HILLBILLY BLOOD: Spencer Details ‘When Nature Calls’ Hygiene Basics (Video)

Spencer Two Dogs on HILLBILLY BLOOD
Okay, perhaps TMI for some, definitely crass, but actually valuable info for those who really might spend time out in the woods–and, it’s pretty funny, besides.

Tonight is an all-new episode of HILLBILLY BLOOD on Destination America, and fans are no doubt waiting to see what contraption Spencer and Eugene will concoct out of seemingly nothing this time around!

You know, there are a lot of things we take for granted every day that are not so “little” when we do not have them—one of those things being a toilet. This week in a digital exclusive, Spencer “Two Dogs” gives fans a lesson on, “how you crap in the woods.”


“Cleanliness is survival,” Spencer says as he goes through the basics, including what to use to wipe, and to actually position yourself to get a good pee or poop going in the woods without your trusty—and steady—toilet seat.

Really, if you are a HILLBILLY BLOOD fan, you’ve gotta see this one:

Now that you have that basic of survival mastered, you’re no doubt rarin’ to go for tonight’s all-new HILLBILLY BLOOD. According to Destination America, on episode “Raise the Roof”:

“Spencer and Eugene must rig up a post and scaffold system to yank a 1,300 pound tin roof off an old smokehouse to cover Spencer’s outdoor forge to keep their knife-making business going all winter.”

The work those guys put in day-to-day … just hope they sell a lot of those knives!

HILLBILLY BLOOD airs on Destination America on Saturday nights at 9/8c.

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Image:  Destination America via Facebook

Video:  YouTube

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