Breaking News Exclusive: SONS OF GUNS Returns to Discovery on Friday March 21! (Video Sneak Peek)

Will Hayden, Sons of Guns
Will Hayden and his team at Red Jacket Firearms will be returning to Discovery Channel on March 21!

UPDATED:  Is Joe in over his head as CEO?

Fans of SONS OF GUNS, TVRuckus has the latest, breaking news about the return of Will Hayden, his family, and his amazing story of success via Red Jacket Firearms, straight from Discovery Channel to TVRuckus readers.

Will Hayden is an American success story. Having turned his Louisiana-based small business, Red Jacket Firearms, into a regional powerhouse, he’s ready for the next step for himself and his family. Like so many American small businesses, Will’s journey from garage based gun shop to the pride of Baton Rouge is rife with personal sacrifices and some risky decisions. At the end of last season, Will was left at a crossroads, with the future of Red Jacket Firearms hanging in the balance. But he still has some surprises left up his sleeve, and it’s going to take Baton Rouge by storm. SONS OF GUNS returns to Discovery Channel for a fifth season beginning Friday, March 21 at 9PM ET/PT.

Power struggles, downsizing, changes in gun culture, modernization, old enemies, mass production vs. custom builds and eviction notices are just a few of the obstacles Will, Stephanie and the Red Jacket Firearms crew must face this season…and the swamps are going to get hot.

To coincide with the fifth season of SONS OF GUNS, William Morrow will release the tie-in book SONS OF GUNS: Straight-Shootin’ Stories from the Star of the Hit Discovery Series (IT Trade Paperback Original; 978-0062270023) on March 11, 2014, featuring Will Hayden and Red Jacket Firearms.

Ready to get the season started? Take a look at this Season 5 preview from Discovery Channel!

[wpvideo pReGFPTN]

SONS OF GUNS is produced for Discovery Channel by Jupiter Entertainment where Stephen Land, Patrick Leigh-Bell and Deborah Ridpath are Executive Producers. For Discovery Channel, Joseph Schneier is Executive Producer with Lisbeth Lozano as associate producer.

Image:  Discovery Channel

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54 thoughts on “Breaking News Exclusive: SONS OF GUNS Returns to Discovery on Friday March 21! (Video Sneak Peek)

    • From what I can see it certainly does look like the line has been drawn.
      But if the reports down lower are correct I think there is nothing he can do about it. As he will have to do it or lose it all.
      Seen stuff where people complaining about Chris. I feel he is what makes a lot of the show with his light hearted moments. But I have wondered how he was trained in Gunsmithing. Is it on the job training or is he going places after work to learn the trade. He is as much of Red Jacket as Will and Steph.
      I also saw things about Vince and I am not a real fan of his but I do understand a little about why he left. I know I would not like to go to work and be spoken to like he had been spoken to on more than one time. But then again he is an adult and he should have said something and not run out on them how he did.
      This is one of the best shows to be put on the TV.
      If you don’t like it then change the channel.

    • Teufelhund Or Just go on about your business. What the hell are you lookin it up for anyhow if you don’t like it. Leave us fans alone. It will make us all happy if you just leave, all by the way, don’t let the door hit you in the a– as you leave.

      • Dstvns : THANK YOU I AM NOT ALONE ON THIS! If you don’t like the show don’t comment on the shows return. Us fans will comment and be excited you waddle off and miss out on this EPIC SHOW
        STEPHANIE is the woman!! <3

    • Will Hayden lost his ffl license to build and sell firearms due to 10 registered guns missing from their inventory. Feds pinned it on him and Stephanie. Neither one can ever apply for an ffl again. He has to have someone else run the business that has a ffl. Joe controls part of the business and has say so in what and how things get handled.

    • Then why did you even comment!
      Ps- completely NOT a waste of time this show has true creative minds at work the guns and projects these people do are amazing

  1. Drama , drama and more drama …. it would be a great show if they concentrated more on making the guns then the dare I say drama . Should go back to how it was first season …

    • Okay slightly agree with you there bud. the first season was EPIC. When all the drama started with Vince, then the lil young guy who ended up going to work for Vince, it just seemed a lil too much. Respect in the workplace is key and you also have to think of it as not just a workplace but a family runned workplace. there is drama day in and day out in households as well as normal jobs with mutiple employees. everybody has something going on so I can understand the show having drama because it will happen especially on such big time sensitive projects. I’m just hoping this new series doesn’t turn out to be drama with Joe like it was hinting at. Joe is a great and important guy I don’t want him on Wills bad side but I understand every once in awhile the boss kinda needs to be set straight so everyone can fly right. I just want more GUNS, CANONS AND EXPLOSIVES

    • its a tv show. a little drama doesnt hurt. would be boreing to some folks especially to some of the lady fans. i myself like the show and im a guy. glad its back on and hope its on longer tthan past seasons.

