over weigh. I just don’t think we should be so harsh with our comments. But I also will say as soon as a new symptom occured the baby should have been taken back to the doctor. But that us just my opinion. I don’t see were people get off saying that Robyn and Solomon are Kody’s favorite I don’t see it. Kody was not left with a much of toddlers. Truley was 3 and the next oldest was Breanna who was 8 and then all the older kids. Gwendlyn was born in 2001 that makes her 12. He had 11 kids over the age of 12. I know that in some states you can leave a child at home or with younger kids at the age of 12. That means Aspen, Mariah and Madison were 18 or close to it they were all born in 1995. Mykelti was 17 or close to it she was born in 1996. My question is what age is a child reasonable enough to help with the younger kids. It wasn’t like the parents left the kids in charge. But seriously an 18 year old is not old enough to help with younger kids that is bull. Young girls have babies before they are 18. Watch the episode again. Kody and Meri were going to take Mariah to college. Meri went to Kody and told him to stay with Christian and Truely. Maybe you should do a little research before making your comments. Just saying

  82. I watch the show almost every week. I can’t say that it was a clear cut neglect. We have to remember that this show is edited and you see what they want you to see. We don’t know how Christina took care of Truely when she got home. But it was said she took her to the doctor. As a parent of 3 none of my kids acts the same when they are sick. I read some one say he has 17 kids but the thing is they don’t act the same when they are sick. I have always taken my kids to their regular doctor unless he shouldn’t see them or after hours. But dehydration can happens in just a few hours. A child that is under weight will get sicker that a child that is
    normal or over weigh. I just don’t think we should be so harsh with our comments. But I also will say as soon as a new symptom occured the baby should have been taken back to the doctor. But that us just my opinion. I don’t see were people get off saying that Robyn and Solomon are Kody’s favorite I don’t see it. Kody was not left with a much of toddlers. Truley was 3 and the next oldest was Breanna who was 8 and then all the older kids. Gwendlyn was born in 2001 that makes her 12. He had 11 kids over the age of 12. I know that in some states you can leave a child at home or with younger kids at the age of 12. That means Aspen, Mariah and Madison were 18 or close to it they were all born in 1995. Mykelti was 17 or close to it she was born in 1996. My question is what age is a child reasonable enough to help with the younger kids. It wasn’t like the parents left the kids in charge. But seriously an 18 year old is not old enough to help with younger kids that is bull. Young girls have babies before they are 18. Watch the episode again. Kody and Meri were going to take Mariah to college. Meri went to Kody and told him to stay with Christian and Truely. Maybe you should do a little research before making your comments. Just saying. Robyn woke him up cause it was her turn to be with him.

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