MISFIT GARAGE: Fans Are Wondering, Is It ‘Real’ or Just a Richard Rawlings Creation for TV? (Video)

Richard Rawlings is the man in charge at Gas Monkey Garage & the executive producer of MISFIT GARAGE.
Richard Rawlings is the man in charge at Gas Monkey Garage & the executive producer of MISFIT GARAGE.

UPDATED: Recap latest on the ’55 Chevy. Will anyone make any money on it? 

Some shows may be taking the Thanksgiving week off, but not MISFIT GARAGE on Discovery Channel! Tonight, the guys from Fired Up Garage are on the move in an earlier time-slot, with the first of a two-part episode, featuring a Nova flip.

Fans of MISFIT GARAGE know that is modeled on the show from which it spun:  “Fast N’ Loud.” So, week after week, the guys at Fired Up Garage take an old classic, typically rusting away in someone’s yard, barn, or just sitting under a tree somewhere—Thomas has the touch when it comes to finding old cars to flip—and turn it into something that someone out there would actually be proud to own. It typically comes out good for both the former car owner (they make money on a car that was literally dissolving into the ground) and Fired Up Garage (they make a little money, get some word-of-mouth advertising). But, would they be a shop without the TV show?

This is a question many fans have been asking, especially after realizing that Richard Rawlings is the executive producer of the show. Well, of course, there is no real way to answer that—who knows what they might have done if they were not on TV? Like everyone, they would have had to have done something, and they may well have started a garage of their own. Of course, it is hard to believe that with the “business skills” they demonstrate on the show that they could get anywhere sans TV, but perhaps if they were not on the show, they would not be handling their business as they do. After all, they are trying to make TV that people want to watch and, judging from all of the buzz around the show, they are succeeding with that objective. Tonight, according to Discovery Channel, on all-new episode, “One Nasty Nova, Part I”:

It’s time for the Fired Up Garage guys to shine! With a special start time of 9/8c, they step into the spotlight while working on an awesome 1965 Chevy Nova. Did you know that the name Nova replaced the name Chevy II in 1969?


Ah, the Nova; grandmothers all over the nation drove one way back when (well, at least mine did). It will be interesting to see just what the guys do with this one—guarantee it will be a little sportier when it is finished than when it rolled off the factory line.

MISFIT GARAGE airs on Discovery Channel tonight, Monday, November 24, at 9/8c—note the earlier time-slot this week, fans!

Image & Video:  Courtesy of Discovery Channel, Used with Permission

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81 thoughts on “MISFIT GARAGE: Fans Are Wondering, Is It ‘Real’ or Just a Richard Rawlings Creation for TV? (Video)

  1. This show is a waste of my T.V. time.Having people that were fired and really annoying with a show is beyond STUPID.Now we all know why Richard fired Jordan,he can’t be trusted.When you lie on your wife to go boating you are nothing more than an DONKEY.Get rid of this show they suck.

    • I agree. This show is a waste of time. My husband only likes to watch it for the cars, but I can’t stand the Toms. They are both the biggest idiots. I just want to punch them in the face!

  2. I LOVE this show. Its great fun & lighter than Fast & Loud. I dont care who produces it. Both are great shows. I learn much & have fun doing it. I really enjoy Thomas Weeks. Hes nicer than Richard, who can be a bit mean to his own guys. Fun to watch the barganing too. Love seeing the finished cars too. Good Idea Discovery Channel.

  3. Wow- could be a great show however it is so staged and fake it is really difficult to watch …… unless you know very little about car repair which begs the question – who is their audience ? Hmmm, I for one would appreciate a real restoration show rather that seeing made up situations that are more for ratings than reality.
    The Redneck Garage – Youtube

  4. What a “Load of Crap” I don’t think half these show’s are worth burning the electricity to run my TV. Is there no end of the garbage that these networks put out !!!

    • Have you tried Dancing With The Stars? That’s a good show. You might try that one. Or, how about re-runs of The Love Boat. I love that show. Try to lighten up and not take things too seriously.

      • You don’t seem to like people speaking their mind about not liking the show donnie. Do you by chance work for either garage? You take one of the comments really personally. So you either work for them, have a relative or friend that does or you just have nothing better than troll comments.
        I bet I know which one it is.