      • Don’t you hate the way they have started doing a lot of “seasons” for different shows? A new season no sooner starts than it is over! Hate that!

    • Glad you like the show but “redneck soap opera” I gotta know where the heck you get that from? Moonshiners is my idea of a redneck soap opera but Sons of I’ll leave their description simply at a family of bad arse builders!

      • Think it’s more a description of who is watching as opposed to who is featured … at least, that was the way I took it … 🙂

  2. This show truely is one of a kind! My father and I are gun people we shoot competition and absoultely LOVE this show. Will and Stephanie are just like us. I really admire Wills passion and enthusiasm for his clients builds but Kris just takes the cake. Kris makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Joe is so cool with all the explosives he can make and how honestly he is a little firecracker himself. I really didn’t like the last part of the teaser trailer though I hope Joe doesn’t get into trouble with Will, I know times are hard and changing but its still Wills shop. Stephanie is such a beautiful bad arse gotta love her 🙂 I am soooooooo looking forward to the new season I am a big fan but I do agree with some of the other comments on the board please please you guys this show is amazing, funny, full of surprises, and cool as hell don’t mess it up with too much drama! I know in the work place [stuff] happens but still Sons of Guns will endure! KEEP CALM AND BUILD CANONS!

    • Hey Brittany(Stephanie??) , when you come to the defence of anyone who makes a negative comment you make it a bit obvious who you might very well be. People are allowed to post their opinion, be it negative or positive. Some people may watch the show a few times and decide that Kris is a buffoon and Will is an egomaniac. It sure wouldn’t take more than a semi-enlighten person to come up with that observation. Perhaps you have been to wrapped up in the retail side to see there are more negative comments that need your attention.

  3. I think your show is great.But I live in Alabama ,and can’t just drive to your store and ask you about a special weapon that I wont. so how do I get in touch with you? you can get me at 256-251-0130. I hope to here from you.

  4. Red Jacket is awesome! Sons of Guns is great, it’s tv. I still really like it. Ever since Joe left his teaching job he’s 100% committed to Red Jacket as a company. Joes been tip toe-ing through a mine field with his comments ever since he got promoted, we will all see how it plays out this season.

    “It’s a canon! Let’s blow some **** up!”

  5. Red Jacket Is Awesome. I wish I could bring my guns there, have some work done and get licensed for full auto in KY. I love everything about this show, the family, military involvement, and of course blowing up everything safely down range. “Take care of the minions. It’s a canon. And get back to work.”

    ps full auto 155 howitzer possible or plausible?

    U guys rock. Out.

  6. Im glad to see the show again but I agree its not reality because you dont need writes when its supposed to be real and hopefuly they show more of vinces shop and flems new shop no wonder why they all left will hayden treats people like [****] if someone talked to him like that he would be crying up a storm

  7. I like the show, been watching from the start, but wish they’d spend more time on the gunsmithing and machinics then the stupid crap. I wanna see the guns and the builds. The idiot son in law is no gunsmith, anyone can assemble a AR from stripped lower and parts, it takes a real mechanic to hand fit and build a1911, or build a custom sp101 turning it into a five shot 44spl one off beauty. If he can do that then he’ll get respect from me. I have no doubt Glen Flemming could’ve done it. As a professional welder I have respect for Glen and his welding skills.Even Vince had good gunsmith skills. The little side story of Stephanie and cannon boy is stupid, its obvious they care about their own deals and red jackets be dammed. Lets see some killer builds this year and show the craftsmanship and mad skills it takes.

    • Cannon Boy and the Princess provide too much poor acting or fake drama. Kris claims to be a part owner? He didn’t own his own underware till he married into this. Will and Princess lost their FFL, due to poor business skills. Let JOE run the business! Will may be a real gun artist but his EGO and GOD like persona are too much! Flem, Charlie, Vince and Joe would be a good show. Real gun knowledge, business smarts and some wild builds are what I’d like to see.

  8. I swear kris is the dumbest american ive ever seen, he says “ive been herefor half of decade” hey kris thats only 5 years. Your so stupid u talk and act awful, hey will get rid of him. Oh and my say “” iTS CANON!!! How stupid!!

    • Yeah, I think he’s trying to look like a manager/owner would look, and he fails miserably … LOL

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