Brandi Passante and Jarrod Sculz
Brandi and Jarrod with kids Cameron and Payton on A&E’s “Married to the Job”

Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz have their own reality TV show and it premieres tonight on A&E. BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB takes fans of the STORAGE WARS couple inside their lives when they are not hunting through storage lockers to stock their second hand shop, Now and Then.

They are the parents of two kids and somehow never got around to getting married, after 15 years together in their personal as well as professional lives. Could you draw up characters better suited for this kind of inside look?

BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB picks up way after the couple surfaced as the newbies alongside the many other characters bidding for lockers on STORAGE WARS. They had to endure ridicule, pettiness and cutthroat tactics dished out by the group of auction bidders.

They were hazed, and hazed and hazed some more but ultimately found their own style, and developed the business acumen they needed to succeed.

As they grew, so did their ambition for their retail business. They added a second location outside their home base in Orange County, California and the Long Beach store opened to fanfare. It did not maintain that momentum and the decision to close was a gut wrenching one, chronicled in an episode of STORAGE WARS.

MARRIED TO THE JOB follows the couple as they plan a wedding, with all that entails. Anyone who is already of fan of Brandi and Jarrod knows that bickering is just part of the way they communicate. Toss in the usual stress surrounding a marriage and you’ve got reality TV worth watching.

The show will air immediately following the new season premiere of STORAGE WARS, headlined by the man in black himself, Dave Hester. Get the popcorn ready folks.

A&E airs the premiere of BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB on Tuesday August 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT immediately following the season premiere of STORAGE WARS, with the return of Mr. YUUUP, Dave Hester.     Video/image credit: A&E, used with permission

Check out video of tonight’s new episode of MARRIED TO THE JOB


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11 thoughts on “BRANDI AND JARROD: MARRIED TO THE JOB, Finally a Wedding! (VIDEO)

  1. Bring it back in 2015 -some SW(Storage Wars) fans feel we deserve to see their wedding episode after all the teasers re wedding planning – Come on A&E – dropping them entirely, like dropping the Barry’d Treasure show, just sucks – Those 3 MADE SW – well, those 3 and the Dodson’s . Ivy’s fun, too – the other newbies and the Sheetses are so-so

  2. I have been fans of Storage Wars since it started. I was most pleased to see my favorite people get their own series. Brandi and Jarrod Married to the Job. I was very pleased to hear they were finally going to tie the knot. I was so looking forward to seeing their big day on TV. but now the show has been cancelled for unknown reasons. It was a great comedy with the two of them and their family please bring it back to the TV audiences. We miss it. Thanks so much!!

  3. Dear Sir or Madam,
    My name is Royston and I com from South Wales United Kingdom. I have young person Alzheimers with early onset of Parkinson’s. The only enjoyment I get is watching Storage Wars because I don’t get to go out very often. Is there any way possible you could help me get a signed photo of Jarrod and Brandi or the address of someone who could help me out please. I promise you and give you my word it will be framed and treasured always.
    Yours with huge respect Royston

  4. a super je vous ai découvert dans l’émmission encher et je vous trouve formidable .vous aller bien je suis Français j’habite au sud de la France continuer comme sa et l’acher rien sur dave ( se salopard) vous souhaite bon courage .bye . réponder moi si vous avais le temp merci

  5. I was afraid of this. A&E cancelling the show. I thought it was entertaining. If nothing else, I hope “Storage Wars” will have a special show about their wedding. If not showing the actual wedding, at least having them talk about it.

    • Rich, not sure where you heard that. The media people at the network are checking for us. Will post back when we know.

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