ESCAPING ALASKA Preview: Uh Oh, Where’s Frank? (VIDEO)

Cast of Escaping Alaska
Escaping Alaska’s Frank, Q, Nuala, Mary and Tamara

One of the group does some escaping of his own on the new ESCAPING ALASKA, titled “One Eskimo Down & Four Surf It Up”. Frank is under too much pressure from home to stay and his time in San Diego ends.

During the last episode Frank had gotten himself a job to earn some money to send home while joining the others in buying more typical Southern California clothes. He was styling in a blazer on his ever-present skateboard, but had to face the sad truth about his absence and what it’s done to his family.

What will the others do without him? Surf, that’s what they do and off they go to the beach for some lessons on how to get up on the surfboard.

Nuala says, “With Frank leaving I realize that this isn’t going to last forever.” Mary agrees admitting, “There are still lot of things we haven’t done that I for sure want to try.” It works as a quick diversion, but they need something more.

ESCAPING ALASKA has taken these five young people on a journey that has opened their eyes to possibilities and other ways to live, while at the same time making them realize that things at home may not allow them to enjoy themselves as they should.

Q is feeling very strapped for cash and after Frank’s sudden departure, they all feel the need to connect with what’s been missing during their time in Southern California. They miss wildlife, the land and their culture.

In the video posted below, you can see how a visit with local tribe perks them up and gives them comfort. Not only do they swap information on their languages and customs, but they share a meal and get up on horses for the first time in quite a while.

At least Q and Nuala have patched things up and there is no tension left from that terrible situation, but Tamara, Nuala, Mary and Q don’t look like they are long for San Diego.

 TLC airs new episodes of ESCAPING ALASKA Thursday nights at 11 p.m. ET/PT    Image/video credit: TLC, used with permission.

Catch the gang surfing and trying to cheer up on the TVRuckus YouTube Channel

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