4th AND LOUD: LA KISS a ‘Successful Entertainment Venture’ for Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley?

Paul Stanley, 4th and Loud
More the Paul and Gene Show than a look into arena football–but is anyone surprised?

UPDATED:  Really bad football but good reality show, nevertheless.

4th AND LOUD continues on AMC tonight, and thus far the LA KISS appears to be a successful venture for everyone involved—owners, coaches, investors, players, and fans alike. This week, will they take that momentum and take another step forward in arena football/entertainment and truly succeed in helping the LA KISS stand on its own?

Gene Simmons knows a good deal when he sees one—above everything, he is a businessman at heart. But, what exactly is the point of LA KISS? Is it primarily an arena football franchise, or is it a vehicle to produce another successful reality series for the long-time front-man of KISS, the band? Simmons had great success on “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,” opening his family life up to the world. But, that line is played out; nothing more to mine out of that pit. The arena football angle is unique; closest thing to it would probably be DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADERS: MAKING THE TEAM, and it certainly isn’t anywhere close to being the same! So, Simmons and partner Paul Stanley may be on to something here. But, where does it go in the long run?

Overall, the interest in 4th AND LOUD likely lies with Gene and Paul, not the LA KISS. This week’s episode is described on the AMC website as follows:

The home opener was a successful entertainment venture for the franchise despite the players’ clashing interests and distractions from the game.

That pretty much wraps up the entire show:  a successful entertainment venture. No emphasis on football, there; just general entertainment. If they can get people interested in finding out what is going on with Gene Simmons, with Paul Stanley, with the KISS franchise, then they don’t really need people to care that much about the LA KISS arena football franchise. If they do, that’s great; if they don’t, well, it was just the gimmick used to dangle the true focus of the show, Simmons and Stanley, and it appears to be working thus far. It’s not a bad show—as long as you are not looking for a true “Making the Team”-type close-up of how arena football works. This is more “Making a Dollar,” Simmons-style. Again, not a bad show—just don’t expect an insider profile of arena football. You’ll see some football, as fans saw last week, but it’s just a garnish for getting Simmons and Stanley on-camera.

4th AND LOUD airs on AMC on Tuesday nights at 9/8c.

Image:  AMC via Facebook

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0 thoughts on “4th AND LOUD: LA KISS a ‘Successful Entertainment Venture’ for Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley?

  1. was that Morgan dissing the program?…and he knows who is paying his paycheck..what a dummy..lol Fire him…you don’t need that kind of player and he does not appreciate playing or he would support his supporters…geezzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Hey MECHELE R. DILLARD, did you even watch the show? By your comments, I am guessing…apparently not!! This show does indeed give you a behind the scenes look into arena football, the players, coaches, and staff and their backgrounds, and it is also extremely entertaining!!! The true focus of the show is indeed the LA KISS football team, and what it takes to not only be on the team, it also shows highlights from the actual games!!! Yes, Gene and Paul are co-owners of the team, but this show definitely focuses on the entirety of the LA KISS franchise!! So, of course Gene and Paul are going to be seen on the show!!! The show is about the making of a football team, in front of the cameras and behind the scenes!!! I am so tired of people seeing Gene and Paul on something and then making stupid comments such as “its all about the money for them”!! They have more money than you or I will ever see, but did you know any facts about it, like they donate to so many charities involving American Veterans, children, and animal welfare, just to name a few? They give back, what do you do besides bash and hate on them!! You are not the first reporter/critic to do so and I am sure there will be many more….but they continue on, and we the members of the KISS Army LOVE THEM!!! My suggestion to you…actually watch the show instead of just reading a review and reporting on the review!!! Check into the background of Gene and Paul, and you will see more than you ever expected!!!! There is a reason that the KISS ARMY exists….nobody else has an Army behind them!!!!

  3. Reblogged this on onlythebestapply and commented:
    This was a spectacle, less to do with sports and more to do with everything KISS. One thing you can’t deny, they are marketing masters, who else could bring sex and rock n roll together with football?

    They don’t do anything unless it is loud!

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