STORAGE WARS: Jarrod and Brandi’s Store Closes, Laura Goofs

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz
Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz

UPDATED: Brandi & Jarrod entertain Mary Padian, while she sells them a planter…for what exactly?

It’s official, the Long Beach, CA location of Now And Then, the second-hand shop owned by Brandi and Jarrod closed its doors.

Last night on STORAGE WARS, the episode “LBC CU LTR” opened with a scene of the couple meeting with the shop’s employees and breaking the news.

Jarrod did the talking and although he got through it, you could see it wasn’t easy.

“Brandi and I have come to a decision. We can no longer fund this losing store here. We’re gonna have to close the doors. We’re gonna do our best to keep you on. Some of you will lose hours and some have to lose your jobs. We tried to make it work, we gave 100%. We’re not failing because we didn’t try.”

But that was only the beginning of the store-closing story.

The episode took place at a storage place in Long Beach and the usual gang was there. Rene told wife Casey that he didn’t think Brandi and Jarrod would let anyone else get a locker since their store was in the city.

Brandi and Jarrod had no intention of letting anyone know they closed the store. Their mood was dark, but they forced themselves to attend the auction.

That’s when Laura spoke up.

“They don’t have their store here anymore. That’s what I just heard.”

Oops, well the cat was now out of the bag. It’s not like she did it on purpose to hurt anyone, but she ended up doing it anyway.

The couple was none too pleased. They went home without a locker and to nurse their wounds.

Recap of premiere episode of this season’s STORAGE WARS continues below.


STORAGE WARS hit the air with its first episodes of season 5 and Darrell “The Gambler” Sheets cleaned up, until one of his most valuable finds was destroyed by Brandon.

In Montebello,  Darrell found what he called a “bad ass” remote control plane, in pristine condition. When they took it to a professional for an appraisal they learned it was worth $2,000. Then Brandon took the controls of the thing and promptly crashed it.

Think Daddy Darrell was pleased. Yeah, you know the drill. “I just went from being a king (of Montebello) to a pawn.”

Brandi and Jarrod began the first show in Montebello on a buying tear, with Jarrod telling his wife that they needed inventory for their store in Long Beach.

But, wait…the news of the night was Jarrod’s full beard, not close-cropped either and not necessarily a good look for him.

Back to business, however. The couple’s Long Beach store opened a year ago and it’s in great shape, according to Jarrod, so three lockers later, Brandi learned the truth. The place has not turned a profit since it opened. When the truck returned to Long Beach with all the inventory, there was no place to put it. It got taken to the other location, leaving Brandi and Jarrod a few thousand in the hole.

UPDATE: After the most recent episodes of STORAGE WARS (“For A Good Time Call…Ivy” and “The Return of “The King of Montebello”) we watched as Jarrod flailed around trying to figure out how to cure the ills of the Long Beach location, opened just a bit more than one year ago.

Brandi was tired of Jarrod not taking time to care about their original location in Orange County and took the big box truck on her own to an auction. She decided to buy what she thought was appropriate. The couple ended up the two new half-hour shows being in the dumps about the prospects of Long Beach.

Jarrod acted like a gambler who was already in the hole but doubled-down anyway. They lost money on the last locker of the night and faced reality.

In scenes from next week’s shows, it appears that we’ll learn the fate of the Long Beach store. Brandi is more concerned about it, as is typical of the couple. We’ll see how it goes.

Meanwhile Rene Nezhoda was getting antsy that he didn’t outbid the others in Montebello. Not only did he go home without any merchandise, but his big truck backed into the storage place’s gate, causing damage.

Rene was on Twitter during the episode and informed his followers that the truck then promptly broke down on the way home.

He had just a bit of better luck in the second show, filmed in Lake Arrowhead. There he found fun items, a bike meets sled and a hotshot snowboard. Both were brand name items but only worth $100 a piece.

Casey, his wife is there to support him in all things. “You look ashey,” she told her hubby, as she promptly hit him up with a spray tan on his legs.  That got a rise out of the gang.

Ivy Calvin was the most workman-like bidder and kept his eye on the prize: buy what he could sell quick and get the heck out of there.  In Lake Arrowhead he found a box used for bat conservation, sending him to an expert to check it out. Ivy and the bats…what a combo!

His special find of the night came from Montebello, an apparatus used in figure skating to keep skaters upright when they are learning jumps. Got him to a skating rink for an evaluation and we learned that Ivy Calvin has a crush on Michelle Kwan.

She wasn’t there but the skating harness got a try on a young skater before Ivy heard the best news: the item was worth about $1,200.

