Exclusive Interview: ‘Q’ of ESCAPING ALASKA Opens Up, For Real

Qituvituaq a/k/a "Q"
Qituvituaq, “Q”, on Escaping Alaska

If you wondered how you’d get into TLC’s latest reality TV show, ESCAPING ALASKA, Qituvituaq “Q” made it easy to pay attention. Q was generous enough to give TVRuckus some time for an interview, during which he spoke about a variety of things, including the reason he joined the cast.

Q is plain spoken. He calls it honesty, and in the interview admitted he’s been in trouble as a result of it. It does not deter him and he makes no excuses. He has aspirations to do what he calls “extreme” expeditions, months-long trips and hopes to get funding for them.  You can find Q on Twitter and Facebook, so you can see for yourself.

TVRuckus: Although you looked like you were having fun during the Mardi Gras scenes in San Diego, you tweeted that you were not. Can you elaborate?

“I’m not into the whole party scene. As you could see, I don’t drink, but I try to enjoy myself the best I can. But with everyone inebriated, it was generally an uncomfortable experience for me.”

TVRuckus: What was the main reason you joined ESCAPING ALASKA?

“My main purpose was just to experience new things. For my entire life I’ve been in a rural place. I’ve never been in a city before. I got tired of the lack of options there (Alaska), get some sun. I like getting out of my comfort zone, trying to make myself grow.”

TVRuckus: Did you know that San Diego was your destination before you joined the show?

“I had no idea where we were going until that campfire night. I thought we might go to someplace like Hawaii or Thailand. It would be awesome to go to Thailand.

TVRuckus: The name of the show uses the word “escape”. Did you feel like you were escaping something in Alaska?

“For me it wasn’t about escaping, more so about experiencing new things. I have a good relationship with my mom, but I can’t speak for the others. I was born in Nome, Alaska, but my father liked to travel around a bit. We moved from reservation to reservation. I lived in North Dakota, but never in a place that wasn’t rural. If you notice how I talk I was raised around a lot of other Native Americans.

TVRuckus: It sounded a bit like you fit in with the way Southern Californians speak. 

“Californians have a little bit of a Native American accent.”

TVRuckus: Your honesty and blunt speaking were striking when mingling with the So Cal folks on the whale watching boat. That isn’t the norm and it seems to separate you from the other young people on the show.

“I have always been extremely honest to a fault. I was expelled three times. I got in trouble a lot. I was put in a disciplinary center because I always believed that being yourself and letting your spirit flow is better. Being true to who you really are is better, even with the consequences. I suffered a lot in my life.”

TVRuckus: What level of education, formal education did you reach?

“I’ve been in college for a few years, but as I said, I’m very honest. I’m very smart and I get bored and sometimes I’ll stop going if I think the teacher is stupid. I did a few semesters at UAS (University of Alaska Southeast). I did distance classes. Lecture classes bore me, basic classes in large lecture halls. They just bore me.”

TVRuckus: You said that two things were important for your adventure. Meeting girls other than than from small towns in Alaska and getting funding for an expedition. Can you expand on that?

“I want to explore the unexplored regions in the Arctic. It’s treacherous. I’ve been exploring here in Alaska, I found a cave with a mummified shaman and artifacts. There’s so much weird stuff here. We have stories about these little people and no one knows anything about them. The stories about them are not treated as reality, rather they are seen as fables or fantasy by people outside our culture. There are sightings every year. I want to go out and look for them. I just think it would be super awesome.

TVRuckus: How long did you know your cast mates before you got on the plane to San Diego? Did you stay in touch after filming ended?

“I didn’t know them at all, except I knew Nuala was dating a friend of mine, but I didn’t really know her. Me and Frank had mutual friends, because he lives in a village right next to mine – 380 miles away! I really got along with a few people really well. Mary is super easy to get along with and she’s really smart. Frank is a really, real guy.”

TVRuckus: How did you react when you landed and saw that you’d be sharing rooms, including a bathroom in a Hostel? Not exactly the lap of luxury, right?

“I was so tired when I landed. After a 14 hour trip is when I found out we’d be staying at a hostel. My head was touching the metal bar at one end of the bed and my feet were touching the other one. We were there for a long time.”

TVRuckus: Were you ever really considering relocating? It seems like you would never truly give up the hope of doing months-long explorations.

“Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere with more people, but my mom, I don’t like the idea of her living alone. If I buy a house in the future, if I make good money, I’d want my mom to live with us.”

TVRuckus: Where would that be?

“Somewhere in Alaska. There are a lot of pretty places here, but the focus of so many people’s lives here, unfortunately is alcohol. Among my peers, a lot of people just want to party and get high. I’m not into that.”

TVRuckus: What kind of reaction are you getting now that a few episodes have aired?

“Well there’s a lot of girls who want to add me (on social media) after I talked about all my food allergies and what I can’t eat. ‘Oh, you’re so annoying,’ is what they say sometimes. What do they want from me? I’m allergic to food.”

TVRuckus: Have you gotten any proposals?

“Nope, but there a lot of girls who comment on my looks. I think no matter who you are, you are going to have fans. You can be super ugly but there will be girls who think you’re hot.”

TVRuckus: Do you think you accomplished what you set out to do by joining the cast of ESCAPING ALASKA?

“I certainly learned a lot. Whether or not I accomplished my goals, you’ll have to watch the rest of the show.”

To do that, you have to tune in to TLC, Thursday nights at 11 p.m. ET for episodes of ESCAPING ALASKA. The show moved from its original Sunday night time slot and will be replaying its first three episodes beginning Aug. 21, with new episodes beginning on Thursday night Sept. 11 at 11:00 ET.

 Image credit: TLC, used with permission. Check out more of TVRuckus’ coverage of ESCAPING ALASKA. Use the drop down menu under “Shows” at the top of any page.

















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  1. As far as the little people go… I’ve seen them when I was little. They would run around in my mom’s wild flowers. I have been trying to find someone who knows what I’m talking about, but it seems like nobody knows. I live in MN, and I saw them in Brooklyn Park, MN from our living room window. I saw them when I was 7 or 8, and only saw them when I was a child. My brother started talking about seeing them when we were teenagers, and I told him that I also saw them. We both saw them in the same area, but it never came out that we both saw them until we were older. I believe that we really saw little people, and could only see them when we were little. So far, you are the only one who knows, besides my brother, what I am talking about. I’ve searched the net, and haven’t found anything on the topic until I was watching your show.

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