LITTLE COUPLE: Jen Says Zoey Comes First Despite Aggressive Cancer

Will and Zoey
Will and Zoey enjoy dessert on “The Little Couple”

Jen Arnold and Bill Klein, a/k/a THE LITTLE COUPLE, demonstrated poise and maturity once again during last night’s show, “We’re In This Together”.

Juggling cancer treatments while acclimating newly adopted daughter Zoey to the U.S. and a home with a family, just seems to come naturally to these two.

Dr. Jen Arnold was diagnosed with gestational trophoblastic neoplasm – stage three, and there is what she called, “…a rapidly growing tumor” in her uterus.

Watching Jen deal with hair loss, when to wear a wig or a hat, and enduring high-octane chemo infusions that had to be scaled back, then taking on the role of mom to two toddlers is truly a shake-your-head moment.

Bill admitted that the most difficult part of it all when Jen returns home from treatments is to keep the kids at bay when the worst of the chemo side effects hit.

Putting her own mortality aside is what Jen does and willingly.

“Clearly we don’t want my cancer diagnosis to overshadow in any way the adoption of our daughter.”

What about the TV show being intrusive at this difficult time?

“It’s just another part of our lives,’ she said stoically. ‘So far we’ve been very open sharing all aspects in our lives, so I guess this isn’t any different.’”

Even more impressive, if you can believe it, is the job the couple did during a full two-month hiatus from everything, including the TV show on TLC.

They sent home their nanny and booted out the cameras while they spent that time completing the family bonding process.

The difference in Zoey was noticeable. She smiled, gave her parents kisses, got physically close and played with Will without the terror in her eyes.

Do you recall the scene at the orphanage in India when she was taken out of the arms of the attendant and handed to Jen? What about her refusal to allow Bill to get anywhere close to her?

Zoey’s face went from stricken with sadness and discomfort to one belonging to a two-year old who had loving parents and a big brother she adored.

Watching her hanging ornaments on a Christmas tree was moving. She isn’t fussy, weepy or tense in the least. The wonder on her face as she looked at dozens of ornaments, while getting to help Jen hang one on a branch was the best moment of all.

Love and calm surround this family. One can only hope this all has a happy ending.

TLC airs new episodes of THE LITTLE COUPLE on Tuesday nights beginning at 10:00 pm. ET/PT.     Image credit: TLC

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5 thoughts on “LITTLE COUPLE: Jen Says Zoey Comes First Despite Aggressive Cancer

  1. All of our best thoughts and wishes and prayers for Jenn to make a full and complete recovery and a long and full life with her husband and their children.

    We know about cancer, having had that insidious disease touch our immediate and our extended family hard, very hard.

    All the best to you Jenn, and to Bill and Will and Zoe!

  2. Paula, You are absolutely correct. It make me reflect on the occasions when I faced adversity. Likely what Jenn and Bill have been through in their struggles to succeed as well as against the physical/medical challenges they have experienced helped them to prepare for what they are facing now.

    Reminds me of when I worked with a friend who is a metal artisan who forged various things in his craft. During several weeks I was with him once, he was making a sword. He heated it, then beat it, then put it into cool water, then back to the heating and beating process. When this happens over and over again, the sword becomes “tempered” and will not easily dent or break. Circumstances can beat us down, or we can use them to strengthen us–“temper” us. Jenn and Bill have obviously done that and are now living in the strength they they have developed through their lives so far.

    I live in “cancer alley.” Mother-in-law died of brain cancer, nephew died of bone cancer, cousin died of leukemia, and the list goes on. I am one of the few in my family that has lived this long, but I also had cancer when younger.

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