ESCAPING ALASKA Recap: Tamara Holds On To Dream, Despite Abuse

Tamara, on “Escaping Alaska”

ESCAPING ALASKA got serious with Q scaring the ladies and being unnecessarily cruel to Nuala, while Tamara was treated shamefully by a nasty casting director during “Hostile Hostel and Hollywood Bound”.

Q’s acting out made Tamara and especially Nuala realize that he would not have their back during their time in California,but something else happened that made it clear to Tamara she was in hostile territory.

Tamara’s reason for leaving her home and village to have the ESCAPING ALASKA experience was to explore the possibility of an acting career. She has expressed on more than one occasion that she would love to be the Alaskan Jennifer Lawrence.

The lady has guts and the courage of her convictions, because without one lesson or even a small part in some amateur production at the local or school level, she hightailed it up to LA for a casting call.

They made it into a group road trip as all five of them piled into a van thanks to someone willing to make the 100+ mile trek from San Diego. Tension was in the air as Q sat up front with the ladies as far away as possible.

This was right after Q had ripped the fun out of the group and gave Nuala and Tamara the feeling that he could turn on them at any moment. After all, they surmised, there was no reasonable provocation for calling the cops on Nuala who was having too much fun for his taste, so why would they believe he wouldn’t erupt again? Frank was caught in the middle, trying to talk sense into Q while buying little gifts for the girls.

Tamara was accompanied to the casting call location by Nuala and Mary while the guys hung out somewhere else. Not even dealing with Q could have prepared her for how she was spoken to after she read the lines given to all the aspiring actresses in the waiting room.

The dialogue was supposed to be spoken in anger, but Tamara’s nature, molded by Alaskan native custom is one of calm. The male casting director gave her a couple of tries to build up the rage necessary to get into the part and while she got a bit better at it, she was never going to reach the point she needed to be.

Then came one of the most cringe-worthy scenes so far in ESCAPING ALASKA. Instead of saying, “Thanks, we’ll let you know,” the director lit into her for her lack of training and experience, telling her that 99% of those who come to LA to become actors fail, and then he went further.

“I don’t mean to crush your dream or anything, but some people are better off being stay-at-home mom than an actor.”

Instead of lunging across the table to grab his throat and shake him, or tell him off, Tamara walked proudly out of that room, after saying, “The casting director can say anything to me. It won’t hurt me. I’m Inupiaq and we’re tough. I’m not gonna give up on this.”

Brava Tamara. Brava!

Get more on the Q incident with Nuala, including an extended video clip.

TLC airs ESCAPING ALASKA Sunday nights beginning at 11 p.m. ET/PT    Image credit: TLC, used with permission.

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0 thoughts on “ESCAPING ALASKA Recap: Tamara Holds On To Dream, Despite Abuse

  1. Tamara’s casting directors were NOT nasty or even telling her to give up. She just needs to think through this “next Jennifer Lawrence” thing. There’s a difference between being a star and being an actor, and acting means playing roles dramatically different from one’s own life experience. They were nice to spend as much time with her as they did – the sucky reality is that Tamara will most likely have trouble getting acting work at all.

  2. Tamara was absolutely clueless about the acting profession. She needed someone to explain the harsh reality to her. And acting requires talent. You don’t just take a class and learn it. You either have the talent or you don’t. Classes are for people who have the raw talent and just want to polish it, not for people with zero talent. She would fall into that category. She should just continue to be a movie buff, enjoying movies as an observer, not a participant.

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