Catch season 5, all new episodes of STORAGE WARS on A&E, Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET                    Image credit: A&E

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37 thoughts on “STORAGE WARS: Jarrod and Brandi’s Store Closes, Laura Goofs

    • They were on shows when Dave returned, some months ago. Then they got their own show and have been mostly absent. They are still in the photos of cast members on the A&E website.

      • Brandi and Jarrod have their own A&E show that aired its first season some months ago. They are still listed on Storage Wars website so perhaps they’ll come and go.

  1. We need Jarrod and Brandi back on the Show.. How about getting those two Cousin From Storage War Texas to come to Storage War.

  2. Sorry, but he and Brandy are needed on the show. They represent average americans trying to make it and thebuos and downs they encounter. He is rude to her at times, and makes bad decisions alot. They never stick to their gameplan. Good luck to them.

  3. I think Brandi and Jarrod are headed for Splitsville, if they aren’t already there (as a couple, not necessarily as cast members). She can barely stand him, and the tenor of her commentary toward him has gone way past her normally condescending tone. I think that shiny new rack might be angling for someone more serious. Just my $0.02!

  4. I too am not interested in the show without Jarrod and Brandi.Every guy I know is all about Brandi. She has a magic that is rarely seen Home town girl, nice, and as sexy as they come. Get them back !!

  5. hello i am french and i see you in the french tv you are the best with barry who are funny and i like your sucess story . and “fuck” dave see you again in the tv i m sorry for my english

  6. Get rid of fat boy Rene,big loser,Darrell another know it all,and Brandon go on a diet,Brandi what do u c in that goof Jarrod 2biggest goof on the show

  7. Jarrod and Brandi need to return to the regular Storage Wars show. I know they have their own show, but it is boring as can be. Its like watching someone’s home movies.

  8. Hi,
    I watch the show when ever it is on.The biggest reason i watch the show. Is because of Jarrod and Brandi.Bring them back if they have lefted the show.They are a big part of the show.I miss them.I hope
    they are not breaking up.Godd luck to yous.

  9. Never thought they were. Am surprised its been a year ago already. Not surprised L.B. didn’t work, was surprised that location was picked. Never open where there is soooooo much competion. L.B. is saturated because of all the elderly people & their estates. Soooo many people go to them they have sign up lists, numbers, people in line at the crack of dawn (no matter what time the sale starts) Would I go there? Never…Or the stores. Also, leases are pushing people out (look at whats changing at the O.C. circle & antique, thrift, consignment,) If u have a good location that works…Keep it. Expand if u can w/a buss. next door. Maybe ad on, get ideas where u are established. Look at Dave, one that’s what he did, & he parks his trucks in local parking lots, where markets & etc are for a few days at a time. Pays nothing to do it cause he knows how long u can park somewhere without paying or being towed. He is very shrewed & knows the ins & outs of things, to the penny. But enjoys his personal life style, doesn’t talk about me me me, Is pleasant a good tipper, polite, keeps a low profile. The best to u both my favs besides Barry (he’s my #1 & not an old guy the way the rest of u see him. He was someone I would have known & still very attractive w/a personality to match. (He’s my fancy!!!!) Hahahaha.

    • Melinda, all the regulars aren’t on every show any more. You’ll see Rene, Hester, Darrell and Brandon, as well as Brandi and Jarrod come and go. They had one season of “Brandy and Jarrod, Married to the Job” in 2014, but there’s no information yet if it will return.

  10. do you people have a life or sit in front of the TV and waste away? I am sure all these TV personalities are sitting around wondering what you are up to today. don’t forget to blow money for a chance at an autograph.

  11. Brandi, Jarrod, Barry, and now Mary, are the main characters in the show, Jarrod brings adventure, Barry adds fun, Mary is get up and go girl, then we have Brandi who adds the beauty to the show, if the are all there, the show is great, but to lose Brandi, would be an absolute disaster, hope we can still see them sincerely.

  12. Can’t wait for this. Thank you jo Brand. SOCIAL WORK is a much maligned profession. Most people have no idea. We always say you can’t make this stuff up. I remember george c scott in east side west side. The onlyother sw series that I know of

  13. Hey, Jarrod and Brandi. Ya know if I would have had the money I would come out to Cali, and bought the units Hestor bid you up on and then sold them back to you for your cap. And I would have done that every time he bid on unit.

  14. Show is still good, but would be better with Brandi and Jarrod back. Should go back with original cast members from years back.

  15. Anyone here know how much the central characters get paid per episode? What about all the extras who stand around and never win a locker…union scale?

  16. Is brandon coming back? The dofuss taking his place is dumb as a bag of rocks and almost as entertaining. Leave dave off camera and out of town.

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