  5. I like the show & I would like to see a lot more of it, it good to see that Jordan &Tommy are working again & I would work any day with any of these guys.

  6. I am tom , yes the tom on the show. I am here to tell you the story line is real ,I am real , the cars are real, and we do it in a month, I thank everybody that watches the show

    • Hey Tom,

      believe you that the show is real. My only complaint is about Scott. Who would wanna work with that douche. He chopped the front end off a car while no one was their to say no, when everyone else had already said no. He also talks a lot of game about owning his own shop, but I guess he doesn’t use tow straps in his shop because he dropped the cab off a truck off the back of a trailer and ruined a beautiful paint job and last but not least decides to walk out on “his team” in the middle of a build. You guys should just tell him not to come back, or not to come back until he figures out how to work a tow strap, because if he hasn’t figured it out yet, then he probably never will. If all that drama he causes is fake then he deserves an award as an actor, because he would have to be a great actor if he is just pretending to be a tool to cause drama for the show, but I really think he is just a giant tool. Lose Scott, and keep up the good work..

    • I really enjoy the show Tom. Most of the cars are right up my alley. You guys do an amazing job. I hope the show continues on for quite some time. Not to seem mean, but I’m really happy Scott and his side kick are gone. Scott seemed cocky and arrogant. I didn’t really like his ideas. What he did to the ’57 Chevy was sinful! Best of luck to you, Jordan, Thomas and the rest of the Fired up Garage crew.

    • tom have rust free 39 chevy master 2 dr sedan runs and drives very solid 10k quick flip email if intrested

    • Tom.. Watching the episode were you pick up the one owner white cobra. While trailering it home (right before Pete calls) the inside camera shot shows nothing in tow Behring you guys.. Such a disappointment. Obviously, scenes are stage taking the believability of the story line out of play. Hugely disappointed.. You lost a huge fan of the show

  7. If you really are that “Tom”, you aren’t helping your case by lying to your viewers. Who would buy into your hatred of Rawlings since you are still on his payroll? It’s his show. Not yours. If he wakes up tomorrow and decides to get rid of any of you, you’re gone.

    People may enjoy the show for it’s entertainment value. And, that is fine. It’s no more “real” than any other “reality show”, though.

    • If you’re not a fan of the show why are you even on here? Real or fake, who cares. If you think Fast N Loud is completely real, you’re delusional.

  8. I too enjoy the cars, do they know the cars.
    the show which he tree fell on the truck, they where to get a Charger, they keep saying it was a 1971, get real, it was a 73,or 74 charger, for car guys get your facts straight.
    Its all about the end cars

  9. I love the new show, as I really miss these guys & I cannot wait for the next car to be built!

    Congratulations Discovery and Richard, so happy I can still watch all of the Gas Monkey Garage crew.

  10. I love both shows its a way for my husband and I to watch something we both agree on and be entertained the whole time. He is a car fanatic and I love to watch how they transform these cars. Keep up the good work guys!

  11. I gotta raise the BS flag on this one and Fast and Loud is only tolerable.

    Actually they embarrass me as a Texan. I’m here for the hardware not the fake dialog


  12. The issue with these and any reality show featuring mechanicals from scoots to cars is the fake deadline drama that is always present.

    Painter goes rouge?? Fire him and find another that will do what you want, not his conceptional design, that’s beyond stupid. As a Texan, I too am a bit put off by all the “awe shucks” attitudes and simplistic way they portray.

    If it’s a spin off, and Richard Rollins is making money off of it, well, where is the reality??

  13. I’m still pissed off that you didn’t build that Torino Cobra, especially after you promised the original owner, a Viet Nam vet, that you would. That would have been a great car finished.

    • I am also disappointed about that. They should have done the build. But then again it’s all about the money.. by any means necessary!

  14. Hey Misfits, I am a previous owner of the 31 dodge 3 window coupe you guys bought from Spike. This show can be nothing but fake because I saw you sell it on your show, an saw it today 4-13-15 for sale by Spike on craigslist. Why not just be honest, at least it would be real!!!. I think I smell a phoney

  15. I can’t believe anybody watches the show anymore Richard plays with hair and always drinking beer I like to see everybody make it. But a show is so fake it is don’t make no sense.

