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GHOST STALKERS Moves to Thursdays, Travels to Holmesburg Prison Tonight (Video Preview)

Ghost Stalkers
Ghost Stalkers is moving to Thursdays on Destination America!

GHOST STALKERS has moved to Thursdays, so that means fans need to get ready for all-new ghost thrills and chills tonight on Destination America.

Have you ever had a near-death experience? The hosts of GHOST STALKERS have, and they have become eternally motivated by what they went through, pushing them to seek what is on “the other side” of life. This week, John E.L. Tenney and Chad Lindberg travel to Holmesburg Prison in Philadelphia, PA. But, it is negative energy, not positive, that is found at Holmesburg, as one can imagine, and the results these two GHOST STALKERS encounter reflect that fact. According to Destination America:

Reports of an oppressive paranormal energy charged by nearly a century of rioting, assault, and murder lead John and Chad to Philadelphia’s Holmesburg Prison. This supernatural portal hunt turns personal as John comes face to face with his own hell.

Searching for a portal is not an easy task, but doing so in a building that once housed a century of anger, murder, and brutal assault is overwhelming. Living under lock and key was life as usual for Pennsylvania’s most violent and hardened convicts, but that did not mean that life was calm and easy for those housed inside—or those guarding them. Perhaps more than on the “outside,” rioting, assault and murder ran rampant among these violent and frightening human beings.

Chad believes that decades of negative energy have provided the prison with a perfect storm of dark, paranormal activity. But for John, the prison embodies the personal hell he faced during his near death experience. Over the course of two nights, they set out alone to explore the mysteries inside Holmesburg—and one of them might not make it out.

Don’t forget:  GHOST STALKERS moves to its new night on Destination America TONIGHT, Thursday, November 6, at 10/9c.

Image and Video:  Courtesy of Destination America, Used with Permission

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1 thought on “GHOST STALKERS Moves to Thursdays, Travels to Holmesburg Prison Tonight (Video Preview)

  1. Holmsburg Prison, been watching 3-4 episodes before this one and Chad was tolerable in the then Holmeburg Prison came on and That’s it for me!! I cannot stand Chad and his childish screaming and phoney actions!! NICK I wanted to support you and your own show but I cannot tolerate Chad. Nick you have worked with and seen many paranormal teams and this could have been the best one due to the different and interesting sites you’ve gone to but even tho I am A Big fan of Paranormal I’m probly going to pass when I see this one come on. Sorry, if things change I will watch again. Good Luck …

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