    Misfit what a joke that Jordan all he does complain like a woman and fat Tom I don’t know what he’s actually good for ? He is not funny in the least.

    Why can’t they just make a show and be real about it!

  16. Just watched a ridiculous episode. Thomas came into shop with cuda windshield and “tripped” over something in shop and broke there impossible to find cuda windshield. Wasn’t even a cuda windshield and such terrible acting while faking the “trip”

    • Couldn’t agree more. Slow motion reveals Thomas looking before intentionally tripping. The “broken windshield” has become a staple of Fake reality car show drama. Makes me mad, as I enjoy watching the cars they make, the stupid fake Discovery channel drama isn’t necessary.

  17. First of all you guys sure complain alot about the show but it sounds like you’re glued to your television’s every week to watch it!!! If you don’t like it don’t watch it. I mean how hard is that?? Fake or not I like watching both misfit garage and fast n loud.

    • The point is jewel.. We all were glued to our television under the assumption that the show was real and not staged. However, when pour staging of scenes exposed the fact that the show is fabricated we as fans were devastated and felt duped! So we are expressing our disappointment..

  18. I just watched the Cuda build show and wow! If you are going to have people “act” on a reality show, please hire actors. When he “tripped” over the bucket and broke the window for the Cuda, a blind person could called it out as fake. Come on… don’t insult the intelligence of your viewers by creating these skits. It would be a great show without the obvious staged mishaps and drama. I believe that most viewers watch the show for the car builds, not the poorly done SNL skits.

  19. Not impressed with too many automotive “reality” shows, as they’re fake as a three dollar bill, but if you’re interested in watching automotive related shows, there’s not many choices.
    The whole Cuda broken windshield bit was just beyond ridiculously fake, as you could see Thomas intentionally walking into the bucket he “tripped” over.
    Besides that, as an automotive glass shop owner, I can tell you I can order a Cuda windshield any day of the week and have it the very next day, and my cost is $65.
    They aren’t hard to find at all, but drama sells, I guess.
    I also gotta wonder why these clowns keep telling us a crate engine costs $12K.
    One episode of Fast N Loud showed them installing the same GM ZZ crate 350 I bought for $3200 brand new.
    Oh, and Donnie who seems to think he’s the comment board police responding to every complaint here, maybe you oughta take your own advice and lighten up.
    We can watch whatever the hell we want and complain about it all we want too, whether you like it or not.

  20. PLEASE STOP TOM SMITH FROM THAT DAMN SINGING ON THE SHOW AND ACTING LIKE AN IDIOT ALL THE TIME GEEZ!!! I enjoy the show as far as the builds and SOME of the goofing off but that damn singing is KILLIN ME! I tolerate that singing and stuff for the time being but I don’t know how long I can take it. And who cares if Richard is making money on the show. Isn’t that what the business is all about anyway? And Thank You for getting rid of that rooster! I also agree with the “trip” anyone could see that was staged. People say “well you don’t have to watch the show” and I agree but I tolerate all the BS because in between the BS there is actually a little actual car building going on that is interesting. Please guys no more singing from Tom Smith and if possible no smoking or reference to smoking… Thank you…

  21. It’s a real garage that really does work on people’s cars.You can look them up and get contact info and the street address for the shop just like any other business. They just ham it up for the show, but that should be expected.Interesting things aren’t constantly happening in a real garage.Sometimes it’s just simply working which doesn’t make for a story line.I just overlook that stuff like I do with all tv and enjoy the awesome cars I could never afford.

  22. Why the hell does every episode of misfit garage start with richard rawlings???i like watchin fast n loud and misfit garage aside from the stupid skits n toms head reckin put on voice but it seems to me fast n loud ran out of cars to build quick enough to keep pumping out episodes so he[richard]starts up another show n pretends there scorned workers tryin to compete against him while hes pullin the strings on both fast n loud n misfit garage,and am i the only 1 who thinks the demolition theater is a freakin joke like wtf ridiculousness rip of only fast n loud do it 100 times worse stick to buildin cars richard otherwise no1 cares

  23. Just like many of you I like some things about the show and I don’t others, but hey! at the end it is just as real as reality TV can get. Having said and being a car lover, I think the show is ok, obviously not an in depth technical showcase for car restoration but again this is not some kind of Nat Geo’s Neil Degrasse documentary and at least this guys are saving people from watching something far more worse as “Keeping up with the Kardashians” or more fake than any of these new pop singers pretending to be a hardcore bitch.

  24. Well, here is the worst part.I just took the time to read all of these comments! True ,fake or stupid, they are on TV and we are not.

  25. Fake or not, it is great entertainment. Makes my Monday evening truly enjoyable. If Richard is behind the show, he certainly is a smart man. Obviously, the cars do get built and are wonderful to see. I love the show and hope it will be around for some time to come.

  26. Hi y’all, interesting comments and like people say it’s TV not reality. To Tom and the guys, I sent the below e-mail text on the Fired Up site and wanted to send it this way as well in case you missed the original. Cheers and see you in a week….
    “Hey Guys, love watching the show and your antics; it’s like as if I’ve worked with you all before. My wife, Julie is going to be teaching a financial audit course in Dallas this May from 18th to 22th and I thought hey what an opportunity for me if I catch a ride with her and visit Texas for the first time. We are from Winchester, Ontario Canada (the dairy capital of the province of Ontario and just 45 mins South of Ottawa or 5 hours East of Toronto). My name is Jeff and I work for National Defence as a civilian but served over 15 years in the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). I love all sorts of cars and trucks and in high school I took three years of machining/metal fab. After my CAF service I went to college for my machinist certificate but got back in the government for stable work. At home we’re in the process of finishing up a big shop (27-41 feet and 16 feet tall walls) and I call it Operation MANCAVE. I put $5K of steel I beams in there but majority of it is to support the joices for the wrap around loft and use chain hoists, why you say… just cause. I have about 8 years to full retirement so trying to set myself up for play and work on cars and general fabrication. I volunteer with the Canadian Army Veteran’s Motorcycle Unit Sicily (www.thecav.ca) and ride a 07 FLHX with military theme paint. I drive a ’12 F150 Raptor and working on 69’ GMC pickup and soon a 1930s Model A. I’ve got a 239 Flathead at D&D Motor Shop in Chesterville Ont; which I plan to race at the Salt Flats (www.danddperformance.ca). Anyway enough about me, so I thought since we are coming down to Dallas I could hang out with you guys and maybe help out Soup Bone around the garage. At a minimum I’ll drop by and pick up a t-shirt and shack your hands and poke fun at RR… LOL! Let me know…. Cheerios, Jeff”

  27. I live in the Highlands of Scotland & have a mechanical background but have never worked on American cars or U.S V8 motors,
    Apart from the Rover V8(Originally the Buick 215 re-engineered & made by Rover from 1960 to 2006) most of our stuff is 4 cylinder, straight 6/8 or the Demon Diesel typical European fare.
    Anyways because of that I really enjoy watching both Fast & Loud and Misfit Garage.
    It affords me the opportunity to see cars that to me are unusual & a bit special, I do watch other more technical shows that are just about the cars & repair/maintenance but they can sometimes be a bit dry & they also tend to have a low budget feel to them.
    I just don’t care if it’s fake or scripted ‘cos I can accept that comprises have to be made in order to cater for the widest possible viewer demographic.
    It seems to me that if you can accept that fact & maybe reclassify these 2 shows as “entertainment” instead of “documentary” in your mind you might not get so worked up about it.
    It’s surely not good for your wellbeing to harbour so much negativity over things like this, I mean in the grand scheme of things it’s just not that important, Is it?
    Anyway thats just my opinion.. And heres a quote.
    “People who think others care about their opinions would be shocked to find out how little others actually do care!

    • J in Pa

      Its TV. I watch it cause of the cars. I do the same thing with tractors and trucks,buy fix, flip, sell,especially ford garden and farm tractors. Have been doing it long before these TV shows. It is sort of motivating to watch, gets ya in the mood to get in the garage. I mean they are actors to a point. But hey, pay me big moneys, I’ll do whatever Discovery wants me too. Still better than “dance moms” or american chopper.

  28. I enjoy watching the show mainly to see the cars, but it’s also entertaining, however, I agree with a lot of others over how ridiculous and plainly fake it can be at times. I watched the 31 Model A build the other night and while the whole 31 Model A deal was cheesy from beginning to end, the whole deal over the engine was ridiculous.

    Clearly the car was already setup for the Chevy motor, and just so happen the motor is painted to match and only one person knew about it? Yeah right… That’s not something you decide after everything is fabricated and painted.

  29. I think the new guy is so much better than Scott, thank you lord that he is gone, and his mini me!!!
    Kevin brings so much and I have heard that he is a great mechanic all over town. My husband has known many people who have used him for years.
    It is real, some retakes on reality, real but still TV…. and just remember it isn’t any of the guys that control the show, it is still the producers PERIOD. All reality shows are still victim to the producers and what they want to happen.

  30. when will some new episodes be coming out? are you waiting for tom smith to finish the Kentucky fried chicken commercial’s

  31. The Broken Windscreen Trip…. lol….. it was obvious it was going happen…I was waiting for it….. When they edited this part….there must have been some embarrassment to let it go to air… but let it go to air they did….. Like tge Show Though….. And as a side note….. when I go to the Tip to dump rubbish from my trailer….. I tie it down much better than that freshly painted cabin…. Come On Fella’s..haha

  32. Both shows are great entertainment. Reality or not, I’m a car guy and I love watching them both. Keep up the good work guys, and keep the shows coming.

  33. If you want 100% cars and no BS, go watch any of the car repair type shows on Velocity, like CarFix or All Girls Garage. They focus on nothing but the actual work. Even Garage Squad is more “real”. But, they don’t have the mass crowd appeal that the clown shows have because most people want to be entertained, not instructed. Heck, Youtube has plenty of “Real” car mechanics.

  34. My Hubby and I watch these shows all the time, We definitely Like Fast and Loud More. I don’t understand why everyone has to be so harsh, it’s TV, It’s Entertainment, If you don’t enjoy it as much as others why do you waste your time Watching it and Posting Negative Comments. Obviously they are doing something right, All of you are talking about it even though you dislike it so Much.
    We Love the Shoe, Keep em Coming Guys.

  35. I don’t mind fast n loud. I was a lot better but has gone down hill some what. Misfit garbage is terrible. I gave it a chance and watched quite a few episodes before deleting it out of my dvr queue. Rick and morty is a great show!

  36. Love the show. Please please tell me you’re not dumb enough to not wear sanding masks. Cancer is not a fun way to end ones livelihood.

  37. J in Pa

    Its TV. I watch it cause of the cars. I do the same thing with tractors and trucks,buy fix, flip, sell,especially ford garden and farm tractors. Have been doing it long before these TV shows. It is sort of motivating to watch, gets ya in the mood to get in the garage. I mean they are actors to a point. But hey, pay me big moneys, I’ll do whatever Discovery wants me too. Still better than “dance moms” or american chopper.

  38. I love the show – fake bits and all. Especially the “deals” that Thomas Weeks makes. He has a relaxing “I’m your Buddy”. down-home way of dealing with people. I would love to hang out with him for a couple of beers. He never haggles for long and usually gets the price down into the range he wants.

  39. Every time one of them open their mouth, they show their ignorance. I know shade tree mechanics that can work circles around them. The guy named Tom is about dumb as a brick. It is past time to replace the cast with some adult or better yet, cancel the show.

  40. Watched the corvette build finish tonight I must say it was stated the car was a complete restoration ummm did anyone notice the undercarriage it was not even close to being restored then when they put the newly built gas tank in (witch by the the looks my 2 yr old could have welded better) you can see where there’s no paint and looks all chipped up then they show you the newly built gas tank leaking this is where they pan to the undercarriage, I was like wow they didn’t even bother to remove the frame and clean paint RESTORE the complete underbody the foul line even looked corroded,if this is a complete restoration remind to never buy from them,lastly it also appeared when they sold it for what 70,000 or so can’t remember now, but he did state to the customer complete fired up garage restoration, makes me wonder if this isn’t also staged, if I’m dropping that kinda money I think I might get on my knees and look at the frame and undercarriage, but then again it is reality tv huh…… Just sayin

  41. I like Misfit Garage. Yes I often wonder what is real and what is just for the show- for instance, did you really trip and break that windshield that time? I really got bored with Fast and Loud after they moved to the new facility, opened the bar, then the Tequila then began buying million dollar cars just to put an auto show. I’m happy for the success of the Gas Monkey brand but in my opinion they have lost what made the show interesting for me.
    I like Tom Smith. He seems like a likable, honest guy. I’ve gotten to be a better negotiator by watching his car haggling even if it isn’t totally real.

  42. Can’t stand Richard rawlings intro to the show.He’s got his own show why is he trying to Horn in on their success. And why the hell is he an executive producer give me a break he’d still be working out of a pole barn doing one car at a time if it wasn’t for the Discovery Channel..Which leads me to believe that the shows are fake because they have to be working with him on a daily basis as a Executive producer.

  43. I enjoy watching misfit garage. I know it’s a show and prob not all real, but it’s a fun show. I like Tom and like seeing what they get into. Hope this shows stays on and they show more of what they are actually doing to the cars.

  44. I personally like both shows I work nights and I have my DVR set to record all episodes and I don’t care if it’s real or not I love old cars and classic cars and trucks and when I watch them they give me inspiration and they inspire me I spend hours in my shop before I go to work and on the weekend working on my old cars and trucks I have gotten new ideas from both shows and if it wasn’t for guys like that all these classic cars would go back into the earth so I say keep up the good work and keep them coming good job guys

  45. Klutch hit the nail on the head! What killed Orange County Choppers? Drama! And way too much of it. We don’t care about Dad arguing with Junior or that they haven’t spoken because they’re waiting on the other to apologize. GMG has a fair amount of added drama but it is still tolerable. FUG is way, way over the top with ridiculousness. And Tom. The goofy fat kid that was always made fun of so he used humor as a defense mechanism. Sad thing is he’s not even remotely funny. Tom, there is only one thing worse than being stupid. Being proud of being stupid.
    Let us see cars being built. We don’t need all the other unnecessary crap. Maybe the Kid Rocks of the world living in single wides and flipping back and forth between FUG and WWE believe this stuff. Please Discovery give those of us with partial consciousness a break and show some real car wrenching.

  46. Misfits garage fired up in Texas IS GARBAGE

    I LOVE GAS MONKY Richard n Arron are the coolest thing in Texas other than the air conditioning at gas monkey garage. The builds are cool the flips are spot on. Richard should steer well clear of fired up as they are poaching gets I don’t trust tom at all

  47. To all you haters and lovers of both shows (MFG & F&L), neither shows are true reality TV! It’s entertainment TV! You either watch and laugh, like it, or change the channel. The cars are real, the buyers, sellers and prices probably not. There are enough true reality car shows: Overhaulin’, Kindig It, All Girls Garage, etc. but even those shows have some side stuff to entertain you… I watch both shows to see the end results and be entertained. So if you want a true how to do it show go find it! Take these two shows for what they are or DON’T WATCH THEM!

  48. fired up , great show .very entertaining.
    impresive builds, great paint jobs (at last)would love to commision
    a build (defo/flatbed).
    format of show works , current mechanics err so so.
    jordan needs to be back in team though.
    rawlins as exec, producer !!!!!!!!!! not needed.
    do like fast & loud ,but richards like marmite (uk referance)
    so,ok then ,when does k,c”s paint shop & hotrod series start !!
    richard exec on that as well
    loads more could say , but will see what replys come from this
    titbit first.
    p.s. i can go on for hrs &hrs&hrs &hrs
    later guys

  49. Please just show us how you build the cars………….stop with so many “interviews” about building cars. I want to learn not be entertained with fake drama. This is going to be my last season of watching and I won’t miss it.

  50. I hear john klump and other be stealing things and not really working and cruse people out how could you have someone show that goes around a brags about what stolen is john klump really ready for this since he stealing stuff and bracing about it

  51. Richard Rawlings is not a car builder, he is a fake and his shop isn’t anything without Aaron.
    The misfits, as they are called, on the other hand are car builders!!!
    I will never watch gas money rawlings
    He is an annoying show off, even his annoying voice makes me change the channel